Princess Arthur (Lancelot’s route)

Princess Arthur tells the story of Alu, an ordinary girl whose fate takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally hauls the holy sword out of a hunk of rock. Transformed from ordinary citizen to the new king of Britain in 5 seconds, Alu now has to learn to lead her country, fight for world peace, and Make A Change while romancing her Knights of the Round Table (feat. Wizard).

Princess Arthur also happens to be the first otome game I’ve ever played. Mark 2013 as a year of Change, because I’ve literally been able to resist every otoge so far for about 3 years okay. I also don’t own a PSP, I had to borrow one because yes I was that desperate.

Anyway, this isn’t really a full-on route review, just comments that I had about it in general.

a lancelot in his natural habitat

So meet Lancelot (CV: Ono Yuuki).

Who’s perfect to the point where it literally causes Problems both in-game and out-of-game.

He can eat like hell, drink like hell, swordfight like hell, read like hell. He’s literally almost always in the castle’s library. He’s also always nice to Alu when she’s troubled, asking her how she is, being concerned about her when she looks depressed, telling her to feel free to come talk to him if she has anything on her mind! His Nice Guy meter is probably broken by now.

But under his kindness is, of course, a troubled soul (c)Otomate.

The dude’s honestly the nicest guy in the whole game (sans Merlin), okay? Like he literally doesn’t have it in him to get mad. But because of his overwhelming Perfection (which comes from some tattoo given to him or some shit I have no clue) it’s met with obvious dissatisfaction from his colleagues, like Gawain, whose mangst was mostly bitching about Lancelot but ok that later.

Because everyone thinks of his achievements so lightly, Lance ends up getting pretty hurt because of it, because hello tattoo or not, he was out there bleeding and sweating with the rest of them, he put in effort too! Where’s the recognition for his hard work?

And then his shady tattoo is cursed to never let him have too many Feels (aka be in love) because it’d take him over and turn him into Berserker. Lancelot no you don’t belong to Type-Moon, get back here.

But yeah anyway, comments. Starting with the terrible stuff first.



– Dude has all the tension of a snail. Which means he’s probably the guy with the least tension, even Galahad (who’s supposedly all emotionally dead) has more tension in his route than Lancelot.

– I kind of completely never registered what drama went down in Lance’s route. So Alu goes to war, he fights some evil scottish dude who kills boys and rapes women, wins, and…what? Is that seriously it?

– Because Lancelot is so freaking nice to you all the time, his confession felt lacking in passion. I can tell why Alu was confused as to whether he was being nice to her out of love or duty, because there is BASICALLY NO DIFFERENCE. Lancelot, your spiciest scenes are when you’re half-naked and literally on fire.

– Why is there not more drunk!Lancelot, because doozy Ono Yuuki is adorable. I just want to squash him for sounding so high and then not being able to walk properly IT WAS JUST REALLY CUTE WHEN HE FLOPPED. No seriously, no drunk!Lance even in the extra short stories!?



no not that type of climax

I swear to god I was half crying from laughter at it, sorry Lance, but it was amazing for all the wrong reasons. Basically Medraut kidnaps Alu for mommy Morgause, luring Lancelot to the underground tomb chamber place where Morgause basically does shenanigans to him. AKA she tries to barbecue Lancelot, or rather awakens the curse on his tattoo-thing, because Lancelot has Alu-feels and he can’t control them no more, he must learn how to scream out his manly passion by literally bursting into flames.

And he burns his shirt off while going “UAHJHFKSFJHKS” and I just. Lancelot what.

After hulking out, he verbally keysmashes some more and starts swinging his sword in Alu’s general direction, which obviously is No Good. And then Morgause just sets up this RUNNING COMMENTARY about how pitiful Lancelot is, how you can only save him by either killing him or yourself, blah blah blah



While Morgause is roleplaying a sports announcer, Lance’s still swinging his sword at Alu, whose verbal dictionary got reduced to “LANCELOT” from the shock of seeing her man 1) insane from his love for her 2) half naked.

And then Lancelot recovers whatever is left of his sanity to dramatically beg Alu to kill him before he chops her into half, and Alu is all “LANCELOT” (translation: I don’t like the sound of this) and sticks her holy sword into his bare chest. Lancelot collapses on her, he spends 5 minutes talking about how much he truly loved her beyond his Call of Duty, and Lancelot kisses her while coughing blood and that has got to be pretty damn gross, but hearing Ono Yuuki beg for forgiveness just before he died on Alu was pretty awesome. Also the CGs were gorgeous.

All this while, I was wondering: where on earth did Morgause and Medraut go? Those two were there at the scene of crime, and I assume they were there throughout the confession? Did you guys just hold each other and confess while completely forgetting that there are Very Evil People just standing there!?

Of course Lance is saved because of Nimue’s hijinks…or something. I liked their epilogue, Lancelot’s embarrassment at being caught sleeptalking about Alu was pretty cute.

But more importantly – do you actually sleep naked, Lancelot?

Playthroughs/Summaries of the rest of the routes in Princess Arthur can be found here!


2 thoughts on “Princess Arthur (Lancelot’s route)

  1. Risu says:

    LMFAO I JUST LITERALLY DIED THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE THING a;lskdjfa sasuga PA and its tsukkomis, they are neverending.

    …also I think Morgause and Medraut enjoyed the kokuhaku drama right in front of their eyes. (What to do when there is no tv for korean dramas.)


    • イラ says:

      sadly I think I might not be able to work up tsukkomis for Gawain, but…they will certainly increase after that.

      I SWEAR LMFAO WHAT IF ALL THEIR RAGE WAS MOSTLY BECAUSE THEY WERE SO BORED OF LIFE AND THEIR SELF-ENGINEERED DRAMAS KEPT GETTING COCKBLOCKED, that’s so sad…actually seriously though, those two stand around and do nothing a lot.

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