Otome Game Review: Princess Arthur

Princess Arthur – the review, Part 2. AKA oh wow I found the energy to write a proper playthrough. Lancelot’s route can be found here. Yeah he’s such a special snowflake isn’t he, getting one post to himself. Also I puked out everything based on memory so admittedly some parts may be kinda hazy.


– Alu gets appointed as the next king of Britain after accidentally pulling the sword out of the stone.

– She goes to war, kills someone, gets hit with reality HARD.

– Lots of daily life events!

– There’s a ball to celebrate her victory, and the guy you romanced the most during your Slice of Life sections gets to accompany Alu.


Enter probably the most otome, and the most plot-irrelevant route in the whole game.

Recommended BGM: X

Gawain (CV: Taniyama Kishou) wants to be the very best like no one ever was, and Alu’s by his side like the Pikachu to his Ash.

Because his route is so irrelevant to the plot, it’s just Gawain beating up gym leaders random people along the way. You get to see Gawain grump at Lancelot every chance he gets, and act like a complete idiot in front of Alu, whom he obviously has lots of respect for from the get-go. In fact, it’s terribly obvious Gawain likes her, because all he does is stammer and blush like an idiot even on the page where you get to see his feels-meter.

Which dude takes like 10 seconds to spit out 好き, I swear to auhjkdfg.

Unfortunately, Gawain blundering around doesn’t add anything to the plot despite it being probably the CUTEST SHIT I’ve ever seen in the whole game. Whilst training with him and hanging out, Alu and Gawain eventually start liking each other. (*°∀°)=3 (*°∀°)=3 (*°∀°)=3

He takes her to the Florias festival, and entertains the kids there (!!!). He saves Alu from a cursed mantle that burst into flames when she put it on before her crowning ceremony (!!!!!). He pulled out Galahad’s flowers and gave them to her (!!!!!!!). He confessed to her on a beach and even went all ‘I WOULDN’T GIVE FLOWERS TO YOU IF I DIDN’T LIKE YOU FHGJDK!!!!!!!!!’. Awkward confessions are the best. (*°∀°)=3

But drama: the knights hold a tourney after discovering that someone left a taunt on the round table basically jerking their chain over WHO DA BEST KNIGHT YO.

Gawain takes his Lancelot-complex and makes it to the finals, where he’s faced off against Lance, who’s too perfect to be beaten.

Gawain loses and mopes after the tourney, and said some pretty nasty things about how if only Lance didn’t have that seal, he wouldn’t be the strongest anymore, it’s all thanks to his seal that he’s strong. Which only serves to drive home Lance’s EXACT PROBLEMS as shown in the guy’s own route, and I just…ouch, that is some continuity that hurts.

Of course Alu tells him that he’s going too far, and Gawain does the good thing and apologizes immediately. Bless this game for having sensible men. Then ok let’s give Gawain 15mins to wangst to Alu about his emo past:

EVERY YOUNG MAN HAS HIS OWN JOURNEY!! Gawain’s began in Pallet Town a small village on the border of Wales, where his dad was the only knight there and trained him to be a strong pokemon master swordsman. He had two little sisters who also looked up to him. One day the town got swept up in a war. Gawain was in charge of evacuations but ran off to take down enemy soldiers. He COULD handle it, but his sisters ran off to help an old lady who couldn’t escape from the destruction fast enough, and ended up meeting an enemy soldier. They died in the confrontation. Gawain ran away because he couldn’t face up to reality and blamed himself for their deaths. He ran to Camelot, where he became a knight, and would’ve been the strongest here except Lancelot exists.

Let me just say that ok Gawain you a bro and I love you for being so stupid but your backstory is as stupid as you are LMFAO. Don’t give me wangst on a route as moe as yours!!

Gawain’s obviously still butthurt, and ends up sneaking off to poke his nose around in shit like some shady cave that Merlin told them not to go to. Alu notices and rallies everyone to go after him because it is Le Dangerous. There, they find out that Morgause was the one who lured Gawain there by making use of his negative feelings (idfk either)!! Lucius, who is like that evil Scottish rapist from Lance’s route, is also there and wants to BECOME DA VERY BEST too. Whatever’s in the cave needs the blood of 3 people from Britain, Scotland and Wales to be unsealed, and Gawain’s from Wales. So Morgause + Lucius + Gawain = boom, the ‘Calamity’ (pure chaos) in the cave is unsealed, Lucius takes it into his body. Gawain fights him in a FINAL SHOWDOWN situation because ain’t got room for two champions brah.

Bad End, they double-death. Good End, Gawain wins and angsts to Alu about his stupidity and how he shouldn’t bitch about Lancelot…right in front of Lancelot, who’s just ‘nvm gawain tis ok’. Guys lmfao.

Anyway I have no clue wtf happened to Morgause in this ending, it was never mentioned?? Gawain and Alu live happily ever after, the end?? GAWAIN YOU CUTE BUT SRSLY? SRSLY????


Recommended BGM: X

BLUGHGUHGJK Tristan (CV: Koyasu Takehito) I could only hear DIO BRANDO throughout his entire route so breathes ok.

Tristan is basically like DIO Batman – he lives in the night, sneaks around doing suspicious things, is the subject of much controversy amongst his peers, and clads himself in leather like a British ninja.

Tristan works as a spy, or an information gatherer. In a lot of routes, he’s the one who 1) hardly appears 2) when he does, comes bearing bad news. He makes no effort to clear up any misunderstandings surrounding him, and flies solo like a true bat of the night.

But of course Alu ain’t having his shit for breakfast and insists on hanging with him and making him show his face at the Round Table properly. It makes everyone else suspicious of Tristan’s true motives, because he’s not very well-liked and hangs with Morgause. By extension, Alu’s relationship with everyone suffers because everyone starts losing their trust in her. WHICH IS COMPLETE JACKSHIT AND ANNOYED ME SO MUCH BUT OK SURE W/E ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tristan’s route has weird romantic developments as subplot. Like, he invites Alu out to hang, and teaches her how to fish. While he’s grabbing onto her rod from the back all OMG CAUGHT A BIG ONE, Alu’s all OMG IT’S LIKE HE’S HUGGING ME FROM BEHIND and it was just super awkward.

Anyway backstory – Tristan was super close to Uther because Uther showed him The Way and saved his kiddy ass a long time ago, so Tristan pledged loyalty to the big dude. Uther died and Tristan went from shining young star to Batman like snap. Now he R what he R.

Alu’s troubled over the shade levels and asks Merlin to shed some light on the situation – which he does literally by taking Alu to a bar, confronting Tristan, then threatening to turn him into steak if he don’t come clean. THE TRUTH IS: Tristan suspects Morgause of planning something, because the slimy bitch announced her wedding to some old fart from another country much earlier on. He needs PROOF that she’s marrying out to seize power to coup d’etat and take Alu’s throne, so he’s been sneaking around.

Tristan does so, and later they infiltrate some sleazy-ass…place….god I don’t know maybe it’s a prostitute den who the hell cares. Anyway Alu goes in wearing like 5% cloth (that Tristan picked), charms a geezer, makes it out with a letter containing proof of Morgause’s ulterior motives. There’s little time to catch the bitch, so they rush back and Tristan throws his cloak over Alu to cover her.

THOUGH LMFAO ALU RUNS INTO GALAHAD AND GAWAIN while still in the costume and lots of “WTFFFF GURL PUT SMTH ON”/“AUHJKGHJGD???” goes down. It was great. (*°∀°)=3

Later Morgause is confronted, she reveals she’s the one who actually killed Uther. Tristan kinda snaps, tries to kill her, but:

Bad End, he does, and goes on a journey of self-discovery…lmfao he’s going to become a monk, mark my words. Good End, he doesn’t, and there is this VERY EMOTIONAL SCENE where Tristan is about to kill Morgause in front of Medraut and Medraut just completely breaks down after subconsciously yelling out for his mother, then repeatedly denying that he’s ever considered her as a mom, and keeps saying he doesn’t CARE if she dies. HE STOLE THE WHOLE SCENE WITH HIS PERFORMANCE AND I CRIED.

…Okay I’ll save the Medraut TL;DR for later. Anyway Alu gives Tristan a Cooldown Hug and they live happily ever after, while Morgause is jailed. Tristan stays in Camelot now, and gives up the Batman cosplay.


In which I tried my best not to judge the little dude.

Galahad (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) is the shortest and youngest of the Round Table knights, and is possibly the most level-headed of them all. Even more so than Lancelot, because Lancelot’s panic button gets mashed a bit too easily, poor babe. But all that cool ~pretty emotionless little boy~ stuff ends up being thrown out of the window the minute Galahad discovers the wonderful thing called FEERINGS. (⊙‿⊙✿)

This is where Princess Arthur ends and a Disney story begins.

Some important events on the common route:

Alu and gang get ahold of information that a pair of siblings needs their help! The lil bro got cursed or someshit and the big sis is looking for the blood of a knight to break the curse, and Alu is all C’MON GUYS WE MUST HELP and ropes in Galahad, Mordred, and drags Tristan along for the hell of it. WHAT ARE SIBLINGS EVEN DOING LIVING DEEP IN SOME SHADY FOREST UHHH. Galahad ends up bleeding all over the boy when they get there because Mordred’s blood doesn’t work, Tristan doesn’t give no shit, and you can’t just let your new king cut herself. The boy’s saved, happy end…

Anyway, remember those FEERINGS? (⊙‿⊙✿) Alu wants to get to know Galahad, and wants there to be mutual trust between the both of them, so she chases him around for awhile. Galahad, on the other hand, appears to have 0 interest in her outside of professional matters…

…But then he starts getting jealous and angry when Alu chooses other people/arrangements over him…sort of like [FLASHBACK TO YOUR PLAYGROUND DAYS, WERE YOU EVER MAD THAT A FRIEND WENT TO PLAY WITH SOMEONE ELSE WITHOUT TELLING YOU?] something like that. God he looks and acts like a 5 year old why am I not surprised!??!

Later when the Florias festival is being held down in town, Galahad even self-invites himself to accompany Alu, because he knows she wants to go. But Alu KNOWS Galahad hates crowded areas (and festivals are gonna be hella crowded mah boi) so she’s just:

Alu: i thought you hated crowded areas!

Galahad: this is just my job so it’s ok

Alu: but if it’s tough on you…


C R I E S. I spent most of his route by this point laughing at him and I don’t think that’d change hahaha. Galahad’s kind of driven into a corner by his growing feelings for Alu, because it’s all foreign to him, and ends up blowing up in a fit of



I LOVE YOU 5EVER (இдஇ`。)

and Alu is just ????omfg as Galahad kisses her in a fit of emotion and I just burst out laughing again gdi. But ok bam they end up in this relationship-thing. Galahad says his world’s opened up because of Alu, and that he’s starting to notice and show interest in things he never used to before. His world is getting bigger and brighter!

Apparently ‘bigger and brighter’ also includes LET’S GO ON AN ADVENTURE AT NIGHT INTO A TOWER FOR HOLDING PRISONERS!!! so off we go into this BDSM dungeon thing.

But the fun ends when several days later, there’s an odd rust on Galahad’s swords that can’t be removed. After Alu consults with Merlin (at the risk of making Galahad even more jelly), they find out that Galahad might have been hit by some really bad curse that activated when he went out to kill some magic-wolves earlier. Merlin forbids them from seeing each other while he works on a solution, because what if Galahad hurts Alu under the influence of the curse!? So ok the story goes all Romeo and Juliet until they can’t take it anymore and decide to rendezvous in secret…

…in the BDSM dungeon, AT NIGHT, and I just. WOW SO ROMANTIC…

And then Galahad asks Alu to go into the cell and she just…goes…and then he locks her up for like 5mins all IF ONLY I COULD KEEP YOU HERE ;_; and Alu is just I GET IT BUT LEMME OUT YO and Galahad actually lets her out, what a nice guy. Galahad rants a bit more about how it pains him to be away from her, then he gets into the cell too and chains the both of them to each other for poetic justice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Luckily Alu has enough sense to hug him and reassure him that this too shall pass.

And indeed it does pass – while still on their ban from each other, Alu goes to the courtyard where Uther’s grave is. There, she meets Galahad….who knocks her out. She wakes up in the tomb chamber underground, and lo and behold – mastermind Morgause is there, Galahad’s down on the floor beside Alu, and in front of them is…another Galahad!? Who turns out to be the big sis from the forest (name: Laudine) earlier. THE LITTLE BROTHER WAS A LIE. Laudine was the one who took Galahad’s blood and worked a curse using it, in order to shapechange into him and infiltrate the castle to kidnap Alu and bring her to Morgause.

Morgause poisons Laudine with some wine or something. She explains that she wants to create a new ‘world’, because this world does not contain what she truly wants. In order to do so, she wants to use the power of the Holy Grail as well as Alu’s holy sword. Galahad’s here because he’s connected to the Grail as the Grail’s Observer, and because observers don’t need emotions, it explains why he’s fundamentally lacking in them. Morgause wants to use him and Alu to grant her desires. Galahad won’t wake up because Morgause fed him some weird shit earlier, but Alu’s yelling gets him to wake.

SO NOW IT’S A SHOWDOWN. Morgause will take them by force if she has to, and summons a bunch of shadyass chimera-things/skeleton soldiers to do it for her. While Alu and Galahad seem to be fighting a losing battle, Galahad steps in and recites to Morgause the lyrics to A Whole New World because Alu’s shown him the world, shining shimmering splendid, and now he has both a reason to live and to fight. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Recommended BGM: X

That raises a defeat flag for Morgause, whom Galahad nearly chops down if not for Medraut springing in last-minute all DON’T YOU DARE at him. Medraut your family gives me so many Problems, but Galahad decides to spare Morgause’s life and she gets locked up in the BDSM dungeon. Laudine turns out to have barely survived, and escaped from captivity to god knows where.

I should mention that the Bad Ends in Princess Arthur are like…’bam people die’-type of extra shit that lasts maybe a few paragraphs and are basically very unimportant, so I’ll skip it all ok.

Since it’s the good end, Galahad and Alu go for a stroll along the beach despite it being stormy outside, because it’s just as Galahad said – when he’s with Alu, his world is bigger and brighter and it don’t matter if it’s rain or shine.


And then I went to play Mordred (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), the real smooth criminal.

He flirts with Alu by telling her she smells tasty EVERY CHANCE he gets, and is very insistent on spending some one-on-one time together (I don’t mean in the basketball sense). He invites Alu out for food, talks about food with her, and even buys her food at some point. He lays down the moves faster than butter on bread.

Mordred’s behavior is manipulative, but it really shows when he treats Alu nice and acts like the perfect caring man all the time, then starts to pressure her or act displeased when things aren’t going his way. I’m convinced that it makes Alu feel like it’s HER fault when he’s mad, when it clearly isn’t.

Mordred makes his ‘feelings’ to Alu very clearly known, that he wants them to be more than just a king and her knight. (*°∀°)=3 Of course Alu’s super confused, but ok sure she accepts Mordred’s feelings. Mordred even shows her to a ~secret place~ of his…which happens to be the tower with the BDSM dungeon in Galahad’s route. Only Mordred likes the ground floor better, because it’s like some pretty church-like place he can go to to gather his thoughts.

But then BRMMMM his betrayal happens because Mordred’s been spotted hanging around shady people through the whole of his route, and it’s revealed that time is running short for SOMETHING. He gets super riled up and wants Alu to toss her sword back into Nimue’s lake and quit being king, and come to his country with him. Alu’s all N…O….and Mordred reacts badly by threatening that he’ll hurt those precious to her until she listens. ((((;゚Д゚))))

Recommended BGM: X

A series of unfortunate events happen – Kay’s injured on the field and barely made it out with his life, Percival’s down with a high fever from eating something bad, and Alu still chooses to believe in Mordred. She doesn’t want to tell Merlin about any of it (though I suspect he already knows), and is beginning to seriously consider giving up being king.

Alu nicely goes on another picnic with him and I just – GUYS, PLEASE stop eating omfg. Mordred reveals after that nope, he’s still a bastard, and Alu finally gives in and tosses the sword into the lake. But of course Nimue ain’t having any of that shit, and Alu gets her sword back because it’s not something that can be returned unless the king really wishes to get rid of it. Mordred blows a vein when Nimue tells him that both she and Merlin know of his shenanigans, and leaves with Alu.

Laterhgjkfd they had to give me this kind of scene, where Alu walks in on Mordred crying alone in his tower and I just…bye

but Mordred flees asap

Everything culminates in Alu getting knocked out and kidnapped one day…as usual. She wakes up in a castle, where Mordred reveals that this is his home. He’s the prince of a small country, and his dad (the king) traded off his mom to a demon in exchange for protection of the country. His mom bore Mordred and died after giving birth to him, and as a result of his half-demon origin Mordred was shunned and hated by everyone in the castle, including his own family. The contract with the demon is expiring, and his dad sent Mordred out to go look for a new bride to be sacrificed – Mordred couldn’t find one fast enough, so Laudine (hi again) was sent to hound him for results. He reckoned that maybe the demon’d like Alu since she’s Special, being chosen by the sword and all that. Because they’re running out of time (the Camelot knights seem to have discovered them), Laudine urges Mordred to kill Alu, but Mordred finds himself hesitating!

Then his bastard dad steps in all NVM YOU USELESS SHIT I’LL DO IT MYSELF and tries to flying-dagger Alu like a chinese ninja. But Mordred jumps in and takes the blow instead and I just. If you were gonna do this for her out of love why can’t you get your shit together faster omfg??

In the Bad End, Mordred dies. In the Good End, TIS JUST A FLESH WOUND. The knights burst in and bust them both out, god bless Kay for showing up and being protective over Alu.

While recovering from his wounds, Alu visits Mordred and he pushes her down and confesses all his messy feels to her while apologizing. This actually causes his wounds to REOPEN, LMFAO, LOSER, and Alu panics. But he tells her it’s OK, hugging him is already cure enough!

No it isn’t goddamn you’re bleeding through your shirt YOU’RE BLEEDING ONTO HER FINGERS.

Later Mordred’s dad declares war on Camelot knowing he’d lose for sure, and Mordred takes the chance to go into battle despite being injured still. He faces off against his dad and cuts off all ties with his country and family, telling his dad to do things himself instead of relying on weird occult crap like the whole demon thing. And then BAM OK he returns to Alu’s side, the end.


We finally get to the locked guy who…wasn’t locked for me because I played him first (using my friend’s game wahaha). Yes, I know that’s cheating. No, I don’t care.

Merlin (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) makes his first appearance when Alu’s wandering around the castle grounds looking for Kay, before she lugs the holy sword out of the rock. He hits on her all touchy-feely and playful, which freaks her out and Alu notices something about him – he’s not human.

This is confirmed later on, but for now we gotta deal with Merlin being all laid-back and shit. I thought he’d turn out to be one of those kimoi nanpa types, but…he’s a very mature, supportive mentor figure to Alu throughout every route, and is both observant and wise, very reliable while still maintaining a carefree and playful streak. THERE’S NOTHING FLIRTATIOUS ABOUT HIM WHATSOEVER, and his willingness to stop when his jokes go too far (like inviting Alu to his room because there’s some ~insta-beauty water~ there or wtfever) made him one of the biggest surprises in the game.

Alu and Merlin have a close advisor-king relationship with Merlin floating over to bug her casually, and Alu asking for his guidance. Over time, it grows to become that Alu’s the one who keeps going to him instead, and she starts making some REALLY BIG advancements towards him…

…And it’s Merlin’s turn to royally freak out, such a grand overthrow of their first meeting. He’s uncomfortable getting too close to her, or acknowledging that Alu has feelings for him at all, and starts coming up with a shitton of reasons to avoid her. LMFAO BOY NO, IT’S TOO LATE FOR YOU, ALU HAS HER SIGHTS SET ALREADY AND THERE’S NOWHERE TO RUN. (*°∀°)=3 Can you tell I like chasing him because hell yes I like chasing him. (*°∀°)=3 (*°∀°)=3 (*°∀°)=3

I love how the game is merciless in confusing Merlin hahaha but yep Alu’s nearly wedded off to some other old fart in a political marriage, and she’s really troubled by the proposal. So she talks to Merlin about it, and Merlin tells her that it’s OK to refuse. Which leads up to this CONFUSED BLATHERING about WHAT IS LOVE??? between them and Merlin shoves Alu down as if to prove to her that it ain’t nice if you’re doing something against your will, gurl. Alu tells him to STOP THIS OMG and Merlin’s kind of freaked out by his own impulsive behavior too, and things get awk between them oh nooo.

Recommended BGM: X

Alu decides that what the hell if Merlin’s going to be a pussy forever, might as well go chase him again. She finds him at the tomb chamber’s courtyard where he explains more of his situation to Alu: his father was a succubus, and romanced his mom in a dream. His mom was the princess of a country, and after doing the horizontal tango, Merlin was born after a month. Freaked out by his existence and fearing he might be an ill omen, his mom sent him to go live with a bunch of nuns in a church or something, where Merlin grew up never knowing what it meant to receive the love of a parent. When he grew up he tried to look for her, but discovered that the country had already been ruined, and his mom was dead. There was nothing left to reaffirm his origins, and there was nothing that could tell him why he was born.

Alu just hugs him and confesses and that COMPLETELY FLOORS MERLIN – who wasn’t expecting that at all, oh my god someone hold my violent feelings because Merlin starts talking about how much he doesn’t understand what it means to love someone. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS OVER THIS OKAY UGHGJKD (;▽;)

But that don’t stop Merlin from still avoiding Alu even though he’s slowly beginning to open up to her, and Nimue (who’s a longtime pal of his) calls him a pussy.

Anyway Morgause is out there doing shit again, and this time she steals the sword from Alu. This causes the calamity/chaos in Merlin’s cave to freak its shit because the Force has been disrupted, and Merlin goes off to handle that while Alu goes to ctrl+f Morgause.

She turns up to be taking a toilet break on Uther’s coffin or something, and angsts about how there was ‘a person’ she loved, but because he never returned her FEERINGS, she could only chase after his shadow by taking his shit (the sword, the throne) like a clingy obsessive girlfriend. Then she kills herself, realizing that ok since he’s no longer here, just go meet him in death then.

…Morgause, really? REALLY? Thanks for like, not doing that in every other route sooner.

Alu’s all welp and loots her body like a true MMORPGer, reclaiming the sword. Then she dashes off to find Merlin, who’s being all Sleeping Beauty on a tree. Nimue finds them, and explains that because the ‘chaos’ was too great, Merlin needed to sleep to seal up all of it. But then lol apparently Merlin’s too much of a coward to face his OWN foreign feels regarding Alu. Nimue then tells Alu that before this, her sis Vivianne fell for Merlin but Merlin was like NOPE and Viv locked him up in Nimue’s underground cave (LMFAO THERE ARE SO MANY CRAZY GIRLFRIENDS IN THIS GAME). Merlin would have been toast if Nimue hadn’t found him, and Nimue was all OMG IM SO SORRY but Merlin waved it off as being OK as long as Viv was happy. But ever since then he’s been wary of LOVE, and what the hell brah I can see why.

Alu don’t give no shit about the tree though, and finds that it’s down to CHOP TREE WITH SWORD, RISK LOSING THE SWORD, BUT SAVE MERLIN. She ain’t no lumberjack but she also ain’t a king anyway if she can’t even save one guy precious to her, so she hacks it and stuff blows up. The chaos forces are gone, Merlin drops to the floor but owww that has got to hurt. Nimue sarcastically slowclaps him, tells him to not play dead and waltzes off like a boss.

Turns out pfhff Merlin tries to play dead anyway and I swear Alu should have just bashed him on the chest lmfao his clothes are like bathrobes, so revealing. But then Merlin wakes up lamenting that he couldn’t have died a hero, and Alu is like LMFAO PLS. As they hold each other and tie up loose ends, Alu recalls a dream she’s been having through the route – a dream of Merlin smiling warmly at her, in a deep, deep forest. She thinks that it must’ve been the sword’s magic showing her a glimpse of the future somehow…



Just when you thought it was over, no it ain’t. Princess Arthur is a hella long game.

There’s a little extra thingy you can purchase in Merlin’s shop, alongside all the other extra content available. It tells another tale, of another king – the tale of a young boy who ascended the throne, the tale of Arthur Pendragon

…the real king of Britain.

So who’s Alu? Why’s SHE king, if Arthur’s the REAL king? Well, both of them are as real as it gets. Arthur’s story proceeds identical to the original legends. You can tell as much from the silhouettes in the background as he narrates his tale of growing up, friendship, wars, losing his friends, betraying his beloved, being unable to obtain the Grail, and his regret that in the name of glory he led everyone down a path of death, bloodshed and destruction.

During the battle at Camlann, the final chapter in his life, Arthur makes his wish on the sword as he lies dying – he should have never become king. Someone else should have his throne, to lead his people down a better path of peace, to show him the endless possibilities of the future.


Then boom. Arthur’s scene fades to black, and opens in the tombyard, where he’s standing there with Merlin. Merlin explains it to him (and us):

Arthur’s wish has been granted. The world of Princess Arthur is the ‘new world’, where Alu’s the one who pulled out the sword instead of Arthur. Arthur’s world, the ‘old world’, is the original canon…which, because of his wish, has been erased. It no longer exists. Arthur as a person no longer exists in the ‘new world’. And no one – not his family, nor his lover, not even the friends and comrades he’s been fighting alongside – remembers him, besides ‘people like Merlin and Nimue’.

If you assume this to mean ‘anyone possessing magic’, then Morgause’s actions and those little throwaway lines in every route regarding her suddenly MAKE SO MUCH SENSE. Morgause, who loved Arthur since the ‘old world’, and Arthur, who threw her aside and left her behind in the ‘new world’…PA, why do you like doing this.

It’s also explained that Galahad’s the Grail’s observer because in the original canon, he reached the Grail. Now, the Grail is using him as a channel to observe the ‘new world’ like some free telly.

Unfortunately, the reunion between old friends Merlin and Arthur has to end. Arthur’s seen it already – the limitless possibilities of a brighter future, and now has to move on to Avalon. Alu comes in after Arthur fades, and asks what Merlin’s doing here. Merlin replies that he’s just reminiscing about an old friend. Alu asks if he’s talking about Uther. Merlin replies that no, not him…

…Someone else, a very important friend.

(Note that even if this is the ‘new world’, it doesn’t stop Merlin from referring to Arthur as a friend, not something of the past, not a WAS but an IS.)

And Merlin whispers just as Alu leaves, that now he’ll be watching over and protecting the future that ‘you’ will create. I’m not sure if he was referring to Arthur or Alu. I like to think it’s the both of them.



Look, I’m not an otoge gamer. This was my first experience with one. And it was amazing. I am floored like no floor ever was. The BGs were nice – not outstanding, but they meshed well with the music, which was simple but got that mystical fantasy-landish thing across.

The plot has so much going on, so many events that it’s impossible to summarize everything at once because one route can have like one overarching plot to do with the guy, and like 10 other subplots running alongside it.

I liked the art, the CGs were spaced nicely, lots of stuff happening in the illustrations so they didn’t feel too plain. Everyone was so shiny. And let’s not mention that the characters were fantastic – individually and as a group. Characters that showed up more often like Elaine/Bors/Percival got a good time in the spotlight, and even characters on the villain’s side like Medraut had surprisingly big emotional moments of insight into his character. Above everything, Princess Arthur is a game about the people, about the familial bonds they’ve forged and their interactions with each other.


not bad for my first otoge whoa


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    • Nerrin says:

      I played with a walkthrough here! I generally try to unless there’s none around. It’s possible to play through PA without one though, I believe, as the system isn’t complicated (just the usual options, raising affection meter stuff) 😀

  1. athayafara says:

    Your post is so interesting~ LOVE IT~ XD
    and this is really helping me getting little detail from each route story, since I do almost understand what was happen but sometimes just like “okay, what the hell just happen!?” and I’ve been searching for this kind of review~

    I just start playing this (and I asking myself why I delay playing this wonderful game, since this game has been in my hard disk this whole time), I already done with Gawain, Mordred and Galahad~ (I still can’t decide who gonna be my target next XD ) and love it all, especially Mordred and Galahad story~ so much feeling going on when I do their route~ on Mordred, the betrayal feeling is effect me so much, I got really sad on certain point of his route… for Galahad so much cuteness with tsundere attitude = LOVE~ but end with so much feeling from Galahad’s strong (and definitely a possessive one, almost yandere… maybe he is a yandere at some point) love~
    I got absorb on the story… such a great story~

    Anyway, thank you for this review, it really help~ ^^ (and when I can read King Arthur story, it definitely making me full with so much feeling….. most of the maybe sadness…? Lol)

    • Nerrin says:

      I haven’t been back here in awhile but thank you for the comment!
      I hope the game has entertained you; there’s so much new stuff coming out but nothing’s touched me the same way that this game has (also because I love stuff based on mythology/existing tales so yeah I’m biased BUT STILL)

  2. Phayte says:

    I had a fit of giggles reading this after I had already played this game. OMFG I burst out laughing during the Mordred part chinese ninja/*romantically vomits*

    Thanks for the laugh despite this already being an older game your review is still appreciated.


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