Summary: Tsukiuta Anthology

It’s been some time since my last post again! As usual! It’s exams period and I’m crying at them. Since I had an accident where I dropped my phone in the toilet (cry) my notes for Colorful Step’s Culture Side game are gone. (;▽;)

I just finished up the comic anthology for Tsukiuta, an online mixed media project. It brings together seiyuu and members of the Niconico Douga community to create a 2D idols concept based on the ‘image’ of each month in the year! Unlike series like Utapri or Marginal #4, Tsukiuta’s cast (both boys and girls alike) don’t really show us the “idols sparkling on stage” thing. The series seems more like a bunch of kids doing daily-life things most of the time (IMO, at least!).

Important: Each month/character has a different NicoNico Douga Vocaloid composer doing songs for them! For example, August’s Haduki Yoh is assigned to Utata-P (Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu). As each composer has his own style, every month will sound really different! It really helps create a stronger image of each character. The Tsukiuta cast is also divided into sibling groups so there are many different character dynamics in this project (Six Gravity/Procellarum for the guys, Fluna/Seleas for the girls).

The anthology has twelve stories, one for each male character. For those interested but without access to it, I’ll be summarizing its contents here!


December (Shiwasu Kakeru CV: Kaji Yuki)

Koi and Kakeru take part in a reality TV show as part of their idol activities. They have to run through a huge mall and look for the designated exit point while avoiding ‘security’, and will win lots of $$$ if they make it out. Kakeru being the stingy grandma he is has experience rushing for limited-time sales so he doesn’t wear out easily, but poor Koi is literally turning into jelly beside him LOL. _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ Midway they bump into a kid who’s lost their parents, and Kakeru realizes it’s much more important to deal with the problems that are in front of him. Of course the reality show’s still important, but there’s no way he can leave behind a kid crying, and promises to help the kid find his parents. But this ends up with him getting caught by the security because he got distracted, they fail to win…and the other Six Gravity members make fun of him. ʅ( ՞◇՞)ʃ Though they do agree that “that’s just like Kakeru, so it’s fine”.


January (Mutsuki Hajime CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Hajime why do you exist LOL. His story’s about his exploits with Koi (who is VERY popular in the anthology and keeps showing up omg) because Koi sucks at English and keeps running away from tuition with Hajime. Hajime wrestles him out from behind some curtains and puts him through hellish revision that again turns Koi into jelly. The other members drop by to visit and Haru comments that Hajime’s sense of responsibility over his members’ performance in all aspects is pretty impressive. This is why he’s the leader, for sure. Hajime grumps because he’s a little shy pfftt. (´・ω・`)  Later, Kakeru comes to wake the both of them up because Koi and Hajime have fallen asleep while studying. Everyone’s amazed that Koi can finish such hard questions (thanks to Hajime) and Koi admits that he does respect Hajime, despite his strict attitude. Hajime wakes up and finds it SUPER AWKWARD TO GET UP because everyone is praising him, but loses his temper when Koi starts to complain about how maybe he’s TOO strict. (=´∀`)人(´∀‘=) Koi pls LOL


February (Kisaragi Koi CV: Masuda Toshiki)

Yay it’s this pink guy’s turn now. Koi is eating a lot of Aoi’s handmade desserts and Kakeru is like hey dude won’t you get fat? While Koi laughs it off, Hajime rushes in and forces him to weigh himself. Koi’s weight has gone up and Hajime puts him through a diet regimen because IDOLS HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR BODIES YO. Koi starts living off water and is close to dying when Kakeru checks up on him again, doing the whole FRIEND I CAN’T GO ON ANYMORE _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_  thing. Kakeru is like holy shit dude don’t die on me and feeds him curry from his canned foods LOL. Koi revives with a proper meal in his stomach and thanks Kakeru for giving up his precious canned goods for him…and Kakeru tells him it’s okay, he knows Koi is trying hard here. But rather than extreme starvation, he should go for healthier dieting methods, and Koi’s enthusiasm for healthy living and exercise is renewed. SADLY HIS WEIGHT INCREASED AFTER THAT LOL (which baffles Kakeru and horrifies Hajime), though Aoi also makes the observation that Koi is probably growing because he also got taller. (´◉◞⊖◟◉`)


March (Yayoi Haru CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

Haru PLS. He’s normally this relaxing glasses guy with a big smile but today something seems like it’s pissing him off. No one dares to approach him because ANGRY HARU IS SCARY. ((((;゚Д゚)))) Hajime gets back to the dorm where they stay and wonders what’s up, and everyone starts throwing out theories as to why Haru may be mad. Arata’s all “maybe because Koi took his food” which is like. Guys pls. Before anyone can conclude anything, Haru calls out to Hajime…and…asks him to go with him to the glasses store tomorrow LOL. His frame wasn’t fixed right and he’d been squinting a bit the whole day (oi). So he’s not angry after all!? The next day, there are tears in Haru’s eyes and everyone is SHOCKED AGAIN but this time, it’s ‘cause he’d been eating wasabi cookies. What even are those. ʅ( ՞◇՞)ʃ Hajime just pats Haru and is all “you aren’t doing this on purpose right”, to which Haru obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.


April (Uduki Arata CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)

Arata picks up a lost puppy left behind in the rain and takes care of it with his childhood friend Aoi. He wants to bring it back to the park he found it at when the weather clears up, and gains Hajime’s approval to look after the pup for the time being. Arata is also a huge nerd that tries to feed it strawberry packet milk…oi. (´◉◞⊖◟◉`) When Aoi remarks that Arata’s got a good eye for animals because it had been dark outside, Arata comments that he just felt it’d be boring if he’d left the puppy there to wait for its master alone…Aoi thinks that’s really kind of him though, to provide it shelter. When they return to the park the next day, the pup’s owner is there looking for it too. Arata advises her not to let go of her pet again, “because you’re family, aren’t you?” GYAAAH. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。Aoi says that well, they’d better go back to THEIR family then…and they return to the dorms. Sadly Koi turns out to be eating Arata’s pocky and they start squabbling. Such true family feels www


May (Satsuki Aoi CV: KENN)

I’m not really a fan of Aoi but this story was great. It starts with Aoi thinking about his first time on stage and how nervous he had been, but because he’d turned to look at Arata – who was the same as always – he felt relieved, and was able to perform well. Arata, on the other hand, doesn’t feel that way. He remarks that he’s not sure what memory Aoi is talking about, but even now still gets nervous…even if it’s not really visible on the outside. Later, the both of them have a performance together for their duet piece (by Nem heh). Arata confesses he’s still nervous, and Aoi supplements that while they’re both nervous, they don’t hate this work, do they? At the same time, it’s also exciting. °˖✧◝( ⁰▿⁰ )◜✧˖° Arata comments that he does remember the day of their first performance now; he’d been shaking pretty badly on stage but seeing Aoi laugh changed his fear into the desire to enjoy himself no matter what. Aoi is grateful they’re able to see the same view from stage together, and they head out to their performance. The spotlights are still bright, but more than anything Aoi wishes to confront the world waiting out there for them, and to convey to fans the sounds reverberating in his heart.



 June (Minaduki Rui CV: Aoi Shouta)

What started out as funny begins to take a very sentimental turn in the anthology. Procellarum’s members have much more emotive stories, I think. Rui’s a good example. In a cafe with the rest of his teammates, he sits alone and listens to the rain. When Iku asks him what he’s doing, Rui comments that he’s listening to the sound it makes, the way the raindrops fall, as if the world is putting on a performance that surrounds him. Iku thinks it’s amazing how Rui has such talent for music, and can see the world in such a way. He apologizes for intruding and Rui corrects him in a hurry, saying that Iku’s voice is supportive and calming, definitely not a bother. Shun takes the chance to pop out of nowhere (despite being MIA previously) and excuses his own intrusion. His appearance causes the rest of the group to gather around Rui’s table with their respective food and drinks, and Rui notes that the environment has gotten much livelier. While he dislikes being in a crowd, to be with these people in this space, it’s not something he hates. And with that thought, Iku points out to Rui as the sky clears – there’s a rainbow outside.


July (Fuduki Kai CV: Hatano Wataru)

I was so moved by this one orz. Kai goes around the dorm to wake his members up, noting that everyone’s been really busy lately and it’s rare they have an off-day together as a group. Shun, picking up on the atmosphere, suggests that everyone go for a picnic because it’s good to get out and play sometimes. Everyone is super happy with the change of pace. At the park while the other members play ball, Kai joins Shun in watching them from under a tree’s shade. He wonders if Shun made the suggestion on purpose because he noticed that everyone had been tired lately. Shun denies this and pushes responsibility to Kai, because wasn’t Kai the one who had to organize it all in the end~? °˖✧( ᵒ̴̶̷̤ ᗜ ᵒ̴̶̷̤ )✧˖° (THEY GET ALONG SO WELL HAHAHA BYE) Kai sighs because Shun is probably just shitting him but well, it’s Shun as usual. When the day’s at its end, Iku excitedly comments on how much fun he had, and accidentally calls Kai “dad” (LOL). Everyone laughs at him, the poor baby. Kai laughs at the scene and thinks that yeah, Procellarum really is like a family to him. ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。I almost cried omfg. Anyway, Shun asks what everyone’s doing the next day. The other members have regular things like photoshoots or lessons, but Kai’s slated for this Outdoor Camping Gourmet program and is going fishing and mountain-climbing for vegetables. Everyone’s like “ah…this is something only Kai can do…as expected…” LMFAOOOOO. (´・ω・`)


August (Haduki Yoh CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)

Yoh’s short story is also cute! Everyone’s at work for a photoshoot and they start talking about how it’s cool they get to try on so many new types of outfits, but some people (like Yoru and Rui) aren’t very comfortable with it yet. Unlike them, Yoh’s VERY suited for this scene, and is able to freely change his look to suit the atmosphere. Always being the same is boring, isn’t it? It’s just like girls changing clothes or hairstyles. On the topic of hair, Rui comments that Yoh has REALLY pretty hair (HE DOES OK). ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Yoh takes regular care of it. He and Yoru visit a salon together later. Yoru’s not really part of this fashionable scene, but Yoh blends in well and chats up the hairdressers. He shows them a picture of his family household (he’s from a temple family) and all the girls mistake one of the (bald) disciples for him…and talk about doing scalp care treatment on him pahaha. ψ(`∇´)ψ Later, Yoru comments it’s really strange how they met as kids thanks to their family’s relations with each other (temple-danka). Yoh says that even if they hadn’t had that kind of relationship, he and Yoru would’ve still been friends. Their friendship has nothing to do with their families’ work! Yoru’s pretty moved by Yoh’s feelings, and says he’s already decided to do his best for Procellarum. He’s steeled his resolve as the one who has to constantly look out for Yoh. (=´∀`)人(´∀‘=) Yoh laughs and says that he’ll be in Yoru’s care from now on, then~


September (Nagatsuki Yoru CV: Kondou Takashi)

Yoru’s cooking curry for everyone’s dinner today! Seriously this series is so slice of life HAHAHA where is the idol-ing? Yoh checks up on him and opens the lid ahead of time, and the smell attracts EVERYONE in the dorm to the kitchen. Procellarum’s super excited for dinner now and every member starts throwing in dish requests for Yoru to make LOL. Kai has to step in and stop them from overloading Yoru, but Shun jibes that Kai had been thinking pretty seriously about what to request too, hadn’t he~? (CRY) Yoru’s happy everyone likes his food so much, and says it’s his greatest joy to make everyone happy through it. He’s not a hundred percent confident in his cooking, but Yoh reassures him that OF COURSE everyone’d eat it! ♡٩(● ˙▿˙ ●)۶♡ They all like what he makes, and Yoru’s cooking is the best in the world HAHAHA. Yoru is really happy to hear those words, and thinks he’s blessed to be part of the same group as these fellas.


October (Kannaduki Iku CV: Ono Kenshou)

IKUUUUUUU. This is Iku earlier on in his relationship with Rui, when they just got partnered up and he’s not really sure how to approach Rui yet. Before a live, everyone catches Rui sleeping. Kai wakes the kid up and tells him to be careful, and Rui feels a little apologetic that he keeps falling asleep. Iku tells him that’s OK; he probably just likes sleeping and feels comfortable when he does so! It’s just like how he feels super great when he runs! \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶/// With Rui’s fondness of quiet activities and his own athleticism, Iku thinks they make a good combination. At their next live, Iku gets the hall wrong and has to rush over to the correct one. This makes him almost late for the performance, but the physical exertion is significant and everyone starts to see what they can do to lessen the burden for Iku on stage. Iku feels terrible for pulling everyone down and causing them trouble, but Rui speaks up and says since Iku’s the sporty type, running would have infact pulled UP his condition, right? THEY ARE SO CUTE SOB. Rui’s words revive Iku’s spirit and he vows to work hard on stage today!!! Just by a little bit, the distance between Rui and Iku has lessened. ♡٩(● ˙▿˙ ●)۶♡


November (Shimotsuki Shun CV: Kimura Ryohei)

SHUN’S. STORY. OH MY GOD. Hi if anyone cannot tell yet, I am a huge fan of Shun and Kai’s relationship because they are so mature and watchful in their own ways and it is FASCINATING. (´◉◞⊖◟◉`) Shun’s flopping around in bed and refusing to get out as usual, and Kai has to charge in and forcibly flip him out (even though Shun’s already awake). Shun just has no real motivation to do so, but says he will probably ‘get up’ if Kai can make tea for him (as usual). Kai tells Shun to change as he heads out to make his tea, and Shun notes that Kai’s the member that pays most attention to him, and has taught him many things too. Kai pops in to ask if Shun has eaten (he hasn’t) and offers him INSTANT NOODLES!!! ⁽⁽(ી₍₍⁽⁽(ી⁽⁽(ી₍₍⁽⁽(ી( ˆoˆ )ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾ʃ)₎₎ʃ)₎₎⁾⁾ʃ)₎₎ Because he can’t cook like Yoru so oh well, Shun has to deal with the instant life of a commoner. Kai taught him how to do it before, so Shun is like I WILL MAKE THIS INSTANT YAKISOBA PERFECTLY. ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃ≡ ≡ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃ Whatever that means. But when Shun gets to the part where he has to pour the water out of the packaging, he drops the whole thing in the sink by accident HAHAHAHA… poor Kai frets at him while Shun just gives up and goes back to sleep. Kai is like NOOOO and Shun laughs, saying that he’d really rather stay here because fun things keep happening. Just then, Iku bursts in to tell him that their manager’s here to pick ‘em up, and Shun has to get up. Another fun day’s about to begin again~ (∩^o^)⊃━☆°.*・。



If I had to comment on anything, it’d be that MY BIAS FOR SHUN AND KAI IS SATISFIED BY THIS WHOLE ANTHOLOGY. (´ω` 三 ´ω`) Their stories are some of the best, and I really think they had a very strong theme going on about family. Procellarum’s half was more sentimental and talked more about the warm feelings between the characters in the group, while Six Gravity’s was still ‘family’, but was more filled with active fun and goofing around. Procellarum’s pretty serious in comparison. I like Procellarum more for this reason but I think both sides have their very strong charms. Here’s hoping the girls get an anthology someday too!


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