Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. Reve Parfait

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Honeybee, but I generally REALLY enjoy what they put out. Dynamic Chord feat. Reve Parfait isn’t an exception. I’ve been following the characters on Twitter for awhile and I’ve enjoyed their bonding and interaction very much – Honeybee has a way with writing characters. More than anything, the relationships between each and every one of them is what makes HB’s games enjoyable for me, alongside their KILLER sense of design/typography.

Here, you play as Atano Rio, a girl who eventually becomes band manager for Reve Parfait – four highschool guys with a big dream. This is the story of how they began. I also want to say that Kuon’s route is something that should be read/experienced SOMEHOW, it’s such a good route.

It’s a new school year for Rio, having just reached her second year of highschool. She recounts the past as she meets Aki (CV: Hirose Yuuya) on her way to school. Aki, Rio and Reon (CV: Eguchi Takuya) are childhood friends. Rio and Reon used to go out together during middle school but during his parents’ divorce, things got bad between them. Reon was taken by his mother and Aki was left with their father. Before they could sort anything out, Reon already moved away. She met him at highschool in their first year by chance, but he avoids her and tells her not to talk to him. Even Kuon (CV: Toriumi Kosuke), whom Rio knows as Aki’s best friend, is worried about them because they don’t talk. 😦 Over the past year, Rio has been ignoring Reon as he wished BUT IT STILL MAKES HER SAD. IT’S LIKE HE’S GONE FAR AWAY.

Walking to school, they meet Kuon! Aki and him are hilariously popular. Aki is the school’s prince but he always rejects people’s confessions and never goes out with any girls. He’s been made into an idol-like figure. On the other hand, Kuon seems to always have some girlfriend and is the type to get along with everyone. Rio has had to endure constant bullying for hanging with the hot guys, but sucks for all these mob characters because Rio’s the one with the relationships, not ya’ll. Kuon and Aki are super nice to Rio anyway, saying she’s the one that seems popular and not them because SHE’S KIND AND AWESOME. End me.

i still think aki is gay for kuon but what do i know

A new year = new class register! Rio ends up in the same class as Reon. They’re sitting beside each other, even. Reon’s love life is the same as Kuon’s – they keep changing girls without rejecting them and Rio+Aki have always been the ones lecturing them in middle school. Class ends and Rio wonders if Aki and Kuon managed to end up together in the same class. Momose Tsumugi (CV: Kimura Ryohei) bumps into Rio in the corridors later and apologizes, helping her up. He seems to be fleeing from some girl who’s about to go on a date with him LOL RIP MOMO. Rio meets with Kuon-Aki who are all very excited about her being in the same class as Reon. At home, she reminisces about the time she spent with Reon, even though the house next to hers is no longer occupied by him. I feel so sad for their broken relationship already oh my GOD. Rio listens to a track they used to listen together all the time before and sings, hoping her feelings will one day reach Reon.

Reon keeps ignoring Rio when she calls out to him and she gives up after a while because it’s hurting her too. They have to decide class reps and no one seems to want to do it. Rio volunteers because at this rate nothing will get done. Likewise, Reon volunteers for the male class rep position for some reason, even though he doesn’t look like he wants to. Reon doesn’t seem to have any real drive to be the class rep but Kuon and Aki are surprised to hear that he volunteered. Kuon jokes that maybe this will help him grow some responsibility.

Lately, Reon has been heading back after class more often and seems to be busy with something, as are Kuon and Aki. Rio worries about it but thinks she has to buck up too! She heads out after school and is harassed by some creeper in the shopping district. Kuon saves her and nags her for being in a dangerous place alone while kicking the guy. Why are you cool!? He accompanies her to get the books she wants, and says that she should follow him after she’s done too, ‘cos he’s also in the middle of something! Kuon leads her to a studio on the east side of town, the business district. Rio hears a familiar singing voice from the studio – that’s Reon, isn’t it? Kuon enters the studio and explains the situation to Aki and Reon, that he brought Rio here so she wouldn’t be attacked by any more weird guys. Reon doesn’t seem too pleased about it but whatever. Truth is, the three of them started a band of their own in secret back in middle school. Rio wants to hear their music but Reon isn’t willing. ;_; Aki and Kuon persuade him to give in (WHY ARE THEY SO CARING I CRY) and Reon sulks a little but eventually steps up to the mic.

Rio’s so moved and happy that she can get to see everyone together playing music like this, that she begins to cry. Everyone panics over her tears. When Rio calms down, Reon asks if she has any other opinion on their music. Rio says that she feels they need something else – turns out that their bass player had quit because of Reon (who thought he had no drive anyway). Reon says he wants people to produce the kind of sound he’s looking for, but Aki reminds him that that isn’t always possible. Their band has no name at the moment, mostly because the member list isn’t set in stone yet. Reon says he’ll soon let Rio hear his music, especially when he makes his major debut because having big dreams are better! Reon also reveals he’s found a potential bass player for them – Momose Tsumugi, whom he saw at a live house. They make plans to go see Momo play in a live soon. Kuon drags Rio into their plans, saying it’s better if all of them can go hang out like they did in the past!

On the way back, Reon heads off first – to hang out with his current girlfriend, as suspected by Aki. Rio asks why everyone kept the band a secret from her, and Aki begins to explain. When their parents divorced, it was tough on Reon emotionally and mentally, and he wasn’t able to go to school as per normal. He started hanging out with more girls, and began to act out a lot. Aki hoped to give Reon something to think about other than his troubles, and thought of starting a band to give his brother some kind of direction;; IS AKI AN ANGEL? Reon made them promise not to tell anyone about their band until they were able to properly produce original music of their own. He wanted to have a solid and cool debut, and specifically told the other two to keep this from Rio. Kuon and Aki hope that Rio can show up more to their practice sessions as well, and repair her relationship with Reon.

I like how they have POV segments narrated by the guys! Reon can’t help but think of Rio’s smile after hearing his music, and leaves his current girlfriend behind and heads home. He recalls listening to songs with Rio in the past, and it’s obvious he hasn’t quite forgotten about her. Meanwhile, Momo is sick and tired of hanging out with his band members, who only seem to want to impress girls with their music and have no ambition besides getting laid. With Kuon, it seems he has some problems at home. He lies that he was with Aki studying until this late, and thinks that he’s always been playing the ‘good son’ to his parents but all he wants to do is to play music. Aki in the meantime is having some troubles over writing lyrics, as nothing seems to catch on with him.

Reon and Rio start talking in school at last and he asks her to go see them practice, but she has cram school. The girls in class judge her for getting along with him and I’m just like BITCH PLS. Later before cram school, Rio bumps into Momo and they get super into talking about music because they both have wide tastes and deep interests! It’s really cute because Momo, who usually looks very uncomfortable when girls plaster themselves to him, is taking the initiative to talk to Rio and looks genuinely happy for once HAHA. Rio meets up with Aki after her lessons, heading home. She wonders if Reon dislikes her and Aki assures her that Reon is just shy about it, and he hopes they can get along as he’s slowly opening up to her again. However, Rio is hiding something that she did in the past to Reon – she’d hurt him somehow, and thinks this is why he’s unwilling to get close to her. At the same time, she asks Aki why Aki doesn’t want a girlfriend. Aki replies that he doesn’t believe in love – can’t, even, maybe because of his parents’ divorce. Rio senses that he has his own reasons that she shouldn’t pry too deeply into, and notes that Aki looks really sad even as he smiles. Rio prays that someone would appear to heal the wounds on his heart someday.

Everyone goes to see Momo perform on Saturday. His skill is what pulls his band along behind him, and the three other guys appraise his performance. Rio notes that despite his good response from the crowd, Momo looks incredibly lonely on stage. Later on, everyone heads over to Kuon’s house to discuss hiring Momo. Kuon’s family is hilariously rich and he has a studio in his house!? Momo seems to be freelancing around several bands as a bass-player at the moment, though he used to be dedicated to just one band in the past. All three guys hope they’ll be able to hook him into their group. The guys have no idea where to get ahold of him though, and Rio supplies that they all actually go to the same school HAHAHA. Everyone is super excited about hunting down Momo now. Reon also goes on to say that he wants to quit being leader of the band, and asks Kuon to take over. He hates to admit it, but if he’s leader, people will leave the band and he doesn’t want Momo to get away from them. Kuon is willing to take over and lead the band from here on.

In school, everyone is judging Rio as usual because she’s hanging out with the cool guys. They walk in on Momo playing with some random girl on the rooftop. This easy bitch tbh, Reon gets her to move aside by flirting too. Momo rejects them straight out because he already knows what they’re here for, and he and Reon get into a fight over it. Reon lets himself be hit by Momo, who leaves after that. Reon says he’s definitely going to induct him into the band. Later, Rio is called out by a bunch of girls who demand to know what she is to Reon. Reon catches them doing so and they fib that Rio’s their ‘good friend’ and to avoid trouble, Rio goes with the lie. Wow girls pls. Also from that day on, Reon just WILL NOT leave Momo alone anymore LMFAO he’s always hounding him somewhere.

Later, Rio meets Momo at the same bookstore and he says he wants to talk to her. She asks him again to join the band, and Momo says he keeps playing because he wants to be popular; what about her? Why is she with the other guys so often? Rio explains that she’s with them because she wants to cheer on her friends who are working hard for their dreams. Momo thinks that’s stupid because people get tired and disband often, why bother? He keeps saying that and Rio gets mad, and ends up throwing water at him. She won’t forgive anyone who looks down on her important people. Momo takes an interest in her and says he’ll join the band, on condition that she kisses him. He leaves for the day. Rio bumps into Kuon on the way back and tells him about what happened, leaving out the kiss part. Kuon gets worried and asks if there’s more to the story, because he knows that Momo doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy to just let that kind of incident go without any catches. Rio doesn’t want the guys to get angry at Momo because she wants them to achieve their dreams, so remains silent.

In class, Reon grabs her and drags her to the roof and demands to know what happened between her and Momo. He’s heard about it from Kuon and he saw the both of them in the cafe as well. Rio continues to lie that nothing happened, because she’s willing to kiss Momo for the sake of the other guys OMG. Reon is kind of angry in general because he saw Momo get all up in Rio’s personal space, but leaves without a word because Rio isn’t telling him anything. The group goes to see Momo play again, and Kuon brings them all to the backstage after the performance, hoping to get Momo to join the band. Momo declines and he notices Rio, and asks if she’s thought about what he said before? The other guys pull her out of there and Reon asks her what Momo meant. Aki and Kuon get worried that he may have done something to her. Rio says that it’s nothing, but it’s obvious that Reon at the very least isn’t buying her story.

Over the next few days, Rio continues to search for Momo. She finds him in class with a bunch of girls that he chases away anyway. Rio bows and apologizes for throwing water at him, and begs him to join the band again. Momo thinks all this doesn’t have any merit for her, and Rio says she just wants to see how far they can go, remembering how much their music moved her. Momo asks if she’s fallen for Reon (oi) and Rio denies this. Momo then says it’s fine if he does this, right? and kisses her — Rio snaps out of her daze soon after, and Momo says he’ll at least go check out the band. Outside in the corridors, she catches sight of two girls whom she saw earlier at Momo’s performances glaring at her (LOL).

Rio shows Momo to the studio and the three guys there are really surprised that he’s with her. Reon STILL suspects Momo having done something to Rio, and doesn’t look very happy about it. Reon lets Momo listen to their band’s music anyway and Momo’s taken back by it. Momo leaves right after to make a call and everyone wonders what’s up. They hear him yelling over the phone that he’s leaving his current band, and he says that he’s going to join Reon’s band now. Reon welcomes him and punches him like what happened on the roof, and Momo snaps at him for it but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to fight. What kind of welcoming party is this!? Rio says she’ll leave to let them talk about band stuff since she isn’t a member, and Reon stops her, saying she’s their manager!! Kuon adds that she’s one of them anyway, even if she doesn’t play on stage. Momo wants to know what the band’s name is, and since they haven’t thought about it yet, Aki says everyone should think about one as homework.

On the way back home, Aki also asks Rio again what happened with Momo. He can’t simply believe Momo had a sudden change of heart, and Rio reveals the truth about the kiss to him. Aki gets IMMENSELY worried over her and apologizes for having Rio deal with this kind of thing for the sake of the band. He says she shouldn’t put herself down all the time either. He makes her promise not to treat herself lightly just for the sake of the rest of them, and Rio agrees. At night, a mail comes from Reon thanking her for whatever she did to get ahold of Momo for them (Reon’s SHARP). The next day at school, it’s revealed that Momo’s groupies (Kanako and Ayu) are in the same class as Rio and they’re adding to the bullying by pushing her around. Rio wants to hide all of this so she won’t worry the other guys.

Reon arrives to school all annoyed that Momo isn’t coming to practice at all. Momo does show up later anyway, when it’s time for them to decide the band’s name at Kuon’s place. Everyone calls Aki’s idea of naming them ‘Fourz’ lame HAHAHA and Reon says he has a name in mind: Reve Parfait. Reve means “perfect dream” in French. Reon wants to take them all to the top and have their major debut, and show that this dream is indeed a perfect one. And after one dream, he’ll complete whatever dreams there are beyond that – making each of his dreams into the ‘perfect’ one. Also he likes sweet things so he tacked the ‘parfait’ part on LOL. Everyone likes the name, and they adopt it officially. Reon wants to jump straight to creating more new music to challenge how far they can go now, and Momo smiles a little at that. Suddenly, Momo gets a call from his old band asking him to talk to them. Reon says he’ll tag along, since Reve has to take responsibility for fishing out Momo after all. Kuon and Aki have a feeling it might escalate into a fight, and decide to head along too – after all, they’re all friends now. Rio is told to stay at Kuon’s place because it might be dangerous for her, but she objects. She says she’ll run to get help if things get bad, and won’t get in their way. They meet up by a river and Aki warns Rio to run away immediately and inform the police if the other group attacks them.

Momo’s ex-bandmates are trash. Momo calls them out on relying on his ability and not improving at all. Rio thinks that despite what he says about playing because he wants to be popular, Momo may just be the person most serious about music here. Kuon joins in and says the other guys have probably fallen behind after losing Momo. Momo’s ex-mates talk shit about him and say that he’s got a bad personality; that’s why he always gets thrown away by other bands and even girls, and he’s always made out to be a nuisance. In fact, it was them that threw Momo away, not the other way around. This is very upsetting for Momo. Kuon pats him, saying it was right for him to join Reve after all…and then SNAPS at the other guys and punches the shit out of one of them. WHY IS KUON SO COOL. He’s seriously pissed at them for hurting Momo with their words and continues yelling at them. Reon wants a piece of the action too and Momo is all “why are you guys the one jumping in, that should be my job!?” Reon laughs that his problem is THEIR problem, and the four of them can just resolve this mess together.

Rio wants to stop it from getting too bad, so she starts yelling for the police to get over here and stop the fight. Thinking that policemen are really nearby, the other guys flee. Reve are pretty beaten up, but the four of them laugh together as they inspect each other’s wounds, saying it was one hell of a fight and literally none of them have any right to comment about each other tbh. They all have to head home soon after, and Rio honestly enjoys watching them and reaffirms her decision to support them from here on.

In the meantime, the bullying escalates at school – notes calling Rio trash are put in her bag, water is poured on her, things scribbled on her desk, her notes destroyed, etc. LOL YA’LL CHILDISH AS FUCK but this happens a lot in school tbh. Rio wants to cry when Aki asks her if anything is wrong because he’s aware she got bullied in middle school over being too close with Reon and co, but Rio decides to shoulder all of this alone. She won’t bother Kuon, Aki, Reon or Momo about this because they have a live to prepare for at the upcoming cultural festival. She calls Aki to let him know that she won’t be heading to band practice due to cram school.

The following scene changes depending on whose route you’re in, but I really liked Kuon and Aki’s: after cram school, Rio bumps into Kuon, who talks to her and tells her to come to him if anything is bothering her, okay? They walk back together and Aki is standing outside around her house, waiting for them both. Kuon apologizes to Aki for not having been able to solve Rio’s problems (OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO NICE), and it turns out that Aki asked Kuon for help in supporting Rio;; He’s aware she’s going through a hard time too and wasn’t able to help her, so he hoped she would have talked to Kuon about it. WHY ARE THEY SO NICE I’M CRYING. Rio thanks them for everything and says they’re very important to her, and they reply that she’s important to them too;;

Aki seems to have finished a set of lyrics for a new piece, and calls everyone to meet up at the school gates. Reon and Rio head there but Aki’s a little late, and Reon gets called aside by some girl. While waiting, Kuon arrives with a popsicle he got with some other girl outside school, and gives it to Rio saying that it’s not to his taste. Rio thinks it’s great though, and Kuon eats out of her hand to confirm it www Aki spots them and is all D: Reon and Momo are right behind him, and chide Kuon for his super suspicious behavior. Kuon just laughs it off, but Rio notices that Aki seems a little down. 😦 Later at practice, they commence using his lyrics for the new song (Judgement) and it flows well with all of them.

I LOVE ALL THE SMALL INTERACTIONS IN THIS GAME!!! Everyone’s eating at a family restaurant and their conversation is so cute. Everyone ends up treating Rio to something because Reon said it looked like she wanted to eat it, and Aki says to not hold back with all of them;;__;; Even Momo says he’s gonna put all his effort into being selfish with her, so it’s fine for her to be selfish too. OH MY GOD. Kuon also adds that he definitely relies on Rio, and she’s a necessary part of Reve Parfait. On the way back home, Rio hears Aki humming the lyrics he wrote to the song earlier. She senses something different about these lyrics, that it seems like Aki is holding in something that’s paining him. Rio asks him if there’s anything troubling happening in his life. Aki says it’s fine and smiles at her, but Rio cannot help worrying. She asks him to rely on her when he’s in need anyway. If he’s the one always worrying about others, then who will worry for him? Rio doesn’t want him to keep being hurt if that’s the case.

Kanako and Ayu, the bullies, call Rio up to the roof one day. They get into a huge fight because Rio refuses to back off, saying she wants to keep supporting those she likes in her own way, staying by their side. Before they can do anything like hit her, they’re stopped by Reon, followed by the rest of Reve. Reon and Momo essentially flirt their way out of the situation LOL and the girls apologize profusely to Rio. They didn’t realize she was the manager for their band and they’re sorry they got jealous and took everything out on her. This was sudden. Rio forgives them (SAINT) and says all she wishes is that they support Reve Parfait and hopes to get along with them as fellow supporters! Wow…Rio…

In class, they apologize to her again (OK THEY APOLOGIZED A LOT) and say they’ll spread the news about Reve around, and want to get to know Rio better. Kanako adds that Rio would look better with makeup on, and says to let them do her up sometime. Rio is glad she’s able to spend time with them like this now, and thinks that she didn’t know what they were like until they could talk properly like this. Anyway, summer vacation is soon upon them all! Everyone meets at Kuon’s place and is introduced to Towa, his little sister who’s staying in the dorms at her school, but is back to check out her brother’s band. Momo calls her cute and Kuon grabs Towa all IM NOT GIVING HER TO YOU OKAY. Everyone calls Kuon an idiot and he protests, saying that it’s too early for cute little Towa to be in love! Towa glances at Aki and Rio notices this, and guesses that TOWA MIGHT LIKE AKI HAHAHA OH NO.

Towa and Rio hang out sometime after and go shopping together, and Towa says Rio needs a makeover HAHAHA. They meet Kanako and Ayu by chance and they join in, and the four girls hang out after. Momo calls Rio around dinnertime and asks if she wants to join Reve ’cause they’re all going to play with fireworks a little. Rio asks if Towa, Kanako and Ayu can join in and Momo agrees. The eight of them meet up by the river and have fun together.

Later, Reon falls sick and Rio heads to visit him. His new home is huge and lonely and he asks her to sleep by his side like they did when they were young. She does so and Reon kisses her lightly on the nose before falling asleep. Rio leaves after he does so, and Reon wakes up sometime later, mumbling that he’d hoped that she would have stayed until he woke but he can’t say something like that…

The cultural festival live goes well! They have a live scheduled for next month too thanks to Kuon’s connections, and will be playing on the same stage as Apple Polisher, another pretty popular band lately. Reve decide on going with aliases with the ‘chess pieces’ theme for the next live.

Rio gets hit on by the same creep from before outside her cram school LOL. This time the vocalist from Apple Polisher steps in to stop him and chases the man off. Rio thanks him and realizes he’s the vocalist, and…it turns out that they know each other!? Narumi (CV: Aoi Shouta) used to play with Rio and Reon as kids and was always bullied by Reo. He’s a cousin from Rio’s mother’s side, and Rio had thought he was a girl…he moved overseas and only got back to Japan sometime back. Narumi wanted to see Rio but she was always never at home 😦 He’s surprised to hear she’s working with a band now, but is called away to his own band practice before he can quiz Rio further. He apologizes for all the sudden-ness of their reunion, and says they can grab lunch together sometime maybe! He goes to find her after school, since he saw her in uniform and totally forgot to get her number and stuff. Rio lets him know over lunch that Reon is the vocalist for Reve, and Narumi says that he dislikes Reon. Reon always bullied him and made him cry as a kid, and…he seems to like Rio because he asks her if she has a boyfriend and seems happy when she says she doesn’t. Narumi declares he won’t lose to Reon. Rio later tells Reon that she met Narumi and he’s AP’s vocalist, and Reon says he’s not gonna lose to crybaby Narumi for sure.


Reon VS Narumi is real, they get into a fight backstage fast. Narumi and Aki are like super happy brothers at a reunion HAHAHA IT IS CUTE BC NARUMI REALLY LIKES AKI. Narumi thinks Momo is a girl and called him Ohime-san…MOMO GOT ANGRY. Reve has a good performance and Narumi is up next! Reon admits that Narumi’s cool as heck even though he hates to say it. Apple Polisher is…well…more polished than Reve Parfait is right now www Apple Polisher and Reve are noticed by Dynamic Chord, the agency that produces Liar-S and kyohso! The scout informs them of the Christmas Live happening at the same event location, and wants both bands to perform for it. He challenges Reve to produce another new song for the live, something they can consider ‘the best’.

Kanako and Ayu are also doing Good Work as Rio’s friends now tbh 😦 They’re helping out the band with their hairstyling and makeup, and also defending Rio from irritating girls that are shittalking her for being close to cool guys again. They know they used to do all that in the past, but now that they’re friends they’ll defend Rio.


Reon is unable to produce music for the Christmas Live, Momo doesn’t think he can stick around with the band (but he likes them a lot so he’s willing to come and play for them anytime), and…Rio’s mother and Aki’s dad end up getting remarried. Now they’re siblings!!?? Reon starts to avoid Rio increasingly thanks to this Very Complicated Family Situation. Reve disbands, Rio becomes a third year student, and hopes that one day she can hear all of them play together once more.



While sending Rio back home after practice, Reon takes her to the playground they used to hang out at back when they were kids. Rio would come out here to cry when her parents were fighting, and Reon would always find her. Reon is the person closest to her in her childhood, and when he became popular as one of the ‘cool kids’, he started going out with many girls. Rio got mad that he was only playing with them, and when Reon said “then you can just become my girlfriend instead!”, Rio agreed to it – that’s how they started going out. While surprised at first, Reon seemed happy she had accepted. Truthfully, Rio liked him (and I think he liked her too) and was glad for the chance to be with him. But soon, they had to part after about a month because Reon’s own parents were getting divorced and he was moving away with his mom. He cried to Rio about it because he didn’t want to leave Aki or her, and kissed her – and she pushed him away, without hearing what else he was going to say, and ran away. Before she knew it, Reon was already gone because his parents had finalized their divorce. Rio had cried and regretted what she had done without thinking.

Now beside each other, Rio says Reon has gone somewhere far away – but he replies that she’s the one who’s far away. You both…sound like a long and frustrating shojo manga. Reon says he’s already broken up with his current girlfriend, and says Rio can come over to hang at his place anytime now. (In a previous short scene, a call from his girlfriend had essentially chased Rio out of his house before they could eat dinner together LOL) Reon’s blushing a little and he chides Rio for giving him a weird look. Reon also teases Rio about her looks and Rio gets angry, saying that he better prepare himself ’cause she’s gonna get a makeover so he won’t say that about her anymore! Reon seems happy and sees Rio home.

The next day, Rio asks Kanako and Ayu for help with the makeover. They put makeup on her and lead her back to class – everyone’s shocked at her transformation and calls her cute, except Reon who calls Rio ugly like about five times LMFAO PLS. Rio wants to cry and Kanako and Ayu flip Reon away for being mean to her. Rio meets Kuon and Aki in the corridors and they compliment her like the nice people they are (THEY ARE SO NICE) and Rio explains her motivations for the image change to them. Kuon and Aki sigh over Reon’s actions and explain that Reon’s just a kid that falls back on harsh words because he doesn’t know how to face Rio when she got all pretty suddenly. Rio feels better after they comfort her.

Later, Rio has to live without her spectacles until she gets her contacts the next day. At night, she bumps into more suspicious flirts and can’t shake them off until she’s saved by Narumi…who didn’t recognize her at first either HA HA HA WHY ARE YOU NICE TOO. Rio also can’t really see his face so doesn’t recognize him until he tells her he’s Narumi. Narumi thinks Rio is cute as heck though to him she’s always cute (CRIES) and gets mad that Reon called her ugly. Narumi sees Rio home (randomly, one of the members of Apple Polisher has a person they like!? ooooh) and they bump into Reon. He doesn’t seem happy to see them together and leaves. REON PLS. From that day on, Rio and Reon go back to ignoring each other. Reon also stops coming to school and everyone worries; he’s not picking up Kuon or Aki’s calls, and they head to his place to look for him.

Aki has duplicate keys to Reon’s place and lets everyone in. Turns out Reon was just caught up in writing music that he’d lost track of everything else. He doesn’t notice they’re there until Aki pats his head and Reon is shocked out of his concentration. Kuon chides Reon for not noticing how much time has passed, and Reon seems surprised — then collapses and falls asleep, having over-exerted himself. Aki puts Reon to bed;_; Kuon explains that this tends to happen, and Aki is the only one that can stop Reon. Reon probably hadn’t been eating or sleeping over the past few days either. He and Aki are so similar in this aspect, I cry. Aki and Rio prepare something for Reon to eat when he wakes, and Kuon heads back first to prepare stuff for band practice later. Aki teaches Rio Reon’s tastes for food, and how to pull him back to reality when Reon gets too into something. Reon’s a very lonely kid and Aki passes Rio his duplicate keys; he really thinks of Reon as his precious little brother and hopes that Rio can take care of Reon. Rio promises to head to Reon’s place over the period he’s making music, to check up on him and eat dinner with him, because Reon doesn’t get to do so with anyone very often. His parents are always overseas and they eat out when they’re back in Japan, so he’s usually alone.

One day, Rio ends up bumping into Reon’s ex in front of his place and this more or less happens:

Dis bitch slaps her and accuses her of stealing Reon away LMFAO. Dis bitch pushes Rio around and demands that she show her to Reon’s place, and snatches the keys from her, using them to forcibly enter. Dis bitch is hella annoying, screaming and crying for Reon and telling him not to leave her; why would he pick a plain girl like Rio over her? (Says the mob character who doesn’t even have a sprite LOL) Reon gets pissed and tells her to move over, get out of his house, and to stop dissing Rio. Rio apologizes for interrupting Reon after his ex leaves, and explains what happened. Reon, concerned for her, notices that Rio’s cheek is still red where she was slapped and touches it – the distance between them lessens and they’re about to kiss (probably) then Reon’s stomach growls. This is very shojo manga!!! Bost of them burst out laughing and Rio goes to make dinner. She gets to listen to Reon’s incomplete demos for the new track as well, and Reon gets down that he’s not been able to produce the sound he’s looking for so far. Also, it’s confirmed that he broke up with his girlfriend because he wanted to be with Rio more LMFAO.

Reon’s condition worsens over the next few days however – he’s not replying anyone’s messages again. When Rio visits, he’s in the middle of self-destructing out of despair and frustration. Not being able to produce what he wants has made Reon incredibly emotional, and he keeps punching the wall in rage over his inability. Rio grabs him, not wanting him to hurt himself, and Reon ends up pushing her down. Rio still chooses not to run away from him, and they end up having…implied dub-con sex?? OKAY??? Reon apologizes afterwards because he did something incredibly shitty to Rio, and asks her not to leave him till the next morning.

Rio stays over at his place and Reon lends her his room, but both of them find they can’t sleep so end up talking. They recall how they used to stay over at each other’s place all the time as kids. During middle school, Reon had always wondered if they hadn’t been childhood friends, would their relationship been different? Would he have been more honest with her? He’d wanted to apologize to Rio after that time he kissed her, but he couldn’t find the guts to do it. But he’s all NO REGRETS RAISE TEN CIGARETTES because without all that happened, he wouldn’t be here with her – and Rio says that likewise, without him there’s no her either. Reon wants to produce a good track for the rest of the band to hear soon. Rio falls asleep talking to him and a new melody comes to Reon’s mind soon after – the beginning of his new piece. He records down everything and successfully completes it.

He shows up at band practice the next day and Momo is super happy to see Reon again HA HA HA. Everyone’s gathered together after a long time!! Aki gets to writing down lyrics immediately, and the rest of them practice in the meantime. He completes writing soon after, and Rio suggests the title! Reon sends her home after and offers to take her anywhere she wants, because he’s been imposing on her kindness way too much lately and wants to repay Rio somehow. But things begin to change again when days later, Rio meets Narumi again after school and he sends her home – he’s got something to ask her. Narumi wants to know if Rio likes Reon, because HE likes Rio. Rio doesn’t want to destroy what she has with Reon right now, and is also shocked that Narumi would confess so suddenly. Rio was his first love since a long time ago, and he remembers all the times she saved him and played with him as a kid. He doesn’t want Rio to go out with him now or anything, but just wants her to know about his feelings.

Dramatic shojo moment happens when Reon shows up on the scene, having come over to check whether Rio got home safely. It seems like he’d heard their conversation. Narumi declares that he’s not going to lose to Reon – over the Christmas Live, or over Rio. Reon grabs Rio and tells Narumi to let go of what’s his (LOL) and more or less drags Rio home. Reon apologizes for saying weird stuff just now and Rio changes the topic, saying she wants to head to the amusement park with him because he promised to take her somewhere after all. Reon laughs and agrees.

Rio meets Narumi again one day. He wants to apologize to her for his sudden confession, but Rio says she’s happy to have received his feelings. But to her, Narumi is a precious childhood friend and nothing more. Narumi is thankful that she’d tell him her feelings honestly. NARUMI IS SO NICE I CRY.

The next Sunday, Rio meets up with Reon to head to the amusement park as promised. While on the ferris wheel before they’re about to head back, the thing breaks down and they’re stuck in the air for awhile. Reon takes the chance to ask why Rio had wanted to come here, and Rio replies that it was like ‘returning to the past’ somehow, since they used to play here with Aki too as kids. Reon had also thought about wanting to return to the past before – to before he’d kissed Rio, before everything broke between them. Rio doesn’t regret being kissed, but Reon explains that he wants to do it over, wishing he’d conveyed everything he’d wanted to do/say better, but in the end the thing with his family happened and he moved away. The two of them end up really close in the carriage anyway because Rio’s a little scared, and Reon wants to protect her. When the ferris wheel begins moving again, he mutters about how he wouldn’t have minded if it remained broken for awhile more. After everything, Reon sees her home and Rio tells him to work hard for the upcoming live. Laughing, Reon replies that OF COURSE he would – and gifts her something. It’s a keyholder that Rio had took interest in back at the amusement park. Rio’s delighted and treasures the gift.

Over the next day, Rio catches sight of Reon’s ex crying to him. She feels a little hurt to see them together, and decides to leave them alone in case she’d be stepping in at a bad moment. However, Reon begins to pull a no-show over the next few days – he isn’t coming for practice, school, or replying mails again. Worried, Rio heads to his place. Reon’s ex answers the intercom and basically tries to show off to Rio, saying things that implied she’d slept with Reon or that they’d made up and gotten back together somehow. Upset, Rio apologizes for interfering and leaves. Reon, who was in the shower, exits right after and asks his ex who that was at the door. Dis bitch says that it was Rio, and Reon gets angry because he’s sure that his ex said something stupid to Rio to cause some misunderstanding. He’d let his ex stay over because she’d told him she was having some problems with her current relationship and needed a place to hide out at, so he’d lent her his house, but…seriously…dis bitch. Angry that she’d do something so horrible, Reon tells her to pack up and leave, that he was an idiot to have worried for her. Reon chases his ex away and panics when his call can’t get through to Rio – he puts on some clothes and dashes out intending to look for her; he has no one else besides Rio.

Rio’s by the riverbank at this point, and cries to herself, unable to hold her feelings for Reon back anymore. She’s liked him since a long time before but thinks that she can’t be together with him anymore. She’s caught by Narumi, who’s concerned that she’s crying alone. He’s upset that someone would make the girl he likes cry like this, and asks that Rio go out with him. It’s okay if she doesn’t like him at first; he’ll gradually make her come to like him. He wants to make her happy. But Rio can’t accept his feelings – the one she likes is Reon. Narumi says that she’s FINALLY realized it; he’s aware that Rio has always been looking at Reon. But his feelings for her wouldn’t change, even so. He hugs Rio and tells her to cry all she wants. It’s then that Reon arrives, yelling for Narumi to back off – he’s got something to settle with Rio. He doesn’t want to hurt Rio anymore, and tells Narumi to move off. Narumi, however, refuses. He likes Rio too and won’t forgive those that hurt her. But Rio chooses to give Reon and chance and listen to what he has to say – she too is sick of running away from their relationship, from their feelings. Rio thanks Narumi for being by her side, she’s happy he was there. Narumi lets Rio go and wishes her well, and warns Reon not to hurt Rio!

They head back to Reon’s place to talk, sorting out the mess with his ex (she was lying to him about being stalked, dis bitch). Reon’s tired of running circles around his feelings too, and says that the one he truly likes is Rio. He’s super embarrassed when Rio says that she likes him too – she has for a very long time. Reon regrets going out with her as a ‘joke’, because he’d been serious about it. He was afraid of being rejected by her if he asked her out normally, so hid it under the whole fiasco. Rio admits that she too had been afraid, because Reon was a ‘cool kid’ and she didn’t think she would get the chance to go out with him otherwise. Rio apologizes for ditching him so suddenly after he’d kissed her back then, and Reon says he should be apologizing to her instead. He didn’t have the guts to chase her, to tell her how he really felt. He’d tried to make Rio hate him, so he wouldn’t be hurt by any of this anymore.

Reon had gone to Rio’s school because he’d heard she was there, and had actually put in work to study for the qualifying exams. He’d wanted to apologize to her and go back to how they were like before, but he didn’t know how to get ANYTHING across and ended up chasing Rio away instead. He’d enjoyed their time together with the rest of the band, and was also scared of destroying this time they had together. As a result, neither he nor Rio could convey their feelings to the other until now. In truth, Reon doesn’t want or need anyone besides Rio. He asks her to go out with him, and Rio accepts. (Reon also beats himself up a little more about how everyone he’d gone out with was a replacement for Rio, and he’d been suffering unable to forget her…he says he’s an idiot, and I agree; boy you DUMB) The both of them agree to keep their relationship secret for the time being; everyone’s concentrating on the Christmas Live first, after all!

CHRISTMAS LIVE IS HERE! Everyone gets ready backstage and Rio sees them all off. This is the first step to them achieving their dreams! The scout from before comes to see them after the performance. He says Reve’s ‘shape’ isn’t quite there yet but they’ve grown and he can see a future in their music. He offers to let them be produced by Dynamic Chord. Naturally everyone accepts!! Congrats!!! This is the first step in their dreams towards a major debut!

ED1: After the live, Rio spends time with Reon at his place, celebrating Christmas together as lovers. Reon explains that he can’t believe she’s here with him like this; he’d panicked that she’d be taken by someone else when she started putting on makeup. Rio had been so cute he didn’t know what to do, so he had called her ugly like five times LMFAO. Reon sulks, embarrassed, saying that he’d have liked it if he was the only one who knows how cute Rio is. They’re about to kiss when Rio recalls what happened the first time they did – they broke up soon after. Reon promises not to let the same thing happen again. He kisses Rio and confesses again that he likes her, and even he gets flustered when kissing someone he REALLY likes, no matter how much he’s used to kissing girls.

ED2: The band heads to a shrine to pray for the New Year, and to practice later. Reon anounces that he and Rio are going out, but everyone’s already noticed that (LOL). Reon is embarrassed about being so obvious, but now that it’s out in the open, he can do things like kiss Rio on the cheek, which he does.

ED3: Rio decides to go out with Narumi after the whole fiasco with Reon’s ex. Narumi promises to treat her well and lets Rio cry on him. He doesn’t regret his choice, and hopes Rio can slowly forget Reon over time. Rio thinks that she can Reon can no longer be together, and Reon regrets what he did to her immensely. To put distance between her and Reon, Rio quits as Reve’s manager. Reon goes back to being cold to her, and Rio ends up hanging with Narumi and Apple Polisher more (both AP and Reve are going pro under different agencies as well). Still, Rio can’t entirely forget about Reon – even when watching Narumi perform, she tells herself that she doesn’t have anymore attachment to those she used to be with, but cannot help crying.



Reon calls him ‘strawberry angel bishop-chan’ on Twitter. This is canon. Anyway. Momo is a lonely kid who doesn’t believe in people or relationships because of some bad blood he had with his old band, the first one he was ever in. Rio thinks it’s a very sad outlook on life but I honestly can’t blame him because the shit that happened to him is shit that I’ve seen happen a lot in real life. Still, Rio hopes that he can find someone he really likes someday, and Momo calls her a grandma.

Rio’s now put in charge of watching over him because Kuon says Momo will slack off if no one is watching. Momo in general is beginning to interact with Rio a lot more at school, and I really like their interaction because he’s always really casual around her LOL. While talking to Kanako and Ayu, they get on the topic of Momo’s love life and it seems like he’s another “I’ll go out with anyone” type, and isn’t too deep into relationships.

Rio ends up going to Momo’s place to watch him practice. She notes that his room feels like he brings girls in often, and thinks that it’s different from Kuon or Reon’s. Even though all three are womanizers, the latter two’s rooms don’t have the shadow of ex girlfriends anywhere. Suddenly a kid (Takuto) barges into the room saying he wants to hear papa’s bass, and is followed by a really energetic woman who introduces herself as Momose Yuri, Momo’s sis-in-law. Yuri is OVERJOYED that Momo has finally brought home a girl like Rio who seems responsible and capable!!! YURI IS SO CUTE I’M DYING~~!!!! Takuto is her son!!!! Momo is all “heh isn’t Takuto cute” like the proud older bro he is. Rio envies him for having such a nice home. She continues heading to his place on days when she doesn’t have cram school. Yuri is always all HELLO RIO :DDD at her and Momo grouches about how Yuri never welcomes his other girls the same way and Yuri says WELL YOU BETTER MAKE A GF LIKE RIO THAT ACTUALLY MAKES ME WANNA WELCOME THEM. Rio is shocked and Yuri is all THIS GIRL IS WASTED ON YOU!! Momo gets all huffy about that but can’t retort back.

Momo is ADORABLE. There’s this scene where he says he can’t join Rio today and asks if Rio will be lonely. Rio says she will, because she won’t get to see Yuri or Takuto. Momo sulks because normally wouldn’t it be that she wouldn’t get to spend time with him!? Rio thinks his sulking is cute and says that she’d be lonely without him too, and Momo blushes and mumbles that she should say this kind of thing first www

One day they’re alone together because Yuri and Takuto aren’t in. Momo finds it relaxing to be with Rio while practicing, because it’s not like she’s asking him to pay attention to her or anything, like other girls. It makes him tired and he thinks it’s troublesome to deal with them crying or getting angry at him. Rio likes being with him too, and chalks that up to the fact that they aren’t dating. Since Momo wants to talk to her more, Rio asks him about the bass he’s playing, since she’d heard Takuto calling it ‘papa’s bass’. Momo replies that it’s from his older brother, who used to play. ‘Used to’, because he’s already dead. He died in a car accident when Momo was in middle school. His brother was in a band and Momo had thought he was beyond cool; their band always sold out all the tickets to their lives. His brother had given up on going pro because Takuto was born, and decided to settle down with Yuri. Even after he’d passed away, Momo still looks up to his brother as the coolest person ever, and declares that Rio’s already met him – he’s living inside the music produced by his bass.

Rio doesn’t quite get it, but she does understand how cool Momo’s playing and his music is. She also understands why Yuri doesn’t move away – while Momo says that Yuri still likes his older brother, Rio thinks that it’s because Momo’s brother’s soul continues to live on in this house; especially since this is the only place Momo will practice his bass in. He wanted to let Yuri and Takuto listen to the sounds of that bass too, right? Rio seems to have gotten it right, and Momo gets a little embarrassed about it. Momo likes that he can talk about things that aren’t boring to Rio (like his family, this is the first time he’s talking about it to a girl) and says he likes Rio, and asks her to go out with him. Rio thinks that Momo doesn’t understand the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’, and can’t accept this because she can’t approach relationships with this light feeling. Momo tries to persuade her to kiss him again and Rio declines, but Momo kisses her anyway. This upsets Rio a lot and she ends up crying, and leaves the house. Along the way she bumps into Yuri, who gets angry at Momo.

The next day, Momo calls Rio up to the rooftop after school to apologize. He’s done some reflecting after Yuri’s nagging, and though he doesn’t think much of kissing, he understands now that Rio treats these things as very important. He wasn’t thinking about Rio’s feelings and he’s sorry about what he did to her. He asks for her forgiveness and says he’ll do anything, and Rio asks him to not kiss anyone until he’s sure he likes them. Yet, Momo still doesn’t know the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’, and finds this kind of request confusing for him. Rio tells him that maybe he can think of “liking someone” as not finding them troublesome or not wanting to hurt them. She wants him to find someone he can really love. Rio is telling him all this because she cares for him as someone close to her, and Momo promises her to do as she says (aw). He makes a pinky promise with her CRIES MOMO WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE. He also seems really happy that Rio promises to come over tomorrow for practice.

Girls are grousing about how Rio is always hanging around Momo, and he tells them to scram. Outside school, he mutters about how…Rio is plain…but it’s not a bad kind of plain…She’s not as overly flashy as the other girls, and he thinks she’s better than them so…he finds it hard to put it into words, but tells Rio not to mind all the other girls too much. CRYING. I AM CRYING. At Momo’s place, Rio is practically tackled by Yuri and Takuto who are glad she’s come over again HAHAHAHA. Rio apologizes for leaving suddenly the last time, and lets Yuri know that Momo has apologized and about the promise he made. Momo is all 😦 about it and also asks Yuri for a favor – he wants her to doll Rio up, because he doesn’t want the other girls at school to keep calling Rio ‘plain’. The whole Momose household decide that Rio is cute as balls and think she needs to get contacts and cute clothes too and arrange a date on a weekend to go shopping.

Momo is tasked to help pick out stuff for Rio, and Rio feels awkward walking beside him because Momo’s drawing attention from girls for being cute. But he doesn’t care, all he wants to do is talk to Rio anyway. He tells her to fuck it tbh, and show them what she’s got after she gets made-over (an eye for an eye is his motto after all~) Rio thinks his taste in clothes is really flashy though, but that’s because Momo has practically zero experience with girls that aren’t ‘gyaru’ types. He gets some cute clothes for Rio eventually and buys them for her, mostly because he’s still feeling guilty about making her cry. They head to watch a performance later, but Rio notes that Momo seems angry as he watches the last band perform. When Rio asks him what’s up with him and the last band, Momo snaps, getting upset and denying that anything is wrong. He apologizes because he didn’t intend to yell at her, but he isn’t ready to talk either.

Rio talks to Reon about Momo in school the next day. Reon seems worried too, and asks her for the band’s name – TRUST. It’s the band that Momo was in when he first started playing in the scene. Momo also isn’t replying Rio’s mails about self-practice, and this goes on for a few days. She also can’t find him in school – and one day, there’s an announcement over the infocomm calling Momo to head to the principal’s office. Worried, Reon and Rio leave class immediately and meet up with Kuon and Aki outside, who both also left class out of worry for Momo. UGH I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH OMF LOOK AT HOW MUCH THEY WORRY. Rio informs them of what happened the last time she was with Momo, and Kuon has a bad feeling about all this. The door to the office opens and Momo exits. There’s a huge red mark on his face, and everyone’s shocked – what happened to him? Momo tells them all to leave him alone, but everyone continues to worry;; He snaps that if everyone won’t leave him alone, then he’ll be the one to disappear. Kuon lets him go, and tells Momo to talk to them when he’s ready.

Rio talks to Reon about Momo in school the next day. Reon seems worried too, and asks her for the band’s name – TRUST. It’s the band that Momo was in when he first started playing in the scene. Momo also isn’t replying Rio’s mails about self-practice, and this goes on for a few days. She also can’t find him in school – and one day, there’s an announcement over the infocomm calling Momo to head to the principal’s office. Worried, Reon and Rio leave class immediately and meet up with Kuon and Aki outside, who both also left class out of worry for Momo. UGH I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH OMF LOOK AT HOW MUCH THEY WORRY. Rio informs them of what happened the last time she was with Momo, and Kuon has a bad feeling about all this. The door to the office opens and Momo exits. There’s a huge red mark on his face, and everyone’s shocked – what happened to him? Momo tells them all to leave him alone, but everyone continues to worry;; He snaps that if everyone won’t leave him alone, then he’ll be the one to disappear. Kuon lets him go, and tells Momo to talk to them when he’s ready.

Rio says she’ll head over to Momo’s place after school to check on him, and the other guys leave it up to her. At Momo’s place, it seems that Yuri only knows that Momo got into a fight. He only went to school because he was called to do so, and hasn’t come back home since what happened earlier. Momo’s basically suspended for about a week. Rio goes to look for him, because she wants to talk to him somehow. It begins to rain and Rio is worried he didn’t bring an umbrella out or anything, and keeps searching for him. She finds him at last in the park and Momo hugs her after finding out she’d been searching for him this entire time. Rio lets him cry on her, even though he denies that he’s crying. He’s like a lost kid, and Rio assures him that it’s okay now, and they should head back.

Momo is scolded by Yuri upon return, of course…Rio ends up staying in his room for the day and borrowing their bath. Momo joins her later and hugs her again, and Rio pats him. He’s glad she’s here with him…Rio won’t press him for more, only until he’s ready to tell her more. Even when Momo finally lets her go when Yuri’s at the door, he still looks like he’s about to cry. HE’S JUST LIKE A SMALL LOST CHILD UGH. Rio says she’ll keep sending him mails even when he’s suspended from school. However, Momo never replies them and Rio goes to his place again. Yuri informs her that Momo has gone out and he calls back to let her know he’s fine once in awhile, but she doesn’t quite know where he’s going. GUH.

Yuri invites Rio in and asks if Rio likes Momo. Rio doesn’t know, but she knows she doesn’t want Momo to be sad. Yuri suspects Momo’s current state is thanks to what happened with his ex-bandmates because he’s behaving exactly as he did back then. Momo was supposedly betrayed by his best friend, who was in the same band. It happened around the time his older brother (Hiroto) passed away, and Momo had been incredibly upset. As a result, he’d begun to act out and started adopting the “whatever” attitude towards people and relationships. Rio agrees to lend Yuri her strength in helping Momo out of whatever he’s going through right now. Rio thinks about all she’s found out about Momo so far (he’s rude, earnest, a lonely person, and also very kind) and wonders if she likes him. On her way home, a call comes from Kuon asking her to drop by his place – band talk time.

Kuon has found out what happened: Momo got into a fight with his ex-bandmate, and was hit by the fella. JERK. It was over some girl (for fuck’s sake), and Kuon doesn’t know more than that. At the same time, no one can contact Momo and they have to get the new track completed soon. No one in the group is giving up on Momo, and Rio is more determined than ever to bring him back now. Over the next few days, the other guys have pretty much spammed Momo’s phone, but he isn’t replying them either. Kuon says he’ll use his information network to find something out. They next meet on the rooftop and it turns out Momo’s been hanging in the delinquent part of town lately. Everyone knows the danger involved, but head to go get Momo back.

He’s hanging out with a couple of thugs and Reon is pissed half to hell because 1) what is Momo doing there 2) the thugs turn to harass Rio and Reon is PISSED. Kuon and Aki back them up and tell the thugs to leave for a bit. Momo tells the group to leave him alone, he doesn’t want them to bother him. I love how it’s shown so obviously that Kuon+Aki+Reon are also worried about Momo…Kuon sighs and asks Momo what happened to him. Momo says he’s quitting the band, laughing that they’d consider him one of their ‘friends’. He doesn’t need things like that. He laughs and calls them ‘lame’ and saying he was in it to kill time anyway; this pisses Reon off because HE’S serious about going pro. Momo’s just spoiling for a fight now and Kuon tells him to chill off. If he wants to quit, then quit. But Reve will always be waiting for his return, so he can come back when he wants to. Everyone knows he’s terrible at expressing himself, so all three will wait for his return. Momo sighs, but Rio notices that he looks like he’s going to cry again.

As Momo walks off, the three guys send Rio off and she runs to Momo’s side. He keeps pushing her away no matter how many times Rio tries to stop him, and eventually ends up accidentally shoving her until she falls. Momo helps her up and apologizes, and ends up hugging Rio and calling her an idiot. All Rio wants is for Momo to talk to her, and they head to his home, when everyone is out.

TRUST was formed with him, Mei (vocals) and Akihiko (Momo’s bff from elementary school). They had a lot of fun together at first and Momo enjoyed his time in the band. He’d even thought about going pro with these guys. Momo eventually went out with Mei, as the both of them ended up liking each other after awhile. She was his first girlfriend and he told Akihiko about it, and Momo had been happy about being together with his best friend and girlfriend. But Momo eventually found out that Mei was cheating on him with Akihiko (WTF), who already KNEW Mei and Momo were going out. More than being cheated on, he was more upset about Akihiko betraying him like that. Momo thought that if he was around, Akihiko and Mei couldn’t be happy, so it would be better if he left. This was why he’d left the band eventually – and soon after, his brother had passed away on top of it all.

Momo had gone to see TRUST perform because he was curious, since he’d been in a band with the same name before; who knew it turned out to be the exact same people that betrayed him back then? Even now, Akihiko and Mei were performing under the same band with the same name, and Momo hadn’t known about any of this at all. He’d met Mei after the live, and she even had the balls to ask him to get back together with her, because she’d gotten bored of Akihiko. After that, Momo contacted Akihiko and met with him, telling him about what happened with Mei. Momo recognizes that Akihiko has talent with the guitar, and told him to ditch Mei and concentrate on improving his skills instead. But Akihiko didn’t believe him, and said that Mei would never say such things. Momo was obviously upset that Akihiko would believe his girlfriend over him, his ex-bff — and heck I’M pissed as fuck hearing this too. They got into a fistfight after that and he was reported by the people in the area.

Rio hugs him to comfort him and tells him to believe in them more – the members of Reve are nice people who won’t betray him like that kind of trash. Momo starts to tear up and pushes Rio down onto his bed. He asks if he can really believe what she’s saying, and kisses her. He wants her to show him that he CAN believe her. Rio says it’s okay to let him go further, because she likes him…even if she doesn’t know if this is ‘love’ just yet. What she does know is that she won’t let him be alone anymore, and can sense that Momo is just a person who’s scared of believing in others, but really wants to come to like people. They end up having sex (OKAY SURE) and Momo apologizes to her over and over right afterwards. Rio heads back, and finds herself crying along the way.

The new song is more or less complete soon after, but everyone finds they need Momo to be here, to play the bass for them. The guys burn a CD with the track for him, along with voice messages. Rio brings it to him and leaves it outside his room, telling him that everyone in Reve needs him, that he’s important. She hopes he will listen to it – he does, after she leaves, and ends up wanting to play the bass to fill in what’s lacking. Momo also listens to the messages, with everyone asking him to return – Kuon in his brotherly way, Aki saying he wants to talk to Momo more, Reon chiding him about sulking and saying there can be NO ONE ELSE BUT HIM TO PLAY BASS FOR THEM, HE NEEDS MOMO DAMN IT and Rio asking him to return. Momo ends up crying and realizes that he WANTS to have a place to belong, with them. He’s scared of believing in friends and love again, but he wants to now. \\I cried too because look at this wonderful group interaction//

Reon walks Rio home after practice the next day and asks if anything happened between her and Momo – he can tell something’s up, and he just wants Rio to know that he won’t forgive anyone that hurts her, even Momo. It seems that Rio’s super obvious in general and all three guys have been chewing their fingernails over her behind her back LMFAO. Later…Momo shows up at Kuon’s house. He looks awkward about it, but is welcomed back warmly by the guys. Reon, as usual, chides him about disappearing and says he ain’t cute – Momo snorts, saying there’s no way he could ignore Reon’s ~love call~. Kuon and Aki are really happy too, and it seems like part of their daily life has returned. Momo joins them immediately for practice on their new song, and right after – he bows to all of them. He apologizes for all the trouble he’s caused so far and begs to be let back into Reve Parfait. He wants to play music with them. (LOOK AT THIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!???!?) Reon says he was ALWAYS a member, don’t be a dumbo; Momo looks very surprised. Kuon and Aki likewise welcome him back, and Rio does so as well. I love this scene.

Rio falls sick over the next day and is resting at home. When she wakes, she finds Momo there (how do you people even get into her house??). He was told she was sick by Aki, and he’d declined going because he thought Rio wouldn’t want to see him…then Reon punched him and yelled that he’s the one Rio wants by her side most in this time. Reon you are a freakin’ champion once you get dere LMFAO. Reon is pissed that Momo is running from Rio, and says that he knows what Rio feels because he’s always been watching her since they were young. If Momo doesn’t tell Rio anything now, he’s going to end up regretting it like Reon himself.

So he’s here now to confess to Rio that he likes her – there’s this amazingly long segment because his confession takes FOREVER; he’s apologizing for hurting her and having sex with her before she was ready and he was emotionally confused. He hasn’t liked anyone this seriously before and he really did mean it when he kissed her but he felt terrible about it afterwards. All he’s doing is rambling about his feelings until Rio starts to cry then HE STARTS CRYING TOO LMFAO. He wants to go out with her! And he wants her to look at him because he can’t stop thinking about her either! Rio confesses that she likes him too and they kiss (woot).

Anyway the Christmas Live happens as per usual.

ED1: They end up going out and meet Momo’s ex-bandmates on the street, but Momo ignores them and keeps holding onto Rio. He’s letting go of his past and basically telling Mei to suck it LMFAO. They buy cakes back for Takuto, and Takuto is overjoyed HAHAHA. Rio says Momo is a great brother figure to Takuto and Momo gets all embarrassed over it. They have a Christmas party at Momo’s place and Momo plays his bass for Takuto – it’s one of Reve’s songs, and Rio thinks that Momo’s honestly a boyfriend she can be proud to have (baw).

ED2: After the live, Reon thanks everyone for what they’ve done so far. His talk begins to get long and everyone cheers and starts drinking midway HAHAHA. Tsumugi tells her to head back home ‘alone’ later, and the rest of the guys rush to the empty stage to continue playing music because THEY WANNA PLAY MORE WOOHOO. Afterwards, Momo meets with Rio and they hold hands on the way back to Rio’s place. Momo doesn’t want any of the other guys to know they’re going out just yet LOL. He gives Rio a necklace (CRIES) and says that one day he’ll buy her a ring HAHAHAHHAHA I LAUGHED SO MUCH. He helps her put it on and Rio also passes him her own present, a muffler. The rest of this is just romantic time in the park LMFAO MAN MOMO BEING SO DERE. I’M NOT USED TO THIS.

ED3: Rio rejects Momo when he’s about to sleep with her and he tells her to leave. From that day on, Momo gets into another fight and ends up leaving school and quitting the band. He also seems to have stopped playing music entirely. He’s been gone from home for TWO WEEKS omf, Yuri comforts Rio and tells her to keep smiling and maybe one day Momo will return. Without the bass, Reve’s Christmas Live doesn’t go as well as hoped and their dreams seem to get further away. Still, they don’t disband or give up. Rio blames herself for all this but keeps going to Momo’s place in hopes that he’ll show up eventually. MOMO I WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THIS ENDING.



I’ll just say this first: this is my favorite route in this game for a lot of reasons. Kuon is incredibly nice, but I felt nothing except brotherly affection throughout the route. I also want to emphasize that Aki appears a lot here, is very important, and sometimes I really wondered: exactly whose route am I playing?

So, Kuon likes calling people out to eat because he’s looking after everyone i.e. Reon and him both live alone and he feels it’s lonely, so often calls Reon to eat with him. It’s also for Aki’s sake as well, because Kuon hasn’t been able to leave him alone after what happened in the past. When Aki’s parents divorced, Aki stopped believing in others and was so upset he stopped eating, and Kuon was afraid he’d die if he took his eyes off him. He’s aware that Aki doesn’t want to show Rio his weakness since he’s an older brother figure to her, and Kuon is well-aware of Aki’s bad habit to shoulder a lot on his own as well.

Later on the way back, a girl is waiting in front of his house for him. Kuon looks incredibly sad when he sees her and Rio is surprised. (It’s the same girl that went into his house with him in one of the previous scenes, they seem to be old acquaintances?) Kuon apologizes for not being able to send Rio home, and explains that the girl is his ex-girlfriend. He can’t explain her presence here to Rio just yet.

He teaches Rio how to do makeup and Rio wears it to school. Her friends are super shocked because SHE IS TOTALLY CUTE. Like Kuon said, they agree that Rio would look even better without glasses. Rio intends to go grab some contacts after school and Kuon tags along with her. He takes her glasses from her and lets her hear the sounds of mob characters commenting on how naturally pretty she is. Rio is sad that Reon called her ugly earlier in class, and Kuon has this super funny part where he explains (while imitating Reon) that he just meant something like “Don’t get all pretty when I’m not looking! You’re cute but I won’t accept it! Ugly!!” WHAT IS REON, FIVE?

Over the course of Kuon’s route, Aki has been looking at Kuon and Rio’s lessening distance with a bit of a complicated expression. Even Momo notes that Kuon has been super touchy-feely with Rio lately. A couple of days later, Rio returns to school to grab something she’d forgotten. She catches sight of Kuon kissing some girl in class, and accidentally drops her notebook in shock. Kuon notices her and things get super awkward between them, and he tells her to wait for him outside school because he wants to head back with her (YO). Rio asks him later if that person is his girlfriend, and Kuon can’t really answer. He’s different from his usual bright self. She warns him not to be so wishy-washy about relationships, because even Aki will worry about him.

Rio recalls that Kuon used to go out with someone for a long time back in middle school, and all this only started after they broke up. He admits that since then he’s had no intention of going out with anyone seriously, and apologizes to Rio because he doesn’t want her to ask him any more. He has his own situation he has to deal with. Rio says he doesn’t realize it but he’s also not the type to rely on others when he’s in trouble, isn’t he…and she also gets why Kuon’s so popular. He’s just INCREDIBLY NICE to people in general, though he doesn’t want to settle down either.

Days later, Rio ends up at Kuon’s place because it rained on the way home and his house was nearby so they both ran in first. Rio catches Kuon napping after she exits the shower, and asks if he’s tired. He admits that studying for university entrance exams and band stuff is keeping him really busy, but it’s fun practicing. Besides, his parents have always wanted him to follow in their path to become politicians/lawyers/etc, but he had grown to hate studying for that kind of thing a long time ago. One of his relatives taught him how to play the guitar during that period and he had a lot of fun ;_; Yet the him that his parents will acknowledge isn’t the him that plays the guitar, but the him that will study for his future. AIHHH…this is difficult indeed. Kuon intends to choose Law as his major and though it’s tough, Aki told him that he wanted to go to the same university too, so Kuon has decided to work hard.

Rio falls sick from the rain and Kuon takes her home from school, caring for her and buying her food and medicine. He nags her about it because she can’t be too careful with fevers. He got a cold once and thought he could leave it be, but it escalated into a high fever overnight and he thought he would die because he was alone at home. But Aki was there for him. Aki had called him and got worried because Kuon wasn’t picking up, and came over. He was scolded for not telling him he was sick, but Aki stayed by his side till the next morning without sleeping, looking after him. So, Kuon says Rio can just be selfish at this time and he will listen. She tells him to stay by her side till she sleeps, and he laughs and says he will.

As she falls asleep, Rio realizes she likes Kuon, who is kinder and brighter and more forward-looking than anyone else. But she also knows Kuon said he wouldn’t get serious or lay a hand on her (she’s ‘special’ to him, as a sister-like figure) and so decides to hide her feelings from him too. From Kuon’s POV, it seems he’s starting to like Rio a lot too lately, but he can’t be together with her because he thinks he’ll only hurt her. He too decides to crush his feelings while they’re still budding.

Aki has been acting odd lately, and it’s obvious by this point that he’s been looking a little sad when Rio and Kuon begin to get closer. Kuon always calls out to Rio and is super nice to her during practice, and it’s also obvious that Aki is bothered by something (they actually changed his sprite from happy to sad) when Kuon shows Rio the setlist for the upcoming live first before him. Aki eventually also collapses at practice, after saying he has no appetite to eat. Reon freaks out and grabs ahold of Aki, telling him not to speak as he helps him to the sofa. Kuon passes Aki a bottle of water and Momo brings over a wet towel. It’s so nice to see their interaction because from their exchange, it’s obvious that the members of the band have this bond between them.

Kuon apologizes for not noticing anything earlier, and Aki says it’s not his fault. Reon suspects that Aki hasn’t been eating or sleeping at all lately, and he’s worrying about something. Kuon lets Aki sleep over at his place and he sends Rio home. The two of them talk about Aki, and Kuon wishes Aki would rely on him more. Rio recalls that something similar happened when Aki was in middle school – his parents were always fighting and because he wanted to protect Reon from it, he always put up a strong front and took care of him, and even tried to get his parents to make up. But the stress was too great for him and he collapsed at school, after having not slept or eaten for a few days. Kuon sighs because he’s honestly worried about Aki, and thinks that Aki tends to hold everything in alone too much.

The next day, Aki is better after having rested. But Kuon, who meets with Rio on the roof for lunch, reveals that Aki’s appetite hasn’t really returned either – he hadn’t eaten much that morning, and only drank maybe two sips of the smoothie Kuon made for him. Rio had asked Kuon to try listen to Aki’s problems, but Aki doesn’t seem to want to tell him anything. Kuon laments about not being able to do anything for Aki, even though he wants to help him out. He wonders what Aki considers him to be – even if Rio says Aki thinks of Kuon as important, why can’t he lend Aki any of his strength even in this time? Rio asks if Kuon has received any help from Aki besides that time with the fever and Kuon takes a deep breath. It’s not a pleasant story but he thinks if it’s Rio, it’s okay to tell her.

He fell in love with a popular girl in middle school and went to Aki for advice, and Aki cheered him on so he decided to confess to her. They ended up going out and he fell too deeply in love with this girl, getting jealous if she talked to other guys and wanted to make all of her his. He couldn’t see anything besides her and his love was so pressurizing that to run from it, the girl cheated on him. He found out because he caught the girl in bed with another guy when he went over to her place. He was so angry he almost killed both his girlfriend and the other guy – he beat the man half to death and he almost strangled his girlfriend.

Aki was the one who stopped him. Kuon had an appointment with Aki to hang at his place, and had gone into his girlfriend’s house to return something, leaving Aki to wait outside. When Kuon didn’t come out after some time, Aki had went to check on the situation. While holding Kuon back, Aki had gotten hurt as well – but he didn’t give up and managed to stop Kuon from going too far. But Kuon couldn’t bring himself to break up with his girlfriend. He still liked her even if he hated what she had done. Kuon was attached to the idea that at least his girlfriend was someone that needed him, and couldn’t break free of this line of thought. Kuon gave up even going to school thanks to her, because he wasn’t thinking about anything else besides his relationship, and even thought it’d be okay to die together with her. Aki was the one who came over to his place and HIT HIM ACROSS THE FACE, then hugged Kuon and begged him over and over to break up with his girlfriend as he cried, saying he would break if Kuon left him so PLEASE BREAK UP WITH HER.

Kuon finally came to his senses and realized what he was doing was stupid; he had such an important friend beside him, saying something like that to him – someone like Aki, who was so kind he wouldn’t usually hit people, was hurt so badly to the point he hit Kuon. After that, Kuon went together with Aki to talk to his girlfriend about breaking up, and they ended things. That he was able to break up with her, that he could laugh again, and that he could form the band; everything was thanks to Aki’s presence in his life. That’s why Kuon wants to repay Aki back somehow.

After listening to Rio’s suggestions of what to do, Kuon decides all three of them should head to the amusement park together to have fun and forget about stress. Rio thinks she’d be bothering them, but Kuon waves it off. They head to the amusement park over the weekend. It’s fun, but Aki looks down after everything is over. On the way back, he confesses to the both of them that he’d been worrying over the lyrics to their new song – he wanted to write something different, about falling in love, but everytime he tried it’d always turn into the kind of lyrics he usually writes, about losing love instead. This is because he’s fallen in love with someone he shouldn’t be in love with.

He can’t tell the person, because that person would despise him for it. He would laugh and kill his feelings for that person because he finds it better than having the person hate him. He doesn’t want someone important to him to leave him again. At the same time, when that person is getting along with anyone else, Aki finds himself getting irritated. He calls these feelings of his ugly, and said that even when he tried imagining already being with that person when writing lyrics, all he could think about was his parents fighting. He’d had to watch their slow and gradual breakup for 15 years. They’d fight all the time without caring if Aki or Reon were in their presence or not. His mother had even found another lover and took Reon away from him. After seeing all this, he can’t bring himself to believe in things like “swearing love to each other” because of what happened to his parents, and finds himself unable to write lyrics about love. Aki cries and says that he doesn’t understand if there is meaning in liking someone if all it does is cause him this much pain.

Kuon is a fucking champion. I want to slap people with his words to Aki because YES. He says Aki is a huge idiot – love isn’t just restricted to romantic love. You can love your parents, kids, siblings, and friends. If you consider these people precious, isn’t that feeling called love too? At the very least, Kuon says he and Rio both like Aki and they think of him as very important. Isn’t that love? Can’t you call this love? Aki bites his lips and looks away, and Kuon ACTUALLY WIPES THE TEARS AWAY FROM AKI’S EYELASHES WITH HIS FINGERS and asks him to tell them his feelings. Aki kind of explodes. He says he also likes Kuon! …and Rio too, and Reon, and Momo…everyone is very precious to him. Kuon tells him that then, maybe just a little, Aki understands what ‘love’ is now.

Saying that, Kuon takes Aki’s hand and Rio takes the other. Kuon and Rio assure him that he should just write whatever he wants, and Kuon adds that they’d fix it up for him and turn his feelings into a message to the audience – that’s what a band is for anyway. Aki should keep showing people what he really wants to show, what he wants to do. Kuon says he’ll hold Aki’s hand all the way back and Rio joins in. Kuon also teases Aki about having someone he likes. Aki panics and tells him to forget it, blushing, and Kuon says he wouldn’t~! ‘Sides, there’s no such thing as someone you can’t fall in love with (as long as you don’t turn into a stalker). Be it a married woman, a teacher, or a man, you don’t need a reason to love. Being in love isn’t always fun and joy, it can hurt but all that just becomes the foundation of life experience. Kuon says it’s fine for Aki to be who he is, and live freely. Aki thinks he’s super blessed to have people like Kuon, Rio, and the rest of the band around him, and he’ll try his best at writing the new set of lyrics now.

You know, I thought Aki liked Rio at first but. Rio wouldn’t hate him for liking her, surely? Falling in love with her wouldn’t make him feel THAT bad, surely? The more Aki speaks, the more I’m sure he’s in love with Kuon. They’re pretty much already dad and mom of the band according to their official Twitter accounts anyway.

The next time they gather at Kuon’s house, Aki shows them all the lyrics to their new song – Christmas Carol. Everyone approves, and Aki is super happy. Later, they spot the girl from before around Kuon’s place and Aki’s expression hardens. Rio lets him know that Kuon told her a little about their past, and Aki sounds extremely worried because he doesn’t want Kuon to return to what he was like before. They decide to ask him about his ex-gf the next day. Aki wants to save Kuon because Kuon saved him twice before in the past too (YOU TWO UGH). Once was what happened recently, and the other he’ll keep a secret, because it’s an important memory to him. (This is referring to the short story flashback they were featured in, probably…)

Kuon and Rio meet after school to head to band practice together. Kuon’s ex, Sana, is waiting outside school for him and tells Rio to buzz off, because she’s in her way. Kuon tells Sana to lay off, and he’ll hang with her some other time. Sana leaves after that but Rio notices Kuon looks kind of pale after talking to her. After practice, Sana charges out of nowhere and stickies herself to Kuon, crying that she can’t live without him or something. Momo and Reon are shocked half to hell and Aki gets annoyed, pulling her off him, complimenting her on her crocodile tears. Rio feels a little fearful at how cold Aki sounds. Sana recognizes Aki from before and calls him a nuisance just like how he got in the way of her and Kuon’s relationship, and Aki replies that it’s her that’s getting in the way. All Sana wants to do is hurt Kuon like she did before, right? Sana gets upset that she has to deal with Aki’s words, and Aki replies that she of all people should know why he has to say all this. Sana grabs Kuon and Kuon lets her lead him away, and apologizes to Aki who looks upset about all this. MAN I AM VERY UPSET TOO!!! The remaining four of them go to eat dinner without Kuon, with Aki lying to Reon and Momo that he isn’t angry, though the both of them can more or less guess he’s lying. Everyone looks worried.

The next day, Rio meets Aki to head to school together. She senses that Aki is still angry. They meet up with Kuon along the way and he looks terrible – Aki rushes up to him and slaps him. Aki demands to know if Kuon had really broken up with Sana, and why would they keep meeting up otherwise? Kuon admits that he can’t leave her alone and Aki looks incredibly hurt by this. Him using ‘anna onna’ for Sana means A LOT because Aki is usually very polite, but he’s INCREDIBLY rude about Sana (this is how much he cares for Kuon orz). Aki says all Sana wants is to hurt Kuon, and Kuon defends her. Aki is fed up with Kuon’s behavior and tells him that he can do whatever he wants; he doesn’t want to care anymore.

Rio chooses to chase after Kuon and he takes her to the beach, explaining it’s where he goes when he wants to be alone when he’s feeling down. He’s not used to relying on others because he’s always had to shoulder his older brother responsibilities and answer his parents’ expectations alone. He gets envious of those that can seek others’ help easily. Rio says he can rely on her, and Kuon asks her to lend him her shoulder. He continues talking about his worries with Aki and Sana, and he says that he knows above all else that Aki wouldn’t abandon him UGH. But Sana’s emotionally unstable or something so Kuon can’t bring himself to leave her because he’s afraid of what would happen if he did. Kuon has no attachment left to Sana, but the guilt and responsibility over what he did keeps him attached to her.

Rio confesses that she cares about Kuon because she likes him. He answers that he feels the same but can’t answer her just yet, because he wants to clean up his feelings before everything. He likes her THAT much. Rio trips into him when they get up to head home, and Kuon tells her to forget that he said anything about waiting – he kisses her and they hold hands all the way back. Kuon sends a text to Aki on the way, and they all meet up at the train station. He apologizes to Aki for what happened earlier, and says he’ll end everything with Sana properly now – Aki’s words and actions have woken him up. The two of them fistbump AWWW.

THE NEXT DAY…SANA IS WAITING OUTSIDE SCHOOL FOR RIO. She says her and Kuon have returned to what they were like before and Rio recalls that Kuon hadn’t been at their usual meeting spot that morning. Sana is here to warn Rio to back off because Kuon wouldn’t like an ugly girl like her. Rio decides to ignore the hell out of Sana because she wants to hear it from Kuon himself, and not some stranger like her. Rio excuses herself but Sana grabs her. It hurts, and Rio can’t pull away until Aki steps in and hauls Sana off Rio. Sana screams at Aki to return Kuon to her and Aki says that Kuon doesn’t belong to Sana. Aki warns Sana that if she lays a hand on Rio or Kuon, he’ll hunt her down by any means. In the first place, he’s always found Sana an eyesore – she who keeps taking what belongs to others, hurting them; Aki cannot bring himself to forgive that. She, who hurt something precious to him, more or less deserves to disappear as far as Aki cares. If she won’t leave, he’ll make her do so by force.

Then, Kuon arrives on the scene and asks what’s happening. Sana being a fake bitch cries and hides behind Kuon, saying that Rio hit her LOL. But before Aki can defend Rio, Kuon peels Sana off him and goes to help Rio. He believes Rio would never do such a thing. He apologizes to Sana for smothering her in the past, and says they can’t run circles around each other like this anymore. He wants to end their relationship properly – for the sake of each other’s happiness, they shouldn’t meet anymore. He had told her this last night. Sana says there’s no way someone like Kuon could love anyone besides her because all he does is to push his feelings onto other people. Kuon replies that he understands that he might not be able to love Rio properly and may make her cry, but he wants to try loving Rio anyway, in his own way. And he also wants to keep Aki, Reon, and Momo by his side – laughing and crying with them, they’ve taught him that this is where he belongs. He still cares about Sana but doesn’t love her anymore, and hopes that she can find someone she can like again other than himself. Sana gets upset and leaves. Aki pats Kuon for having done well and tells him to take a break from band practice today. :’)

They head to Kuon’s place where the two of them confirm their feelings for each other. Kuon lets Rio know more about his stuff with Sana, that Sana would self-harm to keep him from leaving her omfg and would keep making selfish requests of him. After Sana, Kuon grew afraid of falling in love again, and didn’t want to get in too deep ever again. But he couldn’t help liking Rio anyway, and he was afraid that he’d make her turn out like Sana. Rio reassures him that she won’t break so easily, and she isn’t afraid to be with Kuon.

ED1: After the Christmas Live, Kuon and Rio let everyone know they’re going out HAHAHA. Momo and Reon tease her about Kuon’s ~technique~ and Aki says he’ll punch Kuon for Rio if he makes her cry. Poor Kuon. But he’s enjoying showing off how riajuu he is so it’s ok www everyone bullies him about it anyway HAHAHA KUON’s SADFACE OVER THEM IS SO CUTE.

ED2: Reon, Momo and Aki go off for dinner together to let Kuon and Rio have their private time. Kuon is all 😀 about it and Reon and Momo agree that they kinda want to punch his face LOL. In school, Kanako and Ayu are surprised that Kuon and Rio haven’t done it yet though they’ve been going out for awhile LOL. Kuon has also stopped seeing other girls entirely. Rio gets nervous about all this stuff when she’s alone with Kuon in his house later. She follows their advice and literally shoves him down and Kuon is like “!?!?” Rio tells him about what happened and Kuon pretty much just dies LMFAO. He doesn’t wanna do it with her carelessly because he finds it a waste!!! He wants Rio to do it at her own pace, and only when she feels ready. All he does is kiss her for the time being (LOL).

ED3: Rio believes Sana’s words when she tells her to scram from Kuon because Sana and Kuon are back together. Rio is more or less bullied into quitting as Reve’s manager. Aki asks her about it and Rio fibs that it’s just because her studies have gotten busier. In truth, she’s just afraid and unable to face Kuon. Kuon also approaches her and Rio avoids him, saying that Sana didn’t say anything to her at all (OI). On the day of their graduation, Aki comes over to Rio’s place and passes her a guitar pick, which he says is a gift to commemorate his graduation from Kuon. He asks if Rio will ever return to the band and Rio says she wouldn’t, anyway it was her that mistook Kuon’s kindness as really liking her. Rio looks at the pick and cries, because she’s made her decision and won’t be able to hear Kuon’s guitar ever again.


Rio is a saint. Why is she so Good, can science explain me this. I liked Reon/Rio in almost every route that wasn’t actually Reon’s route. He seemed a lot more honest about his feelings only when he couldn’t possibly end up with Rio? His attitude towards the band VS towards her is also pretty different, and I guess it makes sense considering their past together. It’s a little weird to see him so hot and cold as a result, though. Troublesome kid is troublesome but I don’t hate it.

Momo was fun. I was clutching my head throughout his route at how cute he was being. He’s got his frustrating moments too, but I was really glad he opened up to everyone eventually. Momo really likes being with Reve and when he warms up to the other guys, their group interaction gets so much more lively! I like him and Reon fighting, it’s cute. He’s also a good kid that listens to Aki, but is a little more harsh on Kuon because Kuon is an idiot. I could understand his problems and feelings because friends being shit to you over relationships happens a lot, I think. People should treasure not only their romances, but also their friends. Friends are important.

I went in thinking I’d like Kuon most, and indeed I still like him most; he’s a good older brother and HE’S WAY TOO NICE. I wanted to throw the PC away and cry halfway through the game about how nice he was. He’s so kind it makes me feel very stressed. I liked that he stood up for Momo, and I liked how he has this very “love is love, and there are many kinds of love” attitude. Love =/= solely romantic!

Rio is – sadly – practically air in Kuon’s route because 80% of what Kuon talks about is either 1) the band 2) Aki. Everything in his route is him and Aki, not that I mind, because I really like the both of them interacting together. Aki is obviously someone Kuon thinks about a lot (as an important friend AT LEAST) and Aki likewise has…a lot of feelings for Kuon. I liked their relationship and it was super obvious how close they were. All Rio did was stand aside and watch over them as they worked out their issues. Playing as Rio was such a downer sometimes in Kuon’s case, because I felt like an extra getting in the way of people with a deeper and closer bond than Rio has with Kuon LMFAO. just give Kuon to Aki or something let them be happy pls

I find that everyone does change when they end up getting into a relationship with Rio. I don’t know if I like that or not, of if I’d call it character development because I find that the same kind of development can come out of more group interaction anyways!? Honeybee is AWESOME with character interaction and I found the guys’ chemistry with each other to often have more spark than with Rio (romance-wise). When Rio was simply their friend, things felt more enjoyable for me. Rio was wonderful in those scenes! Either way, I liked how strong the bond between the group is, and how there’s a lot of scenarios to show that! This needs to happen more in otome games.

That said, I didn’t like that the back half of the romance routes made me feel super uncomfortable, but that might be because I enjoyed the common route a lot. I prefer that kind of interaction compared to one-on-one romance, which I found limiting for some characters’ personalities. The occasional dub-con (okay, twice) also made me stop and stare because it was VERY sudden and kind of awkwardly shoved in. Also, while Rio isn’t bullied as badly as the main girl from Amnesia, it’s still very “hahaha you girls are so…” to watch. Whatever, she’s the one getting laid tbh. I want a fandisk for Kuon and Aki, I don’t even need an Aki route by this point. I also liked Rio with Narumi most LMFAO, what’s up with this game.

I’ll be heading off to play the Liar-S one after this~! I heard some things about Seri (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) so I’m really curious. My favorite character from Liar-S is Haruna (CV: Saito Soma), the onee, who won’t be aimable (CRIES). I will swallow this sad reality and see what happens ww

Check out my reviews for the other games! Here’s Liar-S and here’s KYOHSO.


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  1. MartyAndLouiePP says:

    Thank you for this, I’m just getting into Honeybee and this seems like a good place to start! This game also gives me big Star Project vibes, which the English version sadly shut down a while ago but I now have this! :3

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