Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S

Yo, I’m back with Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S this time, the second game in Honeybee’s musical trilogy. Band activities are fun, live the K-ON! dream. Though okay, playtime’s over once you make it big in the music industry, something that becomes painfully clear with Liar-S. As usual, spoilers + rough summaries, not as detailed as what I did for Reve Parfait but I ended up writing a lot anyway (cry).


Heroine Futami Nina is a sheltered princess who’s terrified of guys and is in general kind of like a small mouse. She gets better. Nina receives a call one day after she was dragged to a band’s live by her great friend Amamiya Shio. Shio is one of the two characters in this game whom are sincere and nice from start to finish. Anyway, the band, S-leeper (Liar-S’ previous name) touched Nina’s heart and she was introduced to rock music.

The call she gets? It’s from Seri (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) who’s from a rich family that Nina’s parents are involved with because wow rich people. They met a long time ago at a party but Nina deleted his number because she was terrified of him LOL. Seri asks to meet up with her and Nina agrees, and she meets the other band members: vocalist Sakura (CV: Terashima Takuma), guitarist and composer Chiya (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) and then-bassist Shinya (CV: Kawanishi Kengo). Seri’s on the drums. They’re celebrating their success at the live and bumming with snacks at a playground. Everyone’s still in the bright and happy phase of their lives. Nina catches up with Seri and ends up worrying about her own future while watching them chase theirs – she’s about to be sent overseas for 2 years and is scared of leaving her life in Japan.

Sakura, who notices her worrying, listens to Nina’s problems. He leaves her with these words: grab ahold of the chances given to you. Being unsure of what you want is fine; no one has to decide their future so hurriedly. Use your chances to find out what you want to do, and when you find a dream to chase, you can become stronger.

Since then, Nina has always found support in S-leeper’s music and Sakura’s words. Two years pass, and she wonders what happened to them when she returns to Japan. Well, she gets a shock when she hears Sakura’s voice over the speakers in town, and sees familiar faces on billboards: S-leeper has been reformed as Liar-S after Shinya left the band, and have made it big with their major debut single. Even more shocking is how every one of the current members (with the exception of Chiya, who’s in a specialized music school) is commuting to Nina’s university.

At university, she meets Haruna (CV: Saito Soma), Liar-S’ current bassist, who is THE BEST, THE CUTEST, THE PRETTIEST, THE KINDEST, AND ALSO ONE OF THE FEW 100% ANGELS IN THIS GAME. The kind big sister role that supports and comforts poor Nina through the game will go to him. They’re both in the same foreign languages major, and hang out a lot after Nina asks Haru how Seri and gang are doing. Through Haru, Nina manages to reconnect with Seri. Nina eventually also gets to see Liar-S live thanks to Shio passing her tickets (ANGEL), but is taken aback by their performance. They sound empty but all the fans are still shrieking about how hot the members are anyway. IDK about the general public but like, if I had to deal with fans like that while at a concert I would get really angry because are you guys here to see their faces or listen to their music!?

Nina, still bothered by the unsatisfactory concert, is contacted by Seri who asks her about her opinions on them. She feels bad about saying it but tells it to his face that something is UP. Seri ain’t even mad, in fact he’s all THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Because this has been happening for awhile, and something needs to change. Nina is eventually asked by Seri to become their ‘pal’ and help the band revive itself because they’ve fallen into a rut and can’t get out.

This is Liar-S now, a group of friends who have become disjointed over problems in their shared dream. I was so disappointed in them when I learnt this because I had wanted to believe in the relationships between the characters, but I realized – this isn’t Reve Parfait. Liar-S’ notably different and ‘colder’ feel was all for the sake of emphasizing how distant everyone had become. Seri and Haru are terribly worried for Chiya and Sakura who have been ignoring each other, but nothing Seri can say will get through to them. Haru admits later to Nina that while he wants to help, as a member who joined halfway he also is not able to reach out to the parts of them that they’ve kept purposely hidden.

FOR HARU’S SAKE I’M SURE I WOULD HAVE SAID “OK LET ME HELP” IF I WERE IN NINA’S SHOES!!! Because he’s nice and a good man and didn’t forcibly drag Nina into their problems like Seri, who sort of kept insisting that Nina should become one of them. Seri’s very subtle, but his actions (e.g. purposely withholding information, dumping Nina into situations without warning) are suspicious 😦

Like, Seri got Nina to agree to help, but didn’t inform anyone else about it, and instead just suddenly announced it when everyone gathered at his place!? Sakura, whom is more or less staying with Seri and sleeping in his bed at this point, can’t believe this nonsense. Likewise, Chiya gets really angry and insults Nina for being a nosy amateur. Haru, too, is shocked at first…before getting concerned that Seri is recklessly pushing their problems onto Nina. However, Nina just wants to hear the music that touched her heart 2 years ago once more, and agrees to help. Even if Sakura and Chiya are cold to her WHICH THEY ARE. VERY MUCH.

First things first while I believed Sakura and Chiya were good people under their harsh words, the amount of verbal abuse hurled at Nina is incredible LOL. How much does she have to bear before she snaps!? Seri also continues to try and rope her into situations with Chiya and Sakura to get them to open up to her, but it doesn’t quite work out. Chiya insults Nina when she bumps into him in front of his school (staged by Seri), Sakura grunts and tells Nina she’s noisy when she catches him with stray cats (also staged by Seri), etc. Why are Sakura and Chiya ignoring each other? Why have problems between the composer VS vocalist brought down the band?

When asked, Seri explains while sounding a little resigned that Liar-S’ worth has become measured solely by their looks and their hit single. Much like one-hit wonders, he’s worried they’ll fade out because their band is still trending via the momentum of their sell-out single and their good looks. No one is looking at their past work, or their newer works. Everything featured is to do with their faces or that one song. Seri makes a guess that this sheer lack of acknowledgement of their music in favor of their faces is what began all their problems. Sakura, who lost the will to sing or practice. Chiya, whose music will not be listened to. Sakura cannot sing the way Chiya desires as he is right now, nor can Chiya write as freely as he desires because you can’t just do whatever you want when you’ve gone pro.

Liar-S constantly reminded me that this is the shape of the industry and it made me a little sad. As a result, the band drifted in different directions though they all stood on the same stage. And now it’s Nina’s turn to try to help them regain their fire, as the one girl who can see through their half-assed performance and truly wishes for their music to return from the bottom of her heart.


– Sakura’s Story

Dude comes off first as rude and bad-tempered and quiet, but you find out that he’s still pretty rude (initially) but can talk normally. The reason for Sakura’s endless grouch isn’t obvious at first and you may think he’s just bullying the heroine by pushing her down, or telling her she’s a noisy nuisance. And yeah, he is. He’s doing it on purpose to get her to leave him alone, because he’s tired of hearing others’ expectations of his music.

See, he’s like a lost cat for the most part that won’t warm up to people, but Nina’s insistent chasing (aided by Seri) got to him. Sakura hates going back to his own apartment because he’s lonely there, but is forced to return when Seri kicks him out of his house. Seri encourages Nina to get close to Sakura via his stomach and Nina ends up barging into Sakura’s place to cook him dinner multiple times LMFAO. Sakura doesn’t seem pleased by her intrusion but eats her food anyway, the leech.

Haru explains to Nina later that Sakura doesn’t like being alone in his home because he loved his family that used to live there with him. His mother passed away early, his older sister married and moved out, and his father passed away just recently as well. Ouch. Being in the house only has sad memories now, and Sakura would bum at Seri’s a lot. He’s like a ronery wild cat that hisses at people and tries to chase them away, but is incredibly warm and relies on those he’s close to, including Seri (and also Shino from KYOHSO). It also helps that Sakura gathers wild cats and takes care of them a lot LMFAO

Nina’s constant presence at his place results in Sakura getting used to her, and he even gives her his number LOL. As the route progresses we see him get closer to Nina and even begin to casually talk to her, tease her, laugh in front of her, and even go to school just to see her and actively ask her to come to his place again. It’s nice to see and realize that Sakura isn’t the cold person he seemed at first; he’s really just a nice guy with heavy problems. Though his methods aren’t fantastic, like…dub-con sex in his route appears early because he got very upset at Nina making him confront his flaws and the band’s current situation. And Nina allowed him to sleep with her as a form of soothing his feel…ings….I just didn’t know what was happening ok what is your logic.

Anyway, there’s also this female artist called MERI who’s like bugging Sakura at his place but he doesn’t let her enter. Chiya apparently took up the offer to write a song for her, though he’s supposed to be Liar-S’ composer. Nina hears of this via Seri and is shocked, and is told to pass the news to Sakura. She meets him in front of his apartment after she falls asleep in front of it waiting for him to return LMFAO. Sakura was already informed by Chiya himself and says Chiya can do whatever he wants because Liar-S is going to end because of Sakura, and all Sakura is doing is waiting for that moment.

Nina confronts him about his feelings of loneliness and fear that she’s picked up on while with him. Sakura is aware that he’s scared of standing on stage because he cannot meet people’s expectations of him anymore. Because of the constant shrieking over only his face, he’s been upset that fans and management alike have rejected his past with S-leeper or all future music he’s sung as part of Liar-S. Amidst this he hadn’t wanted to give up and tried to convey his feelings though song, but busted his throat during a live. However, the response from the crowd was still the same as always and he’d lost faith in having his music truly recognized. It was also during this live that his father collapsed and passed away, and the shock of being truly alone hurt Sakura very badly. He’s forgotten how to sing like he did once before, and he wants to stop and run away because he’s tired.

Nina lets him run. She takes him to the beach via a random train and while chilling out there, Sakura sings something for Nina because she said she wanted to hear his voice. Nina begins to cry because she is painfully aware of her love for Sakura and her love for his singing, and Sakura comforts her in a hurry. They end up staying at a love hotel overnight (LOL) where he admits to her that he just might feel like singing again; Nina’s feelings have gotten through to him and he fully recognizes her presence in his life and with the band. She got him to remember again the simple feeling of “wanting to sing” just by being around him.

The next day, Seri calls Nina and arrives with the rest of the band to pick her and Sakura up. They chillax by the beach and Sakura asks Chiya to compose a new track for him. His fire is back and Chiya is SHOCKED because Sakura has taken the initiative to push everyone out of the ditch they’ve fallen into. Chiya also scolds Sakura for not listening to him about the MERI thing because he’d wanted to write for her to better himself for the sake of their band, and to figure out what direction to head in, but Sakura had cut off the line before Chiya could explain LMFAO. Likewise, Haru and Seri are celebrating because LIAR-S IS BACK and they all begin preparation on a new song for the upcoming Summer Rock Festival.

Practice goes well too because Sakura’s singing has returned to its true form and everyone else is taken aback. This is what they’ve wanted to hear all this time, and Sakura relearns what it means to enjoy performing while practicing with them. The fes turns out to be a success because the fans and the random guys in the crowd finally understand that Liar-S is more than just their one famous song, but a powerful band with their own charm. The members are all very fulfilled by what they pulled off and promise to keep heading forward, together. After the fes, Sakura and Nina both confess to each other (aaaay) and thus begins their life as lovers.


– Chiya’s Story

Actual angel character with the most healing route of the three. Chiya is the sharp-tongued guitarist and composer of Liar-S with a sharp tongue and initially seems to detest Nina’s presence. Turns out he’s just terrible with people and incredibly easy to read later on…and also very dishonest about his PURE FEELINGS.

Chiya eventually gives in when Nina tries to go after him (by baking him dog-shaped biscuits on a tip from Seri) and allows her to at least have his phone number for the sake of a Sunday date. Haru gets all excited and sets out to coordinate Nina’s outfit to stun Chiya into silence. Chiya is actually stunned into silence. GJ Haru. Nina wants to get to know Chiya more and asks him to take her to the places he usually hangs out at. He brings her to the planetarium and ends up talking excitedly about the music scores that accompany the displays, and Nina is all n___n because CHIYA IS SUPER CUTE WHEN EXCITED. He also got nervous sitting beside her because the seats were close together LOL.

All in all it’s a fun day and Chiya is terribly nice in general. He’s a good kid I’m sorry I judged you at first. By the end of the day, Nina manages to ask him to talk about Sakura and Chiya reveals that he’s just frustrated that Sakura has stopped singing seriously and wouldn’t face Chiya’s music 100%. As someone who’d joined the band thinking it was a one-time thing, Chiya had been captivated by Sakura’s voice and had wanted to push him to greater heights with his compositions. It’s easy to understand why Chiya is so angry at Sakura because THE PERSON YOU ADMIRED AND WORKED HARD FOR IS JUST SHORTCHANGING HIMSELF NOW.

Nina wants to help Chiya somehow and they begin to talk and get closer, she even showed him around school. She begins to think about how she wants to protect his smile and how she can make him happy and all that stuff. One day, Nina bumps into MERI backstage during the recording of a music program with Liar-S. Chiya comes looking for Nina and MERI jumps him, asking him to compose a song for her LOL. Chiya is hesitant until MERI whispers something to him and he accepts.

After that, Chiya becomes busy with his work for MERI. Nina heads to his house to check whether he’s collapsed as he hasn’t replied any of her messages over the past few days. Chiya is alive, thankfully, and Nina begins to make food for him AHAHA. Chiya asks her opinion over his new pieces for MERI, and reveals that MERI had told him that she’s aware about Sakura not giving it his all and had wanted Chiya to switch over to composing for her. Chiya honestly isn’t sure about his own future with Liar-S at this point. Nina tells him that his music so far doesn’t sound very MERI-like because it’s all shaped in Sakura’s image, and gives him her opinions on what kind of feel he should aim for. Chiya thanks her and is able to change the feel of the song quickly and perfect it over the course of recording later.

Chiya admits he was scared that he couldn’t create what the pros wanted from him, but Nina being around really helped calm him down. Nina’s feelings for Chiya strengthen and she is determined to hunt down Sakura again, though she’s still scared of him.

Nina chases Sakura down in school to beg him to face Chiya seriously. Sakura clues in on her feelings for Chiya and makes Nina realize them as well by asking her if she’d fallen for Chiya. Nina realizes this is why she is so desperate; she wants to see Chiya happy ;_; As it happens, Chiya has a ‘secret’ that he’s working on that he can’t tell Nina. Nina cheers him on anyway. Turns out that he’d composed a new song for the band in secret, for the sake of the Summer fes. Chiya reveals this shocking news to the band at practice and dumps the score on Sakura, bowing and pleading very passionately for Sakura to listen and sing seriously for this piece.

Sakura gives the demo a go and EVERYTHING ENDS WELL because he’d finally given in to Chiya and Nina’s passionate pleading. He’d decided to believe in music again and the band gets straight to practice for the song (of course Haru and Seri are all \o/!!!! that Sakura is actively participating again). Chiya is shocked and delighted hehe congrats. After one of the later practices, Chiya takes Nina aside to the park and confesses to her ;_; he’s so nice and proper I am taken aback after all the dramu in this game. Nina likewise answers his feelings with hers and they become lovers. The Summer fes segment happens as usual (the same events as in Sakura’s route) and Liar-S revives.


– Seri’s Story

THE WRITING IN THIS ROUTE IS SO TERRIBLE. EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Seri is the caring and capable leader, good older-bro mentor figure in every other route except his own, where he’s nothing but a lying, scheming, cowardly piece of shit. But he still cares a lot about the band and his attitude towards them is totally different VS his attitude towards Nina. The way he acts to her is so disgusting that I just REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK.

So, Seri pushes Nina towards Sakura in hopes of getting Sakura to open up to her, etc. and while cheering for Sakura, she got him to open up a little and he had tried to sing seriously on stage once, but fucked up because he lacked practice. Hey it’s a start, but Sakura just felt really crap about it and left right after. Nina chased after him and ended up seeing Seri snogging some girl backstage LOL

TL;DR Sakura doesn’t want to deal with Nina’s constant pestering so forcibly kisses her in order to scare her off. However, Nina doesn’t give up just like what she did in Sakura’s own route. She tells Seri about what happened and Seri laughs and…kisses her too LMFAO.

This is when we discover that Seri is a piece of shit that only asked Nina to join in on their problems because he wanted to bully her and make her cry. He’d been hoping to see her be rejected by Sakura but Nina hadn’t given up, and for some reason Seri insists that Nina must like Sakura or something. Nina tries to protest but Seri more or less seduces and rapes her in his house and I’m just here like 1) bruh I want to boil you alive 2) why didn’t Nina protest more than maybe 3 lines about this??? Are you seriously okay with this!?

Nina also begins to be stalked and harassed by ‘Sakura’s fans’ who send threats to her house and do things like throw flowerpots at her. My only reaction was “I bet you it’s all Seri’s fault tbh” and like, I was right but we only find that out later. For now, he bluffs that he has nothing to do with the bullying and offers to help Nina if she sleeps with him one time for each time he helps her. Ok Seri maybe you can go fall down the stairs and break something. Anyway. The harassment escalates and Seri more or less convinces Nina to let him into her house while he talks to her parents about it. Writing this makes me want to tear out my hair in frustration because I hate what is happening and Nina is just NOT DOING ANYTHING. I can’t believe this girl just lets herself be pulled around so easily all the freakin’ time.

Seri bullshits her parents that they’re going out and they trust him, and he convinces them to let Nina stay at his place to evade the harassment. So Nina goes to his place and gets non-conned again. Fantastic. The next day her phone is taken from her and she’s left alone in his house and…she chooses not to run but to go to school lmfao. On the way back (she’s heading back to Seri’s place even) Nina is pushed onto the roads and saved by Chiya from nearly dying. Seri has spies around somewhere and knows Nina went outside and tells her to behave and stay in lmfao. Someday later Sakura calls Nina out to talk to her about the harassment issue and she says the same stuff she says to him on his route, about how she feels towards his voice, and Sakura talks to her about his problems. Just then, Seri calls Nina and comes to find her (jealous much) and drags her back forcibly.

Anyway back at Seri’s place Nina is locked up in there for the next few days? Weeks? While they have sex every night (facepalms) And she has never tried to break out or run away even once (facepalms) What the heck is this route tbh bad hentai manga? Conclusion: by this point Nina has already been mindbroken by Seri.

Nothing else happens beyond this point except bad hentai manga and Seri admitting he’s given up on Liar-S. He used to have a dream but ever since Sakura gave up, Chiya gave up on Sakura, and everything kind of went down the drain. At an event live later on, Seri takes Nina out of the house at last and she gets to see the other band members. She hasn’t left Seri’s place in weeks or something. Sakura notices something is wrong with her but NINA DOESN’T ASK HIM FOR HELP EVEN WHEN HE ASKS ABOUT IT!!! WHY!!?????

Liar-S is predictably terribad and Nina goes to find Seri because he isn’t anywhere to be seen after the concert. She walks out and sees the girl he’d been kissing awhile ago and the girl reveals that Seri hates Nina. He’d asked her to harass Nina and send her all those threats and stuff. At first there had really been angry fans after Nina (due to a photo of her and Sakura together posted up on an RSS feed). But I bet this woman was the one who posted it after stalking Nina on Seri’s behalf LMFAO. In summary, Seri is the route of all evil and shouldn’t be forgiven in his own route. He even appears out of nowhere to gloat about Nina’s stupidity and starts to feel up the girl in front of her when Nina yells that he shouldn’t be touching any other girl besides her. Seri then dumps the bitch aside and hauls Nina to a nearby hotel where he almost beds her again except Nina grows a magical spine and accuses Seri of being a coward.

She thinks Seri is just unusually fixated on her (you don’t say) and wants to know the reason. He just seems really scared of actually facing his own band members and she wants to know why as well. Seri reveals that when they’d met a long time ago at a party between their families, he had wanted to hit on Nina since she was his type. During their chat she’d told him that she had wanted to pursue a path outside of what her parents had set down for her, and envied the other kids that could live their lives freely because her family was strict. Seri, who was the third son with no expectations laid on him, had been moved by Nina’s words – here she was trying so hard to grasp her own future but he’s just rotting away. It was then that he turned to music and dreamt of making it big with S-leeper. The band was essentially formed thanks to Nina giving Seri motivation.

However, Seri is aware that their major debut as Liar-S was due to the record label wanting to suck up to his parents’ money and power. He’d kept that from the other members and everyone continued to believe that they could get their name out to the world now. Sadly, the whole thing with Sakura happened and Liar-S is now nothing more than a trendy band who can only sell based on looks and their hit single. Seri had been scared because his dream was falling apart in front of him and everything he cared about was going to shit – then Nina appeared again and he turned his hatred and frustration to harassing her and tearing her apart. Nina accepts all of Seri’s bullshit and tells him that she wants to hear Liar-S’ music again and believes that he is the one who loves the band the most; Seri is a coward and a liar but she wants to hear him and everyone just like they were back then, two years ago.

The next day Nina wakes up alone because Seri has left. He’s gone to the live house to find Sakura and they’re having an impressive brawl inside. This is maybe my favorite scene in the whole game?? Nina’s presence is truthfully totally unnecessary here; Seri is the one yelling at Sakura and telling him that he’s tired of lying to everyone and to himself. He truthfully hates how Liar-S is right now and wants things to change. He’d thought of not blaming Sakura and letting him get his motivation back on his own, but that was just running away from responsibility and running away from Sakura’s problems. Seri had guessed why Sakura had been hurt so badly but had not confronted him about it; and recognizes that he’d failed as a leader in that aspect. But now, he wants to end all these lies they’ve created. Seri begs Sakura to be honest with him, just as how Seri is finally letting Sakura listen to his true feelings.

Sakura wavers and starts to break down as he admits his fears and uncertainties over his singing and Liar-S’ future. He’s aware how much Seri cares about the band and he admits that he had wanted to run from the band, to run from music after realizing that nothing about Liar-S would be recognized outside of their one hit single. Sakura more or less summarizes his problems from his own route here, and Chiya and Haru (who’d been called to the place by Seri) are shocked and grateful that Sakura is finally letting them know what he’d been thinking all this time. The two of them join in and support Sakura, saying that they’d keep trying and Liar-S has much more to show beyond just that one song. Seri likewise thanks Sakura for telling them his true feelings, and pats his head, apologizing for not being honest with him sooner as well. Sakura is like “smh” at all of them but he’s happy ;_;

After Seri and Sakura’s passionate confrontation, Liar-S’ motivation is back. Sakura wants to sing for the band once more, and Seri asks their management to let them write a new song (for the Summer Festival). He wants to break down people’s image of the band and to show them all what Liar-S can do. …I’m so confused LOL why is Seri such an upstanding and fantastic leader character only when he doesn’t have to deal with Nina? Nina should just stay in Chiya’s route forever or something.

Seri also apologizes later for what he did to Nina and ‘sets her free’ but she’s more or less become his by now so she won’t let go of him…and all that…and they end up kissing while she demands that he never leave her. Okay sure. Just think of Seri/Nina as mindbreak hentai. Everything makes so much sense when you just give up trying to brain the logic behind this ‘romance’. Nina never once says she likes Seri either (unlike the confessions in Sakura/Chiya’s routes), she just says she can’t live without Seri and the only girl that can stand his bullshit is her. Well I can’t deny that LOL



I think my comments more or less already reflect what I think, but a summary would be:

– I love Sakura when he’s with the other members, also when he gets close to people it’s just?? Aww. He’s pretty high-tension on his official Twitter account as well (he always spams cute/weird emotes) and I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THAT TENSION AND FONDNESS FOR OTHERS IN HIS ROUTE.

– Chiya is AN ANGEL who starts off rude but IS AN ANGEL. HIS ROUTE IS JUST SWEET AND WARM AND MORE SWEET. He’s a really good boy oh my god I’m sorry I thought you were a jerk. It’s just bad first impressions.

– Seri confuses me so much. I think it’s done on purpose but he’s like specially a fucking piece of dirt to Nina?? Who did you piss off to get this kind of writing!? Seri is honestly BRILLIANT with the other members of his band and I do believe he loves them all; THE SAKURA TRUSTS HIM FOR A REASON. But what he does to Nina is so contrary to how warm he is to the band?? fuck this guy tbh

– Haru is such LOVELY SUPPORT TO NINA I felt myself being comforted by his presence when everyone else was being mean/cold to Nina. Haru encourages her when no one else can and I think Haru in general is awesome. He tries to help Liar-S while being the ‘new’ member and never gives up ;_; Haru ilu

– Nina…is okay in every route except Seri’s. But Seri’s route in general is just lol, what a minefield (except for the confrontation scene). Nina annoyed me a lot because she’s really the “pure, naive princess” archetype and I cannot STAND characters like that but I did like how she kept pushing for her goals in Sakura’s route and her ceaseless support for Chiya. She’s just really freaking dumb for Seri but Seri’s whole route can go disappear for all I care tbh

Conclusion: With the exception of Seri’s entire route I did enjoy this game quite a bit. I didn’t like Liar-S at all as a group before playing. Now I have revised my opinion of them. Their bond is something that begins anew after the game ends…I wish there had been as much group interaction as Reve Parfait had but that’s fine. I enjoyed Reve more though AHAHA. Also, I heard good things about Kyohso’s game so I’m excited for that too. Honeybee Black wtf are you doing to my life

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10 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S

  1. よいかぜ そら says:

    I have read your reviews regarding the dynamic chord vol. 1 and 2… and all I can say i pretty good and detailed.

    and yea, same sentiments over Seri… as if why in the heck they made this guy obtainable and not Haru… :v when you will play the volume 3?

    The Kyohso is bit good and a bit tad tear jerky but I’m very pleased to read some reviews from you soon…

    Thank you and good luck~

    • Nerrin says:

      Thank you for your kind words!!! 😀

      I was so disappointed over Seri because on one hand he REALLY cares about the band, but…is such a huge douche to Nina, and does SO MANY TERRIBLE THINGS. I can’t look at him the same way now…

      I’ve actually finished Kyohso! I’m cleaning up my textwall on it now, and I can only say I REALLY ENJOYED YORITO…Tokiharu and Yuu’s routes were also good and their pasts made me really sad 😦

      • よいかぜ そら says:

        You’re always welcome… ❤

        me too…actually everytime I see him urgghhh~ i do not know I'm pissed haha his actions in his story really marked in my memory haha

        Yay~ can't wait for your reactions over that game hehe… actually I enjoy Yorito's route too though I feel so sad in his ending 3…. seeing him like that seems painful OTL

        Yuu's route is also good… my hunch over Crovv and him revealed in his story… though I least like Tokiharu's OTL

        • Nerrin says:

          Right, Seri, why did you go and make our lives so complicated LOL

          I’m editing my post for KYOHSO right now! It’ll be up in abit so stay tuned! Yorito’s bad end is the last thing I wanted to see for him, this game has some seriously sad bad ends in general 😦

          Yuu’s route was so dramatic…but he was also super nice at the end :’) Tokiharu’s is also my least fav route tbh, mostly because the pacing is so strange omg

  2. aika chan says:

    hey thanks a lot the review is so detailed and when will you post feat kyohso?no need to rush it though.by the way how much did you study japanese?i already played the first game and i didnt have any problem undrestanding but can you give me some tips?how did you study?

    • Nerrin says:

      KYOHSO’s post is up!

      I self-studied Japanese for the most part tbh but things like basic grammar were taught in school, I took classes as part of my major (not many, but enough to get the tenses/foundation down). The thing with languages is that if you see a use for it in your life, practice and surround yourself with media (books, games, dramas, music) of the language and get used to hearing it around you. It helps me grasp new words and phrases. Vocab is also another thing you slowly pick up over time when you encounter new words. Language is a feeling that can’t be learnt through technicalities like verbs/adjectives/etc so a lot of it will be hands-on learning!

      Good luck in your studies!

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