Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO


And thus we have arrived at the final game of the Dynamic Chord series feat. KYOHSO. Mentioned in passing throughout the previous two games, KYOHSO is an indies band that went pro five years prior and have been in the scene for a good ten years in total. Incredibly popular with a wide audience, they’re kinda like the Green Day/Linkin Park of the DynaChord universe.

In this game, you play as aspiring manager Konoha who gets assigned to this bunch of problematic adults. And boy are they problematic.

A quick member introduction!

We have Yorito (CV: Morikubo Showtaro) on vocals, the free-styling, carefree loudmouth who seems like the band’s leader but isn’t. I was surprised because he’s the one doing most of the shit and moving people along LMFAO. He’s loose and easy and is always found with some girl or another after work, and tends to open his front door shirtless. Konoha shrieked the first time it happened.

Next is Tokiharu (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke), the pretty old man who’s the ACTUAL band leader. Observing everyone with a calm demeanour, Tokiharu is kind but places distance between himself and people. He’s got charm and he knows it, and is skilled with socializing. That doesn’t mean he has any actual people skills. Not to mention, he’s hideously popular with women and tends to say OK to anyone who wants to bed him. Okay.

Then there’s Yuu (CV: Ishikawa Kaito), who talks like some hardcore metal guy with a serious problem. And he is a hardcore metal fella with a serious problem. His room has plants and books everywhere and looks like something out of a fantasy RPG, highlighting his pretty eccentric tastes. Cold and brusque, it’s like he couldn’t care less about others until he goes and does really sweet things for them anyway. Also, he has a pet owl named Vivi and sleeps with people for money.

Lastly we have Shino (CV: Yashiro Taku), the oldest member of KYOHSO and the only one with a proper, healthy lifestyle. Not only is he a family man who can cook, he’s pretty much engaged to his longtime girlfriend Aya, whom he’s currently living with. LOOK AT THIS MAN HE IS AN ISLAND. He’s the one guy who’s warm and helpful to Konoha from the start, and is always telling her to let him listen if she has a problem dealing with the other guys.


Yorito’s Story

So, Konoha leaves the tutorship of her senior Igarashi (CV: Kobayashi Yusuke), who’s also gotten busy ever since he was assigned to manage Reve Parfait. Picked out by Yorito himself on a whim while he was at the main office, Konoha is next tasked to manage KYOHSO as their new manager, and accepts the job since it’s a great opportunity. Everyone she meets is all “GURL ARE YOU OK” because KYOHSO has a rep for changing their managers like toilet paper or something. Konoha has to first struggle with getting closer to the band, before she can enter their individual routes and deal with SERIOUSLY DRAMATIC ADULTS.

This year’s the band’s 10th anniversary live, which is something super important to all four members. Yorito ropes them all in on another of his whims to have a surprise concert at live house Viviante, where they’d first played at when they were just a bunch of rowdy kids in the past. It’s a bit of a rush job but the concert goes under way, and the DynaChord CEO even called in a special guest to perform on stage – Crow, the guitarist of some super legendary band who went solo after they disbanded. Crow steals the stage singlehandedly with his performance after telling KYOHSO they don’t have what it takes yet, leaving Yorito and co. with a bitter taste after.

Even worse, Crow has been tasked with producing KYOHSO’s live tour for their anniversary, under orders of the CEO. Yorito doesn’t get why they can’t produce their own anniversary tour, and is pretty much throwing shade at Crow every time they meet LOL. Crow also has high expectations for Yorito’s singing which Yorito is frustrated about, because Crow’s always saying he’s falling short – though Yorito is already giving his best.

At the same time, Yorito wants to properly make Shino an official member of the band. He wants to write a new song for the tour to commemorate both their anniversary and Shino’s official enlistment. However, Shino isn’t giving his all on the drums during the recording sessions for reasons unknown at this point. Yorito takes one listen to the recorded demo one day and ditches the rest of the band, saying he can’t sing to this piece. He tells them to ask Shino if they want to know why Yorito has chosen to stop coming to the recording studio, even though they need to record his vocal part ASAP.

Konoha goes to look for Aya, Shino’s girlfriend, to inquire on the root of this problem. Shino’s drumming is related to KYOHSO’s previous drummer, Watari, whom Konoha hadn’t heard much about. All she knows is that Watari had left the band three years back, and Shino had taken his place. Shino, though, had been with the band for longer than that – he’d been supporting them back when he was still working fulltime as a salaryman. Aya thinks that it’s best if the band could tell Konoha about Watari themselves, as this is a sensitive issue between them.

Chasing leads, Konoha pesters Yorito for answers, resulting in him semi losing his temper and BAM bed scene when he shoves her down → but nothing happens. Yorito, sensing Konoha’s fear (and how she genuinely didn’t get this job just to get close to the guys), backs off and apologizes for his rashness. In return, he also ends up talking about Watari. Three years ago, Watari killed himself. Konoha is shocked to hear this – she’d seen pictures of Watari at both Shino and Yorito’s place, and in the group photo, he’d looked like a bright young fella with a huge smile. To think that someone like that committed suicide…

Watari had been in a bad traffic accident just before one of KYOHSO’s lives. A truck ran over his arms in the mess. For a drummer, this disability would be like the guillotine coming down on the end of his career – though he could’ve gotten back his arms’ functionality via rehab, he could no longer drum professionally, only as a mere hobby. In the panic, Yorito had thought to head onto stage anyway. At the time, no one was informed of the true extent of Watari’s injuries. Yorito had simply wanted to protect Watari’s place in the band by performing on stage, so that he would have somewhere to return to after he’d gotten better. In the end, they found a replacement drummer and only Shino went to visit Watari in the rush, and Yorito HATES himself for that. He should have been there for Watari, he should’ve just dropped everything and rushed to him – if he had been there to talk to him, maybe Watari wouldn’t have killed himself right after that…

Yorito believes Shino is holding onto some kind of guilt over Watari’s death. After all, Shino was the one who went to visit Watari, just before Watari killed himself the next day. Watari had passed the baton on to Shino, telling him to keep drumming in his stead. After Watari’s death, Shino had quit his job and got the same tattoos on his arms that Watari had, and Yorito believes that Shino might still feel that his position in the band is to repent for Watari’s loss. Yorito wants Shino to understand that this isn’t true, and he leaves a package with Konoha to pass on to Shino.

Konoha heads to Shino’s place to talk to him. Shino believes that KYOHSO’s drummer is still ‘Watari’ and Shino isn’t sure he has the capability to answer to everyone’s expectations though he knows the guys are all very accepting of him. At the time of Watari’s accident, Shino had given him a call over how he’d wanted to propose to Aya. Watari was happy for him but then while distracted, had been knocked over mid-call. Till this day Shino still blames himself for ‘causing’ Watari’s accident. Shino admits that all this while he’d just been imitating Watari’s sound to fill up the hole he’d left in the band.

Konoha passes him Yorito’s package – it’s a CD demo of the new song that Yorito is super excited to have Shino drum for as an official member, and a pair of new drumsticks. Yorito has written Shino’s name and the band’s name on those ;_; The accompanying memo just simply tells Shino: drum in a way that only you can. Shino is so shocked and grateful for Yorito’s words of acceptance that he starts CRYING and I cried too oh my god. YORITO YOU ARE A GOOD MAN. Shino now feels like answering Yorito’s passion with his own sound, and re-records his drum parts, having awoken to what he should be doing for KYOHSO. Only then does Yorito finally show up at the studio, watching over Shino and looking pleased.

Following this, Tokiharu tries to ship Yorito and Konoha together by sending them to a party on a yacht during Christmas LMFAO. Well since they both have nothing to do and Yorito decided to cancel his appointments for Konoha. Aww. He even buys Konoha a proper dress to wear to the party because she doesn’t have any cool evening dresses LOL. She feels super bedazzled on the yacht because wow the lives of the rich and famous are in a world apart from hers, and Yorito laughs at her amazement. Later, they retire indoors because the party includes sleeping in overnight on board. Gazing out at the city lights, Yorito suddenly hugs Konoha from behind and confesses that he’d had a great time with her and likes being with her and stuff — then breaks off and starts laughing at Konoha’s confusion, saying he’d only been teasing her. Konoha’s all smh dude I almost thought you were going to confess or something!!

After she falls asleep, Yorito muses over how 1) he hadn’t even tried to do ANYTHING to her even though he had a lot of chances to do so 2) this is rare for him because he’s kind of loose LOL 3) heck he gave up the bed for her because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with him especially after what he did to her before. And just hanging out with Konoha without doing anything is HELLA FUN. This is when he realizes that he seriously cares about Konoha’s well-being and he LIKES her.

Well good for Yorito cos after this, Crow and Konoha get closer over work which makes Yorito annoyed LOL. To make matters even more awkward, Crow eventually confesses to Konoha over dinner with her!? I clutched my head so hard because oh god! This is so awkward now! Even worse, Crow and Konoha meet at Phantom, the bar that Yorito also frequents, and Crow asks her about her reply to his confession. Yorito happens to be there and overhears, getting pissed off. Crow also continues to challenge Yorito to achieve greater heights during work hours, because his music isn’t piercing enough yet and Yorito is like Shut up I will make sure you stop complaining by the time of the tour.

Yorito starts to head back earlier after work hours and everyone’s surprised, since he’s the type to be out late usually?? Konoha feels a little lonely because Yorito isn’t hanging around her as much now. One day he stops replying all his messages and she goes to check up on him, and finds that he’s lost his voice. Yorito is alone and really terrified about this because the tour begins in a week!? Konoha comforts him and encourages him to rest so he can get better, and helps out by cooking for him and making him remedies at his place. Yorito can’t speak so he just silently uses a memo with hand gestures and it’s so cute ;_; he’s like a huge lost child right now and it’s obvious how he’s really calmed down by Konoha’s presence. Everytime he asks for something he just sulks and pouts and I’m like ;___; dude you’re like 29 or something stop being cute

Konoha manages to convince him to go receive treatment from the hospital by talking and coaxing Yorito’s feelings out of him. He begins to cry because he’s scared of losing his voice and not being able to make it for the tour. Konoha then understands that Yorito has worked hard to meet the band’s expectations by practicing on his own, because he wanted to bring everyone to greater heights. He had been practicing to make Crow satisfied with their performance until he’d busted his throat…Konoha pats him and tells him everything will be alright while he hugs her.

In both good ends, the tour begins without a hitch because Yorito’s tension is back. He’d convinced Konoha to give him a kiss before the day of the tour as a ‘good luck charm’, and is all fired up on the day itself LMFAO. On that same day, Konoha also properly rejects Crow because she’d realized she likes Yorito over the course of looking after him. Crow accepts because he’s a really nice fella tbh (REALLY) and says Konoha reminds him of his late wife in that their attitudes are very similar. Crow and Konoha can simply continue to work alongside each other as crew for the tour now n__n

Yorito gives an awesome performance with the rest of KYOHSO and the band’s tour is a huge success. After that, Yorito stays behind while the rest of the band head to the celebration party and confesses to Konoha. He’s gonna stop seeing all his other callgirls because he’s sincerely 100% in love with her and wants her to become his girlfriend. Konoha accepts and likewise confesses and they kiss.

Bad End: Yorito never gets back his voice. Everyone is pissed at him, KYOHSO suspends the tour, stops their activities and Konoha quits her job. She moves to a new house with Yorito and spends her days taking care of him. He wants to sing but can never be healed, so all he does is listen to the old tracks he’d composed for the band now 😦



So this fella begins his route by inviting Konoha to his home one day and getting her drunk THEN proceeds to sleep with her. What a way to start something LMFAO. Anyway Konoha just friendzones him forever after that because dick move, dude. Tokiharu doesn’t get it because he’s still under the impression that she’s just like the other mob characters in the game that only want to get together with them ‘cos they’re rich and famous. In the meantime, Konoha is still ignoring him but since Tokiharu’s actually a good man at work, she’s able to make the distinction between his personal VS private lives, and sticks to only dealing with him in the office.

See, Tokiharu’s kinda a genius when it comes to anything so why does he choose to pursue music? What direction is he heading in? These are questions Konoha asks him and he doesn’t quite understand the reason behind them. Still, both of them can feel something off about the latest piece he produced for the band, and this all roots some troubles and worries in Tokihar’s heart. This has never happened before! Thanks to Konoha, he begins to get more troubled about his music and calls her out for advice to Phantom.

There, he reveals that he’d been making music to make the fans happy and to sell well, but he’d begun to wonder what else he should put into his development process thanks to Konoha’s words. She thinks writing a song for a single person (compared to a mass audience) will surely leave a special impression that can reach people’s hearts, but Tokiharu is unable to understand the concept of treating someone specially. He jokes that he doesn’t understand things like ‘love’ but Konoha cannot laugh, thinking that Tokiharu leads a pretty lonely lifestyle. Well he does, sleeping loosely with people and not really getting truly involved with anyone besides the band 😦

Anyway he asks Konoha to teach him what it feels like to love and she rejects him because she doesn’t like him LOL. Tokiharu is surprised because all the girls he slept with would always tell him they liked him!!! He heads back after their meeting and seriously rewrites a new song for the band, musing that he doesn’t understand even familial love, because his own family had taught him physical pleasure (uh oh) before love. LMFAO WHAT KIND OF FLAG IS THIS

Later on, Tokiharu calls Yorito and Konoha to his place to talk about the new piece he’d written, and there they also touch on the band’s past as poorbies. They really were like a bunch of homeless dirt-poor kids back then omf the true trashy lifestyle. Anyway, Tokiharu gets his new track approved by the both of them and Yorito is super excited to start writing lyrics to it. Tokiharu also kisses Konoha as thanks for helping him out and Konoha is like wtf why are you all nice now www

More problems happen when Konoha wants to sign KYOHSO up on this music program to promote them but the production company hates DynaChord so Konoha has to try super hard to see their producer directly. Turns out Tokiharu knows the producer and sets up a meeting with him and Konoha, and the producer seems to take a liking in her over dinner. Producer guy takes Konoha to his hotel room (uh) where Konoha is nearly raped by the douche after he shows her his plans for KYOHSO on his show P L S. She runs away from him and is super scared, and feels like shit because while she isn’t willing to sleep with people to get jobs, she thinks KYOHSO’s promotion will go to crap thanks to her running away.

She talks to Tokiharu about this and he’s genuinely surprised she didn’t just sleep with the dude…it’s obvious Tokiharu operates on a different moral compass than the norm, I’m worried about him LMFAO. Later, Konoha catches a whiff of perfume on Tokiharu that doesn’t seem like his usual, and while he teases her about remembering what he smells like…I’m pretty sure he was sleeping with someone the night before. This is confirmed by his inner monologue later, where he’s troubled over his strange relationship with Konoha and feels dirty when he recalls the previous night, driving home to take a shower.

Later, the offer to let KYOHSO in on the music program somehow falls through!? The CEO of Dynamic Chord relays the news to Konoha who is shocked. What happened!? In a meeting with the producer and the (female) director of the program later, Konoha catches a whiff of the same perfume she’d smelt on Tokiharu before. I KNEW IT TBH HE SLEPT WITH HER FOR THIS LMAO. Konoha only realizes this when she stumbles upon Shino and Yorito talking about Tokiharu’s terrible sex habits (I cry) and how he’s been seeing the female director lately. They’re both aware he probably got them the job with his body, and tell Konoha not to worry too much about it ‘cos this tends to happen in the industry.

tbh all the logic goes out of the window everytime it involves sex with the heroine in ANY GAME HERE honeybee just stick to writing homo or PG stuff pls. Konoha somehow thinks it’s a fantastic idea to let Tokiharu continue taking jobs for KYOHSO until she can get them jobs through a more proper method…and in the meantime agrees to service him as, uh, repayment for the music program thing. Then one day she will become able to take in jobs properly and tell him that his way of doing things is wrong. This is just a chain leading to hell, friends, stop while you can. Because Tokiharu feels GUILT when he looks at Konoha and Konoha just feels like this is shitty dubcon because it truly is shittily-written dubcon.

Konoha meets Yorito in Phantom one day and he reveals the reason why he scouted Tokiharu into the band. Tokiharu used to work at Phantom and was living alone before. He’d developed some kind of dependency on sleeping with others when his feelings were unstable. This sounds like some BL manga thing but it isn’t LOL. The bar master also knows stuff about Tokiharu but doesn’t want to tell Konoha in detail because it’s private matters but she doesn’t give up pestering him day after day about it, since she’s genuinely concerned for Tokiharu’s future. Eventually, Konoha tells the master what happened between her and Tokiharu, and he finally accepts that Konoha is genuine about her concern for the guy.

The master reveals that Tokiharu was a victim of sexual abuse by his stepmom and her friends omf. After his dad remarried, his stepmom had gotten ~interested~ in him and would continually sexually abuse him, and even called her friends in on the act. He would be threatened if he tried to tell his father, and even when his dad found out, Tokiharu was the one that was driven out of the home when he was still a kid. He was supposed to live with his relatives on his mom’s side, but when he heard that his aunt had her own kids to take care of (Aki and Reon of ReveParfait), he’d decided not to trouble them instead. He was picked up by the master on a rainy day, when he was found wandering around outside Phantom. As such, Tokiharu doesn’t know love and cannot express it properly at all besides in the physical sense. my god what is this game

Though, it seems like he’s begun to change and had been acting on Konoha’s behalf so it’s like they’re both beginning to fall for each other!? All the other band members seem to think so at least. Eventually tokiharu calls her to hang out with him together on Christmas and he confesses to her, saying that he believes he likes her. If Konoha accepts they sleep together, and he apologizes that he isn’t able to communicate his love in any way other than physically but anyway they become lovers and life goes on.


Bad End: If she rejects him, Konoha is made to quit her job and leave the company. Outside she sees Tokiharu for the last time because a few days later Tokiharu kills himself omf. KYOHSO naturally disbands and Yorito gets upset at Tokiharu’s funeral and has to be dragged away by Shino. Yuu only shows up later with a single flower for Tokiharu before leaving. Konoha receives a package with Tokiharu’s new composition telling her not to be sad for him, because he loved her from start to the end, and she regrets not accepting his love before. It’s implied that she kills herself as well out of guilt. Ok.


Yuu’s Story

So, Crow has been looking at Yuu a lot and we don’t know why. This is important later. First, we find out that Yuu’s sleeping with people who pay him money for the sake of saving up to live independently after KYOHSO’s era ends. Konoha doesn’t want him to say such sad things about the band, or cause any kind of scandal. Yuu understands her feelings for the band and tries to stop his bad habits, so he doesn’t see anyone after making that promise to Konoha.

The other band members are surprised that Yuu hasn’t been screwing around lately, but his desires flare up again after drinks at an after-party. Konoha brings him home and he jumps her, and his dialogue contains snippets of him trying to stop himself but implying that he has to live with this kind of body. He apologizes over how he desires someone else’s warmth and he doesn’t want to do it either but can’t help it. Konoha just accepts him if she will be of use to him LMAO OK

Days later Yuu calls her to his home to apologize and explains the situation with his body to her. It’s like sometimes he’d just need to feel someone’s warmth, and then he’d start to want to have sex with someone oh my god. This is like those BL manga with in-heat themes!!!! However he can’t tell her why he’s become like this. Konoha ends up offering to be his only partner to calm his feering and to stop him from seeing all those other people because it might start scandals that will only hurt everyone involved. She’s sad about her own situation but feels worse if she leaves Yuu alone, because he looks pretty lost and lonely about his own situation.

They start a physical relationship and Konoha spends more time at his place. Christmas soon arrives and Yuu can’t spend it with her ‘cause he couldn’t manage to turn down one of clients, and Konoha waves it off. They’re not even dating, but she feels really sad about it. She overtimes at work on Christmas and Yuu arrives to pick her up from the office, since she missed his calls like ten times LOL. Konoha is super surprised because she hadn’t thought she’d see him at all!? Yuu takes her to see the Christmas lights, thinking that he wanted to make her happy once in awhile by doing so, and admits that he had wanted to come see her sooner. He’d turned down his client to see Konoha by rejecting them to their face oh my GOD.

Anyway they end up eating Christmas leftovers for dinner at his place and sleeping together. Then, Konoha realizes she’s fallen for Yuu because seeing him smile and laugh over dinner kind of made her heart race. Yuu also watches over Konoha and hugs her while she sleeps and thinks about how his own feerings have started to change. He feels calm just by holding her close to himself.

One day, Konoha receives a call from Igarashi, who tells her to turn on the TV. MORNING NEWS: CROW AND YUU ARE BROTHERS AND THEIR DAD IS A MURDERER WHO KILLED HIS WIFE. what a way to wake up

Konoha rushes to her workplace because this is like some huge plottwist. The other members are in the office building and Yuu’s with the CEO. Crow shows up and Yorito gets angry because he has no idea what this shit is about, but Crow reveals it all to be the truth. He’d looked up Yuu in secret but had yet to tell him anything; this Big Reveal was the work of a rival company out to crush KYOHSO’s memorial tour. Yuu exits the office and sees Crow – neither of them know how to approach the situation, and Yuu runs away after declaring he doesn’t have anything like a family.

The CEO calls them all in for a talk and Crow explains his past. Their father had been emotionally unstable and took to drinking, physically abusing their mother. They too had been neglected and abused when they were young. One day, while Crow was at school, his father stabbed his mother. Yuu had seen it happen because he was still at home, and Crow found him covered in their mother’s blood, holding her dead body when he got back. Their father had attempted suicide but Crow saved him thanks to finding him quickly, but after that he lost custody of the kids (obviously). They were then sent off to different orphanages. Crow had wanted to look for Yuu, but Yuu had disappeared off somewhere after graduating school. Yorito later found Yuu sometime after that as a homeless kid on the streets behind Phantom…and their friendship probably began somewhere around there. KYOHSO is full of wildchilds omg.

Konoha goes to see Yuu at his place. Turns out Yuu can’t eat anything that he saw someone touch while making, and is unable to eat the pasta Konoha makes for him. It reminds him of his past traumas. Since he has to lie low at his own place, Konoha offers for him to live at hers because she can’t leave him alone right now, and he doesn’t wish to be with any of the members. Well it’s better than sleeping in the garbage dump…which he did before he met Yorito…LMFAO. Yuu is now acting like some lost 14 y/o  ;_; The other members of KYOHSO (esp Yorito) defend Yuu’s choice to stay with Konoha to the CEO, and are really set on protecting Yuu as much as possible SIGHGHHG. Meanwhile, Crow has also disappeared somewhere to do his own stuff.

Yuu’s own traumatic memories awaken when he’s alone and only the memory of Konoha is keeping him from completely freaking out and leaving her place. He waits and hopes for her return from work, though he already wants to leave of his own accord – it’s like he can’t let himself be happy smh 😦 The record company also has to hold a press conference about Yuu’s matter to quell the media storm, and the rest of KYOHSO are to take part. Yorito’s got something he wants to say to everyone, but keeps that a secret for now. Tokiharu has also clued onto Konoha and Yuu’s physical relationship and tells her to take care of Yuu 😦

Yuu pours out more of his story to Konoha later when she’s home. His mother had been killed by their father trying to protect Yuu. Covered in her blood and holding onto her body that was losing its warmth, Yuu’s whole trauma with warmth began at that moment. Chasing music gave him something to think of besides his past, but when he got scared he’d start looking for something to prove that he was alive – and thus would sleep with others. Konoha listens to his past and hugs him in her arms and tells him that everything will be okay. He’s alive, she’s alive, and he can cry if he wants to because she will be here for him. Holding her, Yuu tries to push her away but ends up crying anyway AAAHHH

The next day he decides to leave Konoha’s place for Shino’s (to prevent more drama happening as the presscon approaches). He kisses her and bids her farewell.

On the day of the presscon, Yuu announces that he’ll quit the band. Yorito chooses this moment to put his feet on the table and Tokiharu passes him a mic. Yorito starts to speak, cutting Yuu off and telling him to shut up. He scolds everyone present for trying to dig Yuu’s past out of him – they’re musicians and Yuu didn’t stab anyone, so why judge them by any other measure than their music? In the first place, all of them are humans; he asks the journalists to puke out their pasts for them right here right now, if they think it’s acceptable to hound Yuu like this. Everyone has shit they don’t want to say, what gives you the right to push it out of others? Besides, KYOHSO NEEDS Yuu’s sound. Yuu’s experiences have made him the person he is today and Yorito ain’t letting him go. None of the other members will let him leave that easily either. If people can’t accept Yuu’s past or judge KYOHSO by the quality of their music then they can just fuck off, including any fans that can’t swallow that. Yorito throws the mic aside and leaves along with the rest of the band, with Shino pushing Yuu along.

Backstage, Yorito punches Yuu for even thinking to quit 😦 Yuu apologizes to him and the other members, and Yorito laughs it off telling him not to do stupid shit ever again. YORITO YOU ARE TOO COOL. Konoha had also cried because she thought Yuu was going to leave but hey he isn’t!! Thanks to Yorito!!!

After the other members leave, Yuu kisses Konoha and she confesses to him. He begins to bite his nails because it’s a bad habit he has when he’s happy LMFAO. He asks Konoha to go out with him (they’re both each other’s proper firsts in this sense) and she accepts. They head to his place later and Konoha ends up staying over but nothing happens, because Yuu doesn’t want to make her scared anymore – he’s willing to hold out till when she’s ready to sleep with him properly LMFAO. For the time being, just hugging her is enough anyway.

Later, Yorito’s big announcement and the whole drama over Yuu has turned into a huge wave of support for KYOHSO’s activities. Stores are calling for restocks of their anniversary album and KYOHSO is trending online, with many cheering Yuu on regardless of his past. Crow has also managed to push the media over to the rival company by unearthing some scandal belonging to a band there, and is slowly mending his relationship with Yuu.

One day, Konoha falls over at work and is caught by Igarashi. KYOHSO walks in on them. Yuu gets angry and drags Konoha away to an unused meeting room and kisses her because he got jealous LOL. Konoha explains what happened to him and is all sad because Yuu hasn’t contacted her at all since they started going out. Yuu himself also isn’t sure what to message/call her about LMFAO and has been waiting all this time for Konoha’s messages. Konoha wants to hear Yuu say he likes her because she’s still unsure about their relationship, and they clear up the communication errors between them heh.

But since it turns out the whole band + Igarashi was eavesdropping on them, now everyone knows they’re going out www Yuu only tells Konoha he loves her when they’re alone in his home later AHAHA. The eavesdropping continues all the way up till the rehearsal for the tour, with the rest of KYOHSO FOREVER PEEPING IN ON YUU’S PRIVATE TIME WITH KONOHA. Yuu gets angry at Yorito only because Yorito is Yorito (baww) The tour goes on as usual anyway! All’s well!

In the best end, Yuu took the mic on stage and announced to everyone that he’s not going to give up where he belongs – here, with Yorito, Tokiharu, Shino, and his fans. IT’S SUPER CUTE because he says he’d thought that KYOHSO would be something that’d end one day but things are different now. He intends to play bass for this band, for them all, forever.


Bad End: Yuu leaves the band after his announcement and KYOHSO disbands, unable to go on without him. Yorito begins a solo career, Tokiharu vanishes somewhere and Shino marries Aya and sets up a restaurant. One day, Konoha sees Yuu in a crowd, gazing up at a monitor that’s showing Yorito singing one of his solo tracks, not a KYOHSO work. Yuu looks really lonely, and Konoha doesn’t manage to get ahold of him in time before he melts away into the crowd again. THIS END IS REALLY SAD LMAO


Overall Thoughts

So many BL plotlines in one otome game I don’t know what to think LMAO. If this were homo…I can already imagine all the various places you could insert an R18 scene. Also, Yorito appears in a lot of the CGs for the other members’ routes!? Yorito has such a huge role in pulling the band along that I was fooled that he was the leader for the longest time. I loved his route and I loved his character in general, and how involved he was with the rest ;_; You really feel his concern for his friends!

Tokiharu and Yuu’s pasts made me feel very sad for them but I’m glad they have people like Yorito and Shino around. Those two take super good care of those around them, and I’m sure KYOHSO will be fine. I just want all four of them to be happy because they really deserve it, having come from piss-poor backgrounds and having gone through so much. Homelessness, abuse, girl problems, suicides, violence, you name it…KYOHSO is a band made up of gangsters…

Overall, Dynamic Chord has been a good character experience. I liked learning about each character and their personalities; each guy is different from the next. My favorite game from the franchise is still Reve Parfait because I felt the relationships between the heroine and the guys were done the best there. In terms of characters, I also enjoyed the feel of Reve Parfait’s game most because they had the most group interaction, but KYOHSO’s is close second – I liked how they felt like the old friends they are. Liar-S wasn’t bad either, but I wish them and KYOHSO would’ve gotten as much group stuff as Reve Parfait did! Group/Character interaction is where every single character in the Dynamic Chord franchise shines.

However, I felt the dubcon/R18 scenarios very forced in all the games, because the lead-up makes no sense most of the time!? Don’t put in sexytimes if you can’t write it tbh. I also didn’t enjoy the heroines because their reactions to the situations just felt really unnatural and kind of nonsensical at times. I wanted to hold my head so much LMFAO, plus all three are pretty lacking in personality; they all act about the same.

Check out my reviews for the other games! Here’s Liar-S and here’s Reve parfait.


2 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO

  1. MyamNyan says:

    This game is so fricked q,q. Why does each of them has to have such a gruel past…. Also why is crow not date able ~□~ … I fricked up York to route up in serious hope to get my hands on crow sama ~¿~”. . . And its cruel that she isn’t allowed to say no to them, if she says no you will automatically get the bad end. ×♢× …. Well I did like the game, but it was overall to rapey and slightly yandere for me. =_=” The bishies were 2 thirsty for me taste. Q.Q

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