Quick Update: What have I been Up to?

Besides crying at schoolwork?

Hello again to those who still read this blog ;_; I feel like I apologize every post but that’s because school has been horrendous; I’m in Japanese Studies and I have barely any time between assignments (and more reading) to do much besides…think about the next paper. Life in University does that to you here.

Just a quick update so I can keep track of what I have coming up!

  • I’ve been done with Taisho x Taisho Alice for a long time but I’ve loaned out the game to a friend so I can’t proceed with any reviews. But this game is So Good, I understand if people have preferences but I don’t care it’s so good.
  • I’m halfway through 7’scarlet and a review is underway.
  • I’ve borrowed a friend’s Trigger Kiss so that will come sometime soon!
  • …I actually have a lot of games from 2014-2015 that I’m intending to borrow.
  • As a huge fan of TsukinoPro, in light of Tsukiuta putting out an anime I want to make a post introducing the two other indie labels under the same company: SolidS (SolidS & Quell) and ALIVE (Growth & SOARA). Yes that’s a total of 4 other groups, don’t be confused. They’re not technically idols but just music artists with individual genres; they may promote themselves as idols but one of these groups does folk chorus. I love the unique flavor they have, so it’d be nice if more people could come have a listen 🙂

When I’m done with the draft for this other essay I gotta finish, I’ll get started on at least one of these posts-in-planning. Until then!


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