Tsukipro: Welcome to Gekidan Altair!


In which I introduce one of the latest things I’ve dipped my feet into! Gekidan Altair (Altair Theater, Algeki for short) is the name for Tsukinopro’s latest creation, a 2.5D talent group put together from fresh 3D talent that the company scouted, otherwise known as Tsukicro. Think of Tsukicro as a multi-purpose artist group (they sing, dance, voice-act and do Stuff) and the Algeki guys are all voiced by them. The members aren’t their characters, but like with all 2.5D series that line is pretty damn thin if you ask me. As with Tsukicro, Algeki’s 2D guys aren’t necessarily idols but they also do idol work. Below, I’ve translated up the short story on the main blog along with some more info on the guys’ sub-units!

Algeki Units and How They Work

There are a total of twelve dudes at the moment like is this Tsukipro’s version of Starry Sky? No? You sure? Okay. (Well, they already have Tsukiuta.) The guys all have very different character types and it’s a good start for the Tsukicro dudes as they’re relatively new to the 2.5D industry. Because Algeki/Tsukicro’s supposed to be a multi-talent artist group kinda thing, some of them are obviously much better at voice-acting, others better at singing, dancing, and so on. It’s very interesting when you find a bias and start noticing which fields he (or the guy providing his voice) excels or flounders in.

The guys are split up into three sub-units that may change at any time depending on popularity polls. If anyone’s aware how the senbatsu system works for idol groups a la AKB48, this is it. 1/4ths male AKB!! After the first selection process, the current groups are: Rigel, Regulus and Sargas. The five members of Sargas placed bottom five in the poll. As a result they don’t get to appear in public events nor do they have single albums planned for release at the moment. In other words, no press and no music. This legit disappoints me because both my favorites are in Sargas. I’m pissed, man!!!! Again, the sub-units don’t seem permanent; the guys will likely switch around and form new units and new combinations based off future polls. All present sub-units are named after Very Bright Stars in the galaxy.

Algeki Characters: I’ll only be introducing three this round because they’re the ones in the short story :’) If anyone’s interested the full list of characters is here! If more dudes appear in new things, I’ll promo them too. Anyway here’s the short story, feel free to point out mistakes 😀

Short Story – Episode 0
 This is possibly my first time translating anything; be gentle ;_; Original here, written by Seki Ryouko (関涼子).

(I ended up coming here……)

In a daze, Rintarou gazed up at the neat and fashionable building before him.

Here was where the headquarters of Tsukino Talent Agency was located.

— Dear Ichigaya Rintarou

— Congratulations on passing the talent auditions for our Agency.

When Rintarou received such a notification, it was around the end of summer break.

(Originally, I was hoping for a manager position……
Somehow I ended up taking the talent auditions, and I even got accepted……
I-Is this really going to be okay?)

He had called the office just in case, but the results were neither a mistake on his nor the agency’s part. Maybe they’d sent the notification to the wrong address, or maybe the audition-summary site that Rintarou saw had made an error in their posting.

Either way, he had made it past the strict auditions, and was now gazing up at the Talent Agency’s building. Though this was different from his initial aspirations, he had still accepted the offer because he believed it to be a first step to get into the entertainment industry.

(T-, That’s why, don’t get nervous, Rintarou! You’ve made your choice and came all the way here, right! In that case……)

“Oi, the shorty over there. What’re you doin’ just standing there?”


A full five seconds passed before Rintarou realized that those words had been addressed to him.

(Er……just now, that was meant for me, right?)

He looked again at the speaker.

Their height difference wasn’t so extreme that he deserved to be called a “shorty” –

– But, the other man had an aura about him that did make him seem larger.

(U, uwah……could this person be, an idol……ah!)

It was a face he remembered seeing on the Tsukipro home site, under the list of talents currently signed on with the agency.

“Osaki Izumo-san!”

“……What’s up with you? Are you a fan who’s been waiting out here?”

“Eh? Ah, no, th-that’s not it!”

Rintarou shook his head in a panic, and he– Izumo squinted, studying Rintarou from head to toe with a curious expression on his face.

“Then, are you that? You’re a kid who admired idols and ran away from home in the boonies to come here, that type of person?”

“I, I didn’t run away from home.”

“Well then, buzz off and head back.”

As he was told off by Izumo with a stern expression, just at that moment.

“– Ah. You’re from that time……”

Another boy that Rintarou remembered seeing before entered into view.

(Ah, this person, I spoke to him during the auditions……)

If he remembered right, the boy’s name was —

“Err……Tatsumi Maki-san!”

“Aah, you’ve got good memory. For you to be here today……you’ve also passed the auditions?”

“Passed the auditions? The both of you?”

From somewhere beside them came the sound of Izumo’s voice.

(Right, I have to greet everyone properly.)

Especially Izumo, since he’d be Rintarou’s senior under the same agency from now on.

“Osaki-san! Tatsumi-san! My name is Ichigaya Rintarou. As of today, I’ll be a part of Tsukipro’s Altair Theater! I’ll work hard, and I’ll be in your care from now on!”

Rintarou bowed deeply to both Izumo and Maki.

Then Maki’s handsome features softened, and he laughed.

He was probably a surprisingly nice person.

“You can just call me ‘Maki’. We also met back at the auditions, so maybe this is a kind of fate too. I’m looking forward to working with you.”


“Geh, seriously?”

Before Rintarou could reply Maki, he was interrupted by Izumo, who sounded tired of everything.

“……Am I really gonna be in the same group as these guys……”

“‘Same group’……Osaki-san, you too?”

“Ozaki? You were at the auditions?”

At Maki’s words, Izumo narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

“Ah, err, Maki-san. Osaki-san probably isn’t from the group that entered through the auditions–“

“Aaahh–……I’ve gotten caught by some real weirdos right off the bat.”

Griping under his breath, Izumo turned away from the both of them.

(What should I do?)

While Rintarou hesitated, the more the distance between them would widen.

(Did we make him feel unpleasant……but, it wasn’t like Maki-san meant to be rude on purpose.)

As Rintarou thought over how they could word themselves now, Maki sighed softly from beside him.

“This guy seems pretty hard to deal with.”

“Shhh! Y-You’ll be overheard!”

“Oi, the shorty and the amateur over there!”

By the entrance to the building, Izumo turned around slowly to face them, both hands planted on either side of his waist.

“What’re you both waiting around for, I’ll leave you behind!”


“I’m sayin’, hurry up and get over here! I bet you both don’t even know where the practice rooms are anyway! Sheesh……”

Despite Izumo’s annoyed tone, he didn’t attempt to move from where he stood waiting.

“Osaki-san, you’re waiting for us……?”

“……He’s unexpectedly good at looking after others, huh?”

Meeting each other’s gaze, Rintarou and Maki couldn’t help but chuckle.

(That’s a relief.)

The nerves he’d been feeling up till moments ago vanished without a trace, and Rintarou turned to face the building once more.

(Though this turned out a little different from what I’d planned……)

He wanted to enter through those doors. Those were his genuine feelings.

“Let’s go.”

Today, starting from this first step, it finally begins.

“– To Altair Theater!”


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