Drama CD: Nanakai Family Vol.1 – Shuichiro

1Hello! It’s been awhile (read: 6 months?) since my last post here and yes, I am still alive. I haven’t been playing many games at all since I went over to Japan for studying…and now I’m back home, so, let the reviews begin again.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve found another drama CD series I’d like to talk about. Nanakai Family is one of Otomate Records‘ newer titles, with its first volume released just in January. Unlike the other titles under the same label, Nanakai sets out with a slightly different theme than just simply romance: rather, it’s let’s become a family.

By that, I don’t mean “let’s get married and have babies” – Nanakai is a story about non-human existences such as youkai, ghosts or minor deities who have all experienced some kind of loneliness in their lives. At this point in time, everyone lives together in a shrine just off the road, managed by the karasu tengu Shuichiro (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). The main character, the ‘girl’ (you) is a ghost without clear memories on her past, who is picked up by Shuichiro and offered a place to stay while she finds a means to move on to the afterlife. Nanakai is a series on her interactions with those at the shrine, and how she gains new family in everyone.

Love, after all, does come in many forms. See below for more details. I’ve cut down on the spoilers!

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Drama CD Review: Yoshiwara Lament ~Otoko Yuukaku ni saita Koi~

Those in the Vocaloid/Seiyuu scene may already be aware of this, but EXIT TUNES has been busy rolling out their ACTORS series since March this year. There’s been an increasing amount of seiyuu-niconico collaboration works lately, but ET has Okiayu Ryoutarou and Ono Yuuki so here we go!

BUT. Now they’ve released a Music Situation Drama CD series, which is the main point of this post! Because that is AWESOME – turning Vocaloid songs into drama CD situations, using the ACTORS characters and placing them in the unique locations of each song. Ono Yuuki gets to go first, being the one who covered AsaP’s Yoshiwara Lament.

To those unfamiliar, the ACTORS series basically comprises of seiyuu playing characters in a school setting, covering popular Vocaloid songs. The important part is the music.

Yoshiwara Lament is a song about a courtesan servicing clients in the Yoshiwara red light district of Edo Japan, FYI. Why does AsaP always choose these settings!? Also OnoY does an awesome job because the guy can sing, voice act, and cry really convincingly. Help.

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