Summary: Tsukiuta Anthology

It’s been some time since my last post again! As usual! It’s exams period and I’m crying at them. Since I had an accident where I dropped my phone in the toilet (cry) my notes for Colorful Step’s Culture Side game are gone. (;▽;)

I just finished up the comic anthology for Tsukiuta, an online mixed media project. It brings together seiyuu and members of the Niconico Douga community to create a 2D idols concept based on the ‘image’ of each month in the year! Unlike series like Utapri or Marginal #4, Tsukiuta’s cast (both boys and girls alike) don’t really show us the “idols sparkling on stage” thing. The series seems more like a bunch of kids doing daily-life things most of the time (IMO, at least!).

Important: Each month/character has a different NicoNico Douga Vocaloid composer doing songs for them! For example, August’s Haduki Yoh is assigned to Utata-P (Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu). As each composer has his own style, every month will sound really different! It really helps create a stronger image of each character. The Tsukiuta cast is also divided into sibling groups so there are many different character dynamics in this project (Six Gravity/Procellarum for the guys, Fluna/Seleas for the girls).

The anthology has twelve stories, one for each male character. For those interested but without access to it, I’ll be summarizing its contents here!

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