New Year, New Blog: It’s already 25 days into 2017!

…So it’s not really the new year. In fact, it’s almost the end of January!

I’ve had to grapple with slapping together a coherent thesis, furiously digging up research material, presenting it in front of a crowd, and then…the actual writing. And as usual, I’ve been using that an excuse to neglect this place, which is something that I really want to change. While I’ve been busy with school, it’s given me some time to think about why I started this blog and what I really want to do with it. Was it just because I wanted a platform to blab my opinions out on? In that case, there was always Twitter. Why did I choose to blog?

I’ve made it my resolution to find that answer this year. I’d like for this to be a platform where I can introduce more female-oriented content for interested fans of any gender. If this blog can somehow reach more readers or help introduce new things to others, I’d like to think that I’ve succeeded somewhat 🙂 In that vein, I’d like to set down a couple of personal goals for myself!

2017 Resolutions:

  • Stop using studies/work as an excuse to slack off just because I’m lazy. There will be busy times, but I’d like to be more disciplined with my time.
  • Post 1-2 times a month at minimum! With this post I’ve cheated and hit my January quota, BARELY.
  • Introduce new kinds of content. I’ll be doing some translations, reviews of more than just otome games, intro posts to some series, and expanding out in general. The primary genre will still remain ‘female-oriented’ (joshi-muke) though! The blog needs a direction and this is me finding one.
  • I won’t overstretch myself; the blog did start as an interest-based thing and will remain as such. I’m not gonna go out of my way to play something I’m not interested in, my time is precious, etc. That’s not to say I won’t try, but I ain’t gonna have the patience (or money) to sit through most of Rejet’s stuff.

I haven’t forgotten about the stuff I said I’d write either!!! Also, one of the ‘resolutions’ was going to be something like me finding my voice through blogging, but whether I’m funny or not really depends on spur-of-the-moment voodoo. I don’t want to ruin the mood of a great game by making an inappropriate joke about it! But if the game’s terribad then yeah, comedic masterpiece.

With all of this said, I’ve also given the blog a new theme because I got bored of all the black-and-white minimalist nonsense when there’s nothing elegant about me HAHA. Hopefully this also makes textwalls a lot easier to read. Of course, I’d also like to thank anyone who made it this far into such a personal ramble.

Seeya in the next post!



Quick Update: What have I been Up to?

Besides crying at schoolwork?

Hello again to those who still read this blog ;_; I feel like I apologize every post but that’s because school has been horrendous; I’m in Japanese Studies and I have barely any time between assignments (and more reading) to do much besides…think about the next paper. Life in University does that to you here.

Just a quick update so I can keep track of what I have coming up!

  • I’ve been done with Taisho x Taisho Alice for a long time but I’ve loaned out the game to a friend so I can’t proceed with any reviews. But this game is So Good, I understand if people have preferences but I don’t care it’s so good.
  • I’m halfway through 7’scarlet and a review is underway.
  • I’ve borrowed a friend’s Trigger Kiss so that will come sometime soon!
  • …I actually have a lot of games from 2014-2015 that I’m intending to borrow.
  • As a huge fan of TsukinoPro, in light of Tsukiuta putting out an anime I want to make a post introducing the two other indie labels under the same company: SolidS (SolidS & Quell) and ALIVE (Growth & SOARA). Yes that’s a total of 4 other groups, don’t be confused. They’re not technically idols but just music artists with individual genres; they may promote themselves as idols but one of these groups does folk chorus. I love the unique flavor they have, so it’d be nice if more people could come have a listen 🙂

When I’m done with the draft for this other essay I gotta finish, I’ll get started on at least one of these posts-in-planning. Until then!

C87 Fuyucomi haul 自慢ポスト

this took up a huge section of my floor

First thing in the year and my winter comiket goods from last year arrived. Much thanks to Zalas, whom I had run around the halls for me while I stayed at home HAHAHA. Originally I wanted more but uhm, I think limiting myself was a good idea. After looking through the pile, I’ve concluded that it’s actually a lot more valuable to spend money on 1) original doujin productions of any media form 2) old fandoms that have stayed with you for a long time.

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Happy New Year, 2015!

There we have it, an obligatory Resolutions post. I’ve got quite a bit to say yet not much at all. I think I’d be able to say a lot more if I decided to make a post about “LOOK AT ALL THE CHILDREN (FAVORITE CHARACTERS) I GATHERED THIS YEAR!!” ww Unfortunately I’m too lazy for that so all I want to say here is Happy New Year! Here’s to another twelve months.

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