Tsukipro: Welcome to Gekidan Altair!


In which I introduce one of the latest things I’ve dipped my feet into! Gekidan Altair (Altair Theater, Algeki for short) is the name for Tsukinopro’s latest creation, a 2.5D talent group put together from fresh 3D talent that the company scouted, otherwise known as Tsukicro. Think of Tsukicro as a multi-purpose artist group (they sing, dance, voice-act and do Stuff) and the Algeki guys are all voiced by them. The members aren’t their characters, but like with all 2.5D series that line is pretty damn thin if you ask me. As with Tsukicro, Algeki’s 2D guys aren’t necessarily idols but they also do idol work. Below, I’ve translated up the short story on the main blog along with some more info on the guys’ sub-units!

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