Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO


And thus we have arrived at the final game of the Dynamic Chord series feat. KYOHSO. Mentioned in passing throughout the previous two games, KYOHSO is an indies band that went pro five years prior and have been in the scene for a good ten years in total. Incredibly popular with a wide audience, they’re kinda like the Green Day/Linkin Park of the DynaChord universe.

In this game, you play as aspiring manager Konoha who gets assigned to this bunch of problematic adults. And boy are they problematic.

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Doujin Game: Muen

Muen is a free doujin software by group Project Gem. In a dark town lit only by lanterns meant to safeguard the people from the monsters outside that hate light, lives a boy called Timon. He lives dreaming of a world above his where the skies are blue instead of living in permanent darkness. One day, a chance meeting with a certain being grants him that chance – help them, and he may be able to head to the world above.

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Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S

Yo, I’m back with Dynamic Chord feat. Liar-S this time, the second game in Honeybee’s musical trilogy. Band activities are fun, live the K-ON! dream. Though okay, playtime’s over once you make it big in the music industry, something that becomes painfully clear with Liar-S. As usual, spoilers + rough summaries, not as detailed as what I did for Reve Parfait but I ended up writing a lot anyway (cry).

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Otome Game Review: Clover Toshokan no Juunin-tachi

Clover Toshokan no Juunin-tachi (The Residents of Clover Library) essentially allows you to romance book gijinka. The game is split into two parts, with half the cast only being aimable in the second game.

Aikawa Chihiro is an orphan who moves into an old library as its new caretaker, intending to prepare the library for its opening day. It was built by a man for his sick daughter, and has been shut down since a long time back. At the library, she meets with the strict Itsuki first, who accepts her immediately into the position. It seems that the library can’t keep caretakers for very long and they keep fleeing the place. Chihiro, who loves books, is determined not to run away. Itsuki shows her around the place and informs her that the library tends to be visited by ‘frequenters since the old days’ at night. He also introduces her to the rest of the library’s inhabitants and workers…who, like him, turn out to be books.

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Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. Reve Parfait

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Honeybee, but I generally REALLY enjoy what they put out. Dynamic Chord feat. Reve Parfait isn’t an exception. I’ve been following the characters on Twitter for awhile and I’ve enjoyed their bonding and interaction very much – Honeybee has a way with writing characters. More than anything, the relationships between each and every one of them is what makes HB’s games enjoyable for me, alongside their KILLER sense of design/typography.

Here, you play as Atano Rio, a girl who eventually becomes band manager for Reve Parfait – four highschool guys with a big dream. This is the story of how they began. I also want to say that Kuon’s route is something that should be read/experienced SOMEHOW, it’s such a good route.

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