Tsukipro: Welcome to Gekidan Altair!


In which I introduce one of the latest things I’ve dipped my feet into! Gekidan Altair (Altair Theater, Algeki for short) is the name for Tsukinopro’s latest creation, a 2.5D talent group put together from fresh 3D talent that the company scouted, otherwise known as Tsukicro. Think of Tsukicro as a multi-purpose artist group (they sing, dance, voice-act and do Stuff) and the Algeki guys are all voiced by them. The members aren’t their characters, but like with all 2.5D series that line is pretty damn thin if you ask me. As with Tsukicro, Algeki’s 2D guys aren’t necessarily idols but they also do idol work. Below, I’ve translated up the short story on the main blog along with some more info on the guys’ sub-units!

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Otome Game Review: Hyakka Yakou


I haven’t updated in a long time and I apologize (this feels regular now, hopefully that can be corrected). I’ve finished this game ages ago, typed this post up ages ago, but never seemed to have posted it!? This is me repenting by finally uploading this very, very wordy review of a game published a year ago. Maybe I’ll be on time someday…

Takamagahara – a city of entertainment and pleasure with its sky always covered by clouds, exists in perpetual night, straddling the pathway between the human and the ayakashi world.

Here, our heroine Izumo works as a pleasure worker. Just an apprentice in training at the moment, she will soon ascend to the level of physical service, all for the sake of attaining her dream of making money and a name. Someday, she’ll have enough to free herself from this place with what she hopes to earn. Hyakka Yakou is her story, one about her dreams of freedom and about the six men – or ayakashi – that are involved in helping her win back her future.
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Drama CD: Nanakai Family Vol.1 – Shuichiro

1Hello! It’s been awhile (read: 6 months?) since my last post here and yes, I am still alive. I haven’t been playing many games at all since I went over to Japan for studying…and now I’m back home, so, let the reviews begin again.

Speaking of reviews, I’ve found another drama CD series I’d like to talk about. Nanakai Family is one of Otomate Records‘ newer titles, with its first volume released just in January. Unlike the other titles under the same label, Nanakai sets out with a slightly different theme than just simply romance: rather, it’s let’s become a family.

By that, I don’t mean “let’s get married and have babies” – Nanakai is a story about non-human existences such as youkai, ghosts or minor deities who have all experienced some kind of loneliness in their lives. At this point in time, everyone lives together in a shrine just off the road, managed by the karasu tengu Shuichiro (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). The main character, the ‘girl’ (you) is a ghost without clear memories on her past, who is picked up by Shuichiro and offered a place to stay while she finds a means to move on to the afterlife. Nanakai is a series on her interactions with those at the shrine, and how she gains new family in everyone.

Love, after all, does come in many forms. See below for more details. I’ve cut down on the spoilers!

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Otome Game Review: Taishou Alice Episode I


Taishou Alice – A game whose story re-invents itself each route to bring you tales of a heroine who saves the princes of each fairytale. Heroine Arisu Yurika is the owner of one hell of a personality, has a fantastic way with words, and possesses the uncanny ability to chase down these guys’ issues and resolve them. In the span of time it took me to edit this post, I’ve actually made it to the second game of this franchise. I love Taishou Alice so much. The story holds its own mysteries that we won’t find out till much later – and has just enough questions to keep one interested in finding out the truth of this universe.

If possible, I’d like to rec this game series to everyone. Please play even one episode (1-3) if you are interested in the story/characters/seiyuu/anything at all.
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Otome Game Review: Dynamic Chord feat. KYOHSO


And thus we have arrived at the final game of the Dynamic Chord series feat. KYOHSO. Mentioned in passing throughout the previous two games, KYOHSO is an indies band that went pro five years prior and have been in the scene for a good ten years in total. Incredibly popular with a wide audience, they’re kinda like the Green Day/Linkin Park of the DynaChord universe.

In this game, you play as aspiring manager Konoha who gets assigned to this bunch of problematic adults. And boy are they problematic.

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