Otome Game Review: Princess Arthur

Princess Arthur – the review, Part 2. AKA oh wow I found the energy to write a proper playthrough. Lancelot’s route can be found here. Yeah he’s such a special snowflake isn’t he, getting one post to himself. Also I puked out everything based on memory so admittedly some parts may be kinda hazy.

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Princess Arthur (Lancelot’s route)

Princess Arthur tells the story of Alu, an ordinary girl whose fate takes an unexpected turn when she accidentally hauls the holy sword out of a hunk of rock. Transformed from ordinary citizen to the new king of Britain in 5 seconds, Alu now has to learn to lead her country, fight for world peace, and Make A Change while romancing her Knights of the Round Table (feat. Wizard).

Princess Arthur also happens to be the first otome game I’ve ever played. Mark 2013 as a year of Change, because I’ve literally been able to resist every otoge so far for about 3 years okay. I also don’t own a PSP, I had to borrow one because yes I was that desperate.

Anyway, this isn’t really a full-on route review, just comments that I had about it in general.

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